• Jakub Pasierkiewicz

    Jakub Pasierkiewicz

    I was born in Poland in 1980 and graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005. 
    My main passion is painting and drawing but I have never lost my interest in the medium of photography, which in some sense, is an essential accomplishment of my artistic language.
    I use my camera to transfer and materialise the emotions which develop in my mind, the excitement caused by encountered reality. Sometimes the photos can abstract from reality, showing different aspects of colours and forms, whereas other times they can simply reflect certain situations taking place in front of my camera.

  • Nicola Jayne Maskrey

    Nicola Jayne Maskrey

    I am interested in the perceived dichotomy between the transient and the permanent and the fluidity of the experiential relationship with these states.  I’m drawn to vegetation and natural elements as an expression of this, and in connection to place.  My work combines analogue and digital technologies with alternative processes to create “a unique mood and energy”, tracking my physical and emotional experience both in process and subject matter. My work is intended for print, projection, and site-specific installation.

  • Marcel Laponder

    Marcel Laponder

    I photograph people in motion. I photograph what unfolds before me to capture an emotion and to tell a story.

    I want to capture an instance where you can look at the photo and you would say: “I remember that moment, I remember what I was thinking, I know what I was feeling”. Instead of posing you and you saying: “oh, what a pretty picture”. I want to show you in pictures what you would normally take for granted.

    Over the last nine years I represented Great Britain on the World Cup and World Championships in Winter Biathlon. As an athlete I started photography and through sport my photography developed.

    I use my experience gained from capturing athletes in motion and I apply those principles to telling a story in sport, wedding and lifestyle photography.

  • Magali Chesnel

    Magali Chesnel

    I an an award-winning and globally exhibited aerial photographer.

    My ambitions are:
    - To reveal the world from another perspective: the aerial view, pushing the boundaries between photography and painting to offer a truly unique perspective. With aerial photography, she adds an extra dimension, a degree of confusion which offers incredible views, the "wow factor".
    - ​​To be witness of her time, to take reality by surprise, to anticipate events with news pictures, to inform the public and to raise awareness, with ethics.


  • Alejandra Lara

    Alejandra Lara

    Abstract and Landscape photographer originally from Venezuela living in Los Angeles.

  • Peter Franck

    Peter Franck

    PF was born in Überlingen/ Germany. 1987 he started studying painting/grafics
    at the university of fine arts in Nurnberg. 1993 he finished his studys at the university of fine
    arts/ Stuttgart( Masterclass R.Schoofs). After this he had his first contacts with photography over his
    brother who is also an photographer.With his from fine art paintings influenced photographys he
    took part at many exhibitions in germany and abroad.
    PF lives and works in Stuttgart/Germany

  • Patrick John O'Doherty

    Patrick John O'Doherty

    I live in Johannesburg South Africa with my wife and daughter. I work as a consultant in a mechanical engineering firm by profession, so I get to spend quite a bit of time on the road, and sometimes in remote locations. I studied photography, graphic design and visual arts back in the 90's which I still have a great love for. I grew up using film which was mainly shot in black and white. I would consider myself as an intimist when it comes to my photographic work which can be found in my landscapes, portraits and still life. I find photography an excellent medium to express myself and hopefully resonates with my audience on a spiritual level.

  • Ellen Jantzen

    Ellen Jantzen

    I don’t consider myself a "photographer" but an image-maker, as I create work that bridges the world of photography, prints and collage. As digital cameras began producing excellent resolution, I found my perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in my current explorations in photo-inspired art using both a camera to capture imagery and a computer to alter, combine and manipulate the pieces.

    My work is shown and published internationally.

    I was awarded “Special Photographer of The Year” in the 2017 International Photography Awards.

    I was 1st place winner in the 2017 International Photography Awards, Digitally Enhanced Category

    I was one of 15 women photographers chosen to receive the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.
    Along with the honor, I participated in the Berlin Biennial that took place in October 2016.

    I was also awarded First Place (Fine Art, Special Effects Category) in the Moscow International Foto Awards, 2016 and First Prize, Fine Art in the prestigious PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris for my series "Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature"

    My work has been shown in galleries and museums world-wide as well as numerous web-based sites. I am represented by, among others, the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach CA, the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis MO and Edition One Gallery, Santa Fe NM.

  • Claudia Cuomo

    Claudia Cuomo

    Claudia Cuomo is a young photographer from Naples (Italy) living in France since 2012. She started to take pictures at 18yo, following demonstrations and protests.
    Her work deals specially with street photography, social reportage, travel and lifestyle.
    Her photo essay Battle of Algiers made the short list of World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship 2017.
    Winner of EnGENDERed contest in November 2017, her series Humans In Their Skin was exhibited at International Photography Festival of Tel Aviv.
    Full interview at: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/take-ten-claudia-cuomo/

  • Chris McCann

    Chris McCann

    Photographer, living in San Francisco.

  • Calvin Scott

    Calvin Scott

    Calvin Tyler Scott (b. 1998) is a New York City based photographer. With a background as a charcoal and ink-based graphic artist, he’s embraced photography for its objectivity. Calvin is invested in the story-telling nature of photography, and its use in social provocation — concepts all incorporated in his journalism and portraiture. His work is often focused on natural light, context, and empathy.

    While attending The Savannah College of Art & Design, Calvin relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a photographer. There, he has trained under Platon, Mark Seliger, and Annie Leibovitz, forging an eye for cultural realism and sculptural composition — despite his very, very poor eyesight.

    In January 2019, his work was published in PDN Magazine, as a winner of PDN Faces. Later that year, his work was chosen to be permanently featured in the American Photography Archive.

  • Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle (°Belgium, 1978) prefers to photograph things that do not talk to him. He prefers to search for interesting objects / shapes in the landscape, sculptures with a story. After 9 years of Art school Servaas left for Africa for a few years where he developed an elementary school. On his return, his camera was one of his few possessions. A precious commodity that became his only breadwinner. For several years his work has been published regularly in Belgium and The Netherlands.

  • Stas Bartnikas

    Stas Bartnikas

    Aerial photographer based in Moscow. Photography is a serious hobby that combines his love of travelling with a passion for aviation. Past few years, he’s been actively engaged in aerial photography while flying in light aircraft and helicopters in different parts of the world. During this time he visited over 15 countries.
    Stas is convinced that mother nature is the most sophisticated painter and he sees it as his mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form. He calls his style of photography “aero-art”.

    Awards —
    / International Photo Awards 2016
    (1-2-3 places)
    / International Photo Awards 2016 - One shot competition Climate change (3-d place)
    / Moscow International Photo Awards 2017, Gold and Silver awards
    / Frequently featured at Photo of the Day and Daily Dozen at natgeo.com

  • Felipe Fittipaldi

    Felipe Fittipaldi

    Born in 1982, Felipe Fittipaldi is a Brazilian photographer currently based in Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor in journalism and post graduated in Communication and Image, he is currently engaged in personal projects related to social and environmental issues. He collaborates with some of the main news publications such as El País and National Geographic. Felipe has been selected to participate in exhibitions and festivals in Brazil, New York, Paris, Arles, Colombia, Rome, Tokyo and was recently given first place recognition at the Life Framer Award by Katerina Stathopoulou (MoMA). He has also been awarded by Lens Culture Emerging Talents Award 2017, POY Latam Award, National Geographic Photo Contest, SEBRAI Journalism Award, CCSP 2017 Exhibition, Magnum Caravan Workshop 2017 and PEF 2017. In 2018 he was selected by the World Press Photo Foundation for the second edition of the 6x6 Global Talent Program.

  • Chase Hart

    Chase Hart

    Chase Hart
    35mm photographer
    Portland OR USA

  • Dillon Marsh

    Dillon Marsh

    I'm an artist from Cape Town, South Africa. I received a Fine Art degree from the University of Stellenbosch, and became passionate about photography while studying. I've held six solo exhibitions and taken part in numerous group exhibitions both locally and abroad. My work is represented in prominent public and private collections, among them the Saatchi Gallery in London.

    Solo Exhibitions:

    2018 - For What It's Worth, Hydra + Fotografia, Mexico City, Mexico
    2017 - Diamonds Aren't Forever, Gallery Momo, Cape Town, South Africa
    2016 - For What It's Worth II, Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa
    2014 - For What It's Worth, Brundyn+, Cape Town, South Africa
    2012 - Landmarks I, Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
    2011 - Lay of the Land, AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

    Selected Group Exhibitions:

    2016 - Africa Reframed, Commerce & Culture, Copenhagen, Denmark
    2015 - Africa/ Architecture, Culture and Identity, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
    2014 - Pangaea: New Art From Africa and Latin America, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
    2013 - Present Tense, Next Future, Lisbon, Portugal and Paris, France
    2013 - POPCAP'13, Piclet.org, Basel, Switzerland, Dublin, Ireland and Lagos, Nigeria
    2013 - ExtraOrdinary, Noorderlicht, Drenthe, Netherlands
    2013 - The Benediction of Shade, David Krut Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
    2012 - Material / Representation, Brundyn + Gonsalves, Cape Town, South Africa
    2012 - Landscape Re-Orientation, David Krut Projects, Cape Town, South Africa
    2011 - A Natural Selection: 1991 - 2011, AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
    2011 - e-SCAPES, Workshop Gallery, Parkwood, Johannesburg, South Africa
    2010 - Spier Contemporary, City Hall, Cape Town, South Africa
    2008 - Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Yukari Chikura

    Yukari Chikura

    Yukari Chikura was born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Music University, she became music composer, computer programmer, designer and photographer.
    Yukari is the winner of STEIDL BOOK AWARD 2016 and her work will be published by STEIDL.
    She is the winner of LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016 and one of the Photolucida Critical Mass Top50 Winners in 2016 and 2015. And also she won the International Photography Award, Sony World Photography Awards,PX3, Photo Basel, National Geographic among others.
    Her photography was selected as "IPA Best of Show photographer 2013" and also selected as the “TOP 15 Emerging and Established Asian Photographers” by IPA (Lucie Foundation) in 2016.
    She has held solo exhibitions of photography and multi-media at 12 places in Japan, and group exhibition in lots of museum and galleries around the world.
    Yukari participated “Review Santa Fe 2014” , “Eddie Adams Workshop 2014” and "RPS Photobook Masterclass 2015". She was the Artist in Residence at the Rokko International Photo Festival 2015.
    She lectured at Tokyo Zokei University in 2013 ,2016 and 2017.
    Yukari’s photographs has been published New York Times, TIME Magazine, Wallpaper*, Vice Magazine, Fraction Magazine,GQ, Conde Nast, Aint-Bad, OnAther etc.
    Some projects are collected by the Griffin Photography Museum in US, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and will be collected in K*MoPA

  • Réza Kalfane

    Réza Kalfane


    Born in 1976 in Strasbourg, a Frenchman with Indian origins, Réza Kalfane is a specialist photographer of Arctic circle destinations. He first visited Iceland in 2012 and immediately fell in love with its enigmatic and vast landscapes. Over the course of his visits, Iceland became a second home for Réza, as well as a source of photographic and cultural inspiration for him. Its rugged landscapes became his enduring obsession. Each change in the weather and the changes of season offer a new reason to go and explore the island. Réza shares his passion with others by organising photography workshops in various areas around Iceland. His tours are committed to offering a spirit of adventure and are restricted to very small groups allowing the participants to veer off the beaten track.


    My work is part of the contemplation and then the capture of abstract, remote, rough, extreme and poetic landscapes. I try to remain as honest as possible in each of my image. Whether in black and white or in colour, each of my photographs refer to an atypical sweetness, an authentic modesty and is deprived of all artifice. It highlights a texture, a shape, a colour, a panorama or a detail with the same interest.
    Some photographers such as Sebastião Salgado, Ansel Adams or Josef Hoflehner are for me great sources of inspiration, while other like Michael Kenna or Hiroshi Sugimoto enrich my thinking on nature, time or lack of time.

  • Rielly Milne

    Rielly Milne


    Real Estate videographer turned aerial travel photographer. Fan of aesthetic and sharing memories made. Seattle born and bred. Communications major and student-athlete at the University of Washington.

    Its always aerial szn.

  • Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and moved to Scotland in 2007 to attend the University of St. Andrews. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in business and international relations, but realised she wanted to do something more creative so in 2012 attended the London College of Communication where she received her postgraduate diploma in photography. A year later, Laura began at the Glasgow School of Art where she received her Masters in Communication Design. She currently lives in Glasgow.

  • Tara Milenkovic

    Tara Milenkovic

    Over the last three years of my BFA in photography, my creative process has oscillated between photographic self-portraiture, video and installation practice, with a strong focus on the exploration of the 'gaze'.
    My earlier self-portrait photographs explored tropes of traditional gender roles in the age of social media, and the parallels between the domestic family photo album, Instagram and selfie culture. However, my recent interest has focused more on female experiences from the perspective of the female-gaze, examining the interaction and connection between the female body and natural landscape.

  • Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel, born in Milan Italy in 1980, is an award winning fine art photographer based in Lugano, Switzerland.
    His mysterious and fascinating photographs often depict lonely landscapes and gloomy urban scenes, where common and familiar sights take a unique perspective, acquiring an out of worldly and symbolic dimension.
    Collaborating with different art galleries, Stefano Gardel travels the globe extensively to capture the magic through a camera lens.

  • Rodrigo Zeferino

    Rodrigo Zeferino

    Photography is the instrumental and conceptual basis of my work. My career started in photojournalism, but soon migrated to a type of photography that has in experimentation its narrative axis.
    The landscape is my main theme, basing the conceptualization of my works in the re-signification of the elements that compose it, as well as in the human interferences on it.

  • Jeroen Bruggenwirth

    Jeroen Bruggenwirth

    Every time I step into a new landscape, I feel as I imagine early explorers felt as they first arrived in unknown lands: feasting their eyes on the new world and looking at how civilizations have adapted to the environment around them. From the bustling streets of New York to the Swiss Alps and Dutch flatlands, every place is a wonderous world with its own story to tell.

    My work focuses on the intersection of the natural and built environment, intertwining and layering naturally present and manmade subjects. I look for the marks left by humanity on our world, I seek out sites and regions that show how we “conquered” territories.

    I am often drawn to the ordinary and even mundane: the grey matter between the visual planes. To compensate, I use large format photography and scale to highlight the glory and romance of a landscape. My photos are taken at dawn or dusk, when the light is gentle enough to highlight the otherwise forgotten details.

    I take a neutral perspective in my images, creating geospatial visualizations without deciding what is allowed or supposed to be beautiful and what is not. I leave that decision up to the viewer.

  • Francesco Canova

    Francesco Canova

    Francesco Canova (1992) is an italian screenwriter, director and photographer based in Rome and Venice. He graduated from the University of Padua with a Philosophy BA in 2015. Since then he has been working as an assistant director and a screenwriter for several short and medium films. In particularly, "Under the Ground" and "The Way Home" by Federico Olivetti gained more than 50 official selections in festivals around the world. In 2017 he has worked as a screenwriter for a feature film that will be produced in 2019.
    He has practiced photography since he was 16 and his work has gained several recognizements including Premio Combat and Urban Photo Awards. He is interested in the relationship between human beings and the spaces in which they live, exploring the multiple connections that bond them.

  • Milad Safabakhsh

    Milad Safabakhsh

    Milad safabakhsh is an iranian fine art photographer and also  founder and editor in chief at B&W minimalism magazine. He started photography with minimalism and slowly moved towards conceptual photography. However he still kept his minimalistic view in all of his works.  Milad was able to make a name for himself internationally and was even achieved numerous prizes.

  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson (b 1977 UK), graduated with a H.N.D. in photography from the Newcastle Art & Design College in 1999 and opened his London studio in 2005 after assisting leading advertising photographers.

    Since opening his studio, Thompson has been recognised and honoured by leading institutions. Thompson has received both a Gold and Silver award from the Association of Photographers, two Silver and one Bronze award from Creative Circle, a yellow pencil at D&AD. He was also shortlisted in the Terry O’Neill Photography Award.

    Thompson has exhibited three times at the National Portrait Gallery – London. In addition, he has shown work at The Strand Art Gallery, Design Week’s Awards exhibition, as well as at Creative Review’s Photography Annual. Thompson has appeared twice in the D&AD book, and he’s had work featured in national and international print and online publications.

    While continuing to build an extensive commercial portfolio, Thompson has devoted recent years to a collection of ongoing, interconnected bodies of fine art work. His minimal, abstract photographs are often (but not always) made on the coast, usually late into the night, using a large-format film camera. Instead of adding artificial elements, Thompson subtracts them, stripping his compositions down to their most essential features.

    In Thompson’s world, art is about sacrifice and dedication, and it shows in the work. In engaging with a rich and layered history of photography and visual art in general, his work also raises questions about the future of our world– the land and the sea– and mankind’s ever-shifting place within it.

  • Ryota Kajita

    Ryota Kajita

    Ryota Kaji Kajita is originally from Japan, completed his MFA degree in photography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, worked at the University of Alaska Museum of the North as a collection photographer, and taught at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Japan.

    His photographs have been exhibited in the Japan Professional Photographers Society Exhibition (2011), Alaska’s Rarefied Light (2012, 2013 & 2015), The Aesthetica Art Prize (2012 & 2013), Aperture Summer Open (2014), Geo-Cosmos Content Contest (2014) of The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, FotoFilmic17 Winter Shortlist Show (2017) , FotoFilmic SOLO IV Winner Exhibition (2018) and other shows.

    His photography series of “Ice Formation” is featured in the magazine “Photo Technique” (November/December 2012), “LENSCRATCH.com”(May 2015), “WIRED.com“ (August 2015), “城市画報 -CITY ZINE-“ (January/Februray 2016), and is represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California.

    His work became part of the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affaires and The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank in 2013.

    He was selected for Blue Sky 2013 & 2018 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers Program (“Drawers”) of the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, and won the Grand Prize in ONWARD Compe ’13 International Photography Competition, the Student Abstract Category Award in 2013 American Aperture Awards (AX3), Juror’s Selection / Director’s Honorable Mention / Livebooks Website Award in Natural World 2014 Nation Wide Juried Photography Competition of The Center for Fine Art Photography. He was chosen for a finalist of Lens Culture’s Earth Awards 2015 and CENTER Project Launch Grant Juror’s Choice recipient 2017.

    His video documentary “Losing Ground” about Shishmaref Island’s severe erosion due to climate change, achieved the Cinema Committee Choice Award in Fairbanks Film Festival (2007), and was broadcast on the Alaska Shorts Program of Alaska One television (2012).

    He has traveled to more than 50 remote Alaska villages by a two-seat, light aircraft and snowmobile for scientific research. He loves travelling, backpacking and cross-country skiing with a medium format film camera and always responds to the beauty of nature.

  • Amber Crabbe

    Amber Crabbe

    Amber Crabbe holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and received a Bachelor of Science in Art and Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2012 she received the Jack and Gertrude Murphy Contemporary Art Award and in 2018 was awarded a fellowship at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. She has participated in numerous curated and juried exhibitions at venues throughout the U.S. and abroad, including the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, the Berkeley Art Center, the Whatcom Museum, SF Camerawork, SomArts, the Pacific Film Archive, Gallery Route One, Smith Anderson North Gallery, and the Grey Loft Gallery. She lives and works in San Francisco, California.

  • Steven Manolakis

    Steven Manolakis

    STEVEN MANOLAKIS is an American-born, Sydney-based fine art photographer. He first discovered his love for photography after moving to Australia at the young age of 18, where he began to develop and refine his own distinctive artistic style.

    The intent of his artwork is to stimulate the affective components of his audience by permitting them to attribute personal meaning to each image. He believes art speaks to each person on an individual level, and does not wish to ascribe his own bias to his work.

    Steven’s most recent creative compositions are concerned with the aesthetics of topography, particularly from an aerial viewpoint. The spontaneous and evolutionary arrangement of contours and hues which comprise earth’s geographical framework constitute the essence of his subject matter, and form the most mesmeric abstract illustrations.

    An adventure seeker attracted to the outdoors, he is always on the lookout for the world's most beautiful landscapes. His passions for travel have already taken him through the great Himalayas in Nepal, the Sahara Desert in Morocco, and to other great places such as Jordan, Israel, Iceland, Spain, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Matthew Portch

    Matthew Portch

    I was born in Bristol, England and now live in Melbourne, Australia.

    As a child I was a keen illustrator spending hours pouring over the minutia of detail of each subject matter.

    I grew up through the seventies in the UK on a steady diet of North American culture via TV and Film. In the backdrop of this media was an exotic and colourful landscape that became an immediate antidote to the English, every-day life.

    I studied Graphic Design and Photography in Bristol and pursued a successful career in Graphic Design.

    In the millennium, the digital revolution of photography spurred my interest once more. Yet, ironically it was the North American large format colour film photographers of the sixties and seventies who inspired me. I was fascinated by the seemingly ordinary street scenes and vistas that were captured with fastidious detail.

    I discovered a more modern and practical process in the form of a technical camera, digital back, and precision optics, then proceeded to cast my own journey.

    When I photograph a scene, I capture everything across the frame in complete focus. Given the theme is so sedate, the detail of the picture is just as important to me as the subject matter and becomes a character of the image in itself.

    I use the full-size of the sensor and never crop. I like to restrict myself to these disciplines as the one austere part of the image process – a digital reverence to the era of large format film if you will.

    My creative vision is to capture a calm and austere disposition in the landscape and create a scene of discernible simplicity to evoke an emotional response from within.

  • Gavin Smart

    Gavin Smart

    I’m a freelance photographer and digital assistant based in Edinburgh. Alongside my professional activities I’m currently studying towards a BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College.

    I originally trained as a classical and jazz musician at London’s Guildhall School of Music, before moving to Paris as an artisan baker, working with leading French boulangerie Eric Kayser. My photographic work is as diverse as my background, bringing together many creative elements in my work. I draw particular inspiration from the art, design and photography that I was exposed to during my time in Paris.

    I enjoy working with clients and businesses from all walks of life, capturing their unique stories with authenticity, sensitivity and creative flair. I am comfortable working in many different photographic situations, with a strong interest in composite production and image manipulation, although portraiture and documentary remain close to my heart.

  • Nanjing Tang

    Nanjing Tang

    Born in 1990 in Tianjin, China.
    Lives and works currently in Paris, France.
    Her work focuses on urban landscapes and finding commonalities between different regions.
    Her last photography series "Entre le Béton" was filmed in the department 94 (inner-suburban of Grand Paris), where she was deeply fascinated by the architectural form and space atmosphere, leading her to explore her own questions. The form of the suburbs is universal in the world, and the corresponding living structure of the residents are also similar. Even if in different countries, the suburbs are like waves in the ocean, they are coming from the same source and running into the same end.

    Exhibitions and prizes:
    2019—The exhibition of the laureates of the Bourse du Talent 2019, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
    2019 - Special Prize, Bourse du Talent #80 Espace Architecture Paysage, France
    2019 - Selected, PEP-Photographic Exploration Project, Berlin, Germany
    2019 - Group exhibition “Suburbs” , LoosenArt, space MILLEPIANI, Rome, Italy
    2019 - Group show at Fotofever, 24P Studio, Paris, France
    2019 - Solo show “Entre le Béton”, Inside Space, Tianjin, China
    2019 - Art book in China -abC Art Book Fair, China
    2017 - HEAT Paris 2017 - asian contemporary art festival, Paris, France
    2017 - MANIFESTO'S TIME-ORVIETO 2017, Orvieto, Italy
    2016 - WORKS IN PROGRESS 2016 SRFC, Rome, Italy
    2013 - Graduation Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China
    2010 - Canon Photography Award of Excellence, China

    Education background:
    2008 - 2013 Bachelor of Photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China
    2015 - 2016 Master of Photography at Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema, Italy

  • Yvonne Mak

    Yvonne Mak

    My name is Yvonne Mak, a Dutch installation and photography artist. I graduated at art school in Arnhem at ArtEZ (The Netherlands).

    To me, art is a mirror of the society. Art is meant to contemplate and to motivate you to start a discussion. My goal is to inspire people to act like a hero, to show people the beauty of the earth and to help the world continue to be a wonderful place.

    My work is characterized by frequent use of humor or surrealism, even on heavier topics. It is my belief that this makes people more susceptible to the message by allowing them to adopt an open mindset.

  • Marie Lukasiewicz

    Marie Lukasiewicz

    Marie Lukasiewicz (Paris, 1982) studied applied arts and visual communications at Estienne school followed by photography at Louis Lumière school. After graduation she worked as an assistant in Canada and on her return to Europe she moves to Germany and joins the collective ParisBerlin Fotogroup. She collaborates on many projects with other artists in France and Germany.
    Her artistic practice focuses on environmental issues and pollution. Very concerned by ecology she deepens her work in combining it with a strong scientific support. The border between reality and fiction is always vague in her photographic projects and derision also plays an important role.
    She has participated in several group exhibitions, Noorderlicht Fotofestival, 2017, Boutographies 2016, Rip Off Arles 2014-2017, Goethe Institute (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse), 2015-2017.
    Back in France today she reinforces her approach with a closer collaboration with the scientific world. In 2018 she was selected to participate in the Parallel Platform program and develops a project on corals and their bleaching.

  • Ye Fan

    Ye Fan

    Artist and Photographer based in New York, orignally from Shanghai, China

  • Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold is an American photographer whose work strives to connect the specificity and significance of history with the topography of the land on which the history is shaped and the experience of the individual on that land.

    His work has been exhibited and promoted widely across the United States and around the world in galleries and museums.His latest project was published in 2014 as a monograph entitled, "Topography Is Fate—North African Battlefields of World War II," by the German publisher, Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg. It includes a foreword written by Hilary Roberts, the Research Curator of Photography at the Imperial War Museums in Britain as well as an essay by Natalie Zelt, the co-author and co-curator of "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath".

    Arnold has two solo exhibitions coming up in 2018. "Topography Is Fate" will be exhibited as a solo exhibition at the Gravy Gallery in Philadelphia. Also slated for 2018, he will have a second solo exhibition at Happy Lucky No.1 Gallery for a new project entitled Ghosts and the Longing for Amelia. Ghosts is a multimedia project born of a long period of introspection, which created in the artist a new perspective on the world closer at hand, and a deeper understanding of how obstructions in the path of life can ultimately lead to a different and possibly more revelatory direction in the creative longing of the artist. Solo exhibitions of "Topography Is Fate" have also taken place at both Happy Lucky No.1 Gallery in New York City as well as at the Metropolitan Gallery in Philadelphia, which was organized by The Center for Emerging Visual Artists where he was a Fellowship Finalist. In 2016 he was a finalist for the Renaissance Prize at the Getty Images Gallery in London. His work was exhibited at the Arsenale di Venezia, in Venice, Italy as part of the Premio Arte Laguna. It was also exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala, as part of the GuatePhoto Festival where he also gave an artist talk about his "Topography Is Fate" project.

    Awards and honors that he has won include being named a Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Traveling Fellow in 2014. He was named a Top 50 Emerging Photographer of 2014 by LensCulture and was exhibited at the Valid Foto Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. He was also named a Photolucida, Critical Mass 2014, Top 50 Photographer and exhibited in Guatemala as part of Guatephoto Festival 2015. Along with this exhibit he was selected to have a larger body of work exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala City. His project was a Shortlist Candidate for the Vevey International Photo Award in 2015. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at Columbia University, in New York City in 2015. Matthew Arnold currently lives and works in New York City.

  • Alyson Belcher

    Alyson Belcher

    All of my work is united by my obsession with the two most basic elements of photography: light and time. My projects have ranged from self-portraits to abstract landscapes. I have worked with many photographic processes, ranging from the earliest type of camera (pinhole) to the latest in digital technology. New projects are born out of a need to communicate something internally and curiosity about different ways to work with the medium. I look for the relationships between darkness and light, stillness and movement. My subjects usually demonstrate changes that take place slowly over time, whether it’s in nature or the human body.

  • Jill Booker

    Jill Booker

    I am a fine art photographer, living in Winnipeg, Canada.

    I often feel lost in the noise of the outside world and the thoughts that rattle out of control within me. To escape this noise, I seek moments of quiet, of stillness. Of simplicity. Moments of poetry and harmony. For me, these moments are mostly found in nature. The pattern of bare branches on a tree, the curve of a blade of grass, the colour of a flower. These mundane, ordinary things that I encounter in my everyday life make me gasp. I pause, savour them. And for that moment, I find relief from the noise.

  • Graham Earnshaw

    Graham Earnshaw

    I am a photographer living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. My first foray into photography was taking my first Kodak Instamatic on a trip to Africa when I was 11 and I was a bit hooked. But like 99% of us, have found
    so many other aspects of life more dominating, so wasn't able to apply my love for it as much as I'd like. But over the recent few years, I've decided to make the leap and put a big focus on advancing my love for photography and start my own photographic business.

    ​I've had some accolades awarded to me by Australian Photography in 2015 & 2017, awarding my Landscape, Black&White and Nature entries as Highly Commended and Commended. Also in 2017, I was awarded Top 10 Emerging Photographers by Capture Mag in their Photographer of the Year's Art category.

    My personal favourite style of photography is landscape and travel (combining two loves is a real bonus). But more recently I am enjoying pushing the boundaries between photography and art, with a particular emphasis on movement in imagery and especially that of the ocean, of which we are so blessed with here in Australia. And my other newfound love is aerial photography. I recently purchased a DJI Phantom 4 drone, which is a lot of fun to play with. This aerial vantage point for photography opens up a whole new way of capturing at the extraordinary beauty of Mother Earth.

  • Itamar Dotan Katz

    Itamar Dotan Katz

    I am an analog photographer that usually shoot on the go, reacting to what I encounter, so to me, still photography seems to be expressing a moment through experiencing it and, at the same time, experiencing through expressing. It helps me absorb the new culture and sites while embedding my own presence in the situation.

  • Xiuzhu Li

    Xiuzhu Li

    Lanny Xiuzhu Li is a New York-based queer photographer and visual artist. After finishing their master’s in American Studies at SUNY Buffalo with the focus on Asian American History, Cinema Studies, and Queer Theories, Lanny received a scholarship to study at International Center of Photography (ICP). Integrating the interest in theory with a passion for visual art, Lanny started to make multimedia projects and photographic work that deal with the diaspora, social justice, sexuality, and gender identity. They hope their work can help create a strong voice for the minority groups, especially the Asian American queer community they regard as their chosen family. Their video got Honorable Mention in the 2019 PDN Student Photo Contest’s Multimedia & Video Category; their multimedia projects and photographic work have been shown in New York with solo and group exhibitions at galleries including New York Arts Center, One Art Space, Chinatown Soup, and Artosino Gallery. Another passion Lanny has is to travel and explore different places and cultures through the lens.

  • Yuri Andries

    Yuri Andries

    Yuri Andries (b. 1986 Sint-Niklaas, lives and works in Ghent, Belgium)

    A longing for the other as well as encounters with the uncanny inform the photographic language of Yuri Andries. The artist works both close to home, or travels miles away to explore unknown territory. His images are characterized by a deliberate use of colour and a keen sense of the graphic. They evince a serene aesthetic and a search for stillness. They hover between dream and reality, between reality that is not the truth and fiction that is not a lie.

    Yuri Andries holds an MA in Graphic Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. During his Graphic Design studies, he developed an interest in photography, fascinated by the medium’s tense relation to reality and its function both as a documentary medium and a means to stimulate the imagination. For six months, Andries attended a seminar with Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, and took various courses in analogue photography. In 2014, he took on a position as an assistant in a photo studio to further develop his skills in technology, such as the use of light and the digital editing of images. Since 2016, he focuses on his own photographic projects which have been published in National Geographic, GUP Magazine, Ignant and Aint-Bad, among others.
    © Sofie Crabbé

  • Grigoris Dermitzakis

    Grigoris Dermitzakis

    Attracted by creative process of art and the poetic and not literal language of photography.
    The space to multiple interpretations. The self expression through a non unique denotation or through the abstract way that the photographic medium has.

    Have attended a lot of photographic seminars, workshops and lectures. Have read lot of books about aesthetic, history, interpretation etc.
    Like to search and through observation and experimentation to end up to my personal unobserved worlds.

  • Steffen Junghanß

    Steffen Junghanß

    Steffen is Berlin-based photographer with a great sense of curiosity for how other
    people live. He is especially interested in the life of those, who find themselves in
    extraordinary circumstances without receiving much attention.
    For his work, he spends as much time as possible with his protagonists and always tries
    to become a part of their lives - at least for a while. Although he considers himself to be a
    documentary photographer, he is always subjective and his pictures are a testimony to his
    sympathy for the portrayed people.
    He worked in the film industry before commencing his photography study at the Neue Schule
    Für Fotografie Berlin, where he graduated in 2015. Since then he has been working on several
    longterm projects, the current one taking place in the small Caucasian republic of Georgia.

  • Rob Padley

    Rob Padley

    I first started making night photographs while living in the USA. As an outsider, my eye was drawn to the quirky industrial and urban landscapes that surround San Francisco and I set myself a goal to photograph these unseen and overlooked areas. I developed my technique by taking roadtrips to neglected towns and photographing through the night while teaching myself the technicalities of traditional architecture photography. This was a lonely time for me and my intention was to capture this feeling in the photographs.

    Upon moving back to the UK in 2014 I continued taking photographs at night, focussing on the once-great industrial towns of the midlands, developing my style further, and working on a consistent theme to tie the photos together.

  • Maurizio Esposito

    Maurizio Esposito

    Maurizio Esposito was born in Naples in 1982 where he lives and works. In 2012 he went to New York to follow the class “Regarding Intimacy" held by Saul Robins at the International center of Photography of New York . During the last year his works has been exhibited in several Museums: at Museo d’arte contemporanea Madre of Naples (2011), Fondazione Forma per la fotografia of Milan (2011), Centro di fotografia d’Autore of Bibbiena (2012). In 2015 he was selected to take part to the second edition of Laboratorio Irregolare, the indipendent masterclass held by Antonio Biasiucci. Last exhibitions: at SMMAVE of Naples (2017), Galleria del Cembalo of Rome (2017), La bottega di Cecè Casile, Milan (2018), Tiefkollektiv/Profondo collettivo 2 Art Festival in Bolzano (2019). Villa Pignatelli – Casa della fotografia, Naples (2020). Roonee 247 art gallery, Tokyo (2020). His works are included in several collection as Collezione Cotroneo (2019) and Luciano Benetton’s collection (2017).

  • Lane Coder

    Lane Coder

  • Laura Zamboni

    Laura Zamboni

    I have studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic, where I obtained my master's degree in April 2008.
    From the same year, until 2014, I collaborated with the lecturer, at the Politecnico di Milano, as a tutor and co-ordinator of degree theses. Since 2009 I have been working as a freelance as "Laura Zamboni ARCHITETTO".
    Always passionate about photography, I took several photography courses, especially during university studies, the "Photography of Architecture" course held by photographer Marco Introini.
    I am interested in landscape and architecture photography with particular attention to the compositional relationships between the natural or artificial landscape elements that photography records, and the light conditions that modify its perception.
    In my photographic works I investigate the nature of the subjects, also declared through the relationship with the context, trying to highlight it with clear and essential images
    I take part in international photography exhibitions.


    Venice for Malemegi lab as a selected artist in a competition . 12-26 January 2019
    XXIV edizione "Arte a Palazzo" Galleria Farini Palazzo Fantuzzi- Bologna 23 March 2019 - 03 April 2019
    PassepARTout gallery during Milano art and design week - 6-20 April 2019

  • Martin Grabner

    Martin Grabner

    Martin Grabner, born in Graz, Austria, holds degrees in Architecture from TU Graz and Fine-Art Photography and MultimediaArt from Ortweinschule Graz Kolleg. In-between art and research he explores architecture, city, and society, understanding his photographic and cinematographic work as visual urban studies. The focus is on the exploration, discussion, and interpretation of relations between human and space. The most central topic is the expression of social meaning and transformation in the production, usage and reception of space, taking especially in account everyday life urban practice. Martin is interested in public space as a neoliberal (image) space including the privatisation and commodification of public space. Currently he particularly questions the spatial manifestation and challenging of societal structures of power, exclusion and segregation, how visible and invisible borders in cities work, how permeable and selective they are and who is defining them.
    His work as a photographer and filmmaker has been featured and awarded in several exhibitions. Moreover Martin is teaching at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Graz, curating, and writing about architecture, city, and culture.

  • C M Hutchinson

    C M Hutchinson

    C M Hutchinson has been an educator in the arts for over seven years after graduating from Bard College in 2011. His most recent work focuses on the US-Mexican border as object. From Brownsville, Texas to San Ysidro, California, C M Hutchinson explored the southernmost roadways and communities in an attempt to better understand this rarely seen, but often spoken of region of his home country. Utilizing a 4x5, 35mm, Instant, and phone camera, he examines the visual realities of the border.

  • Julien Rieutort

    Julien Rieutort



    It is a primary obsession to see and apprehend the world that led me to photography. Fascinated by nature and its wilderness, I’m inspired by the angles, the space and the volumes that it offers us. In a world constantly moving, photography allows me to take the time : to observe, compose and understand. Through a practice situated at the intersection of staging and pure reality, I found a way to express my vision.

    My series question the connection between human and his environment and push me to rethink my own relationship to the world around me. I’m trying to include myself drawing real and virtual lines, applying a momentary luminous imprint or capturing it in its simple brutality. An invitation to question the appropriation of space by humankind, the conservation of our primary resources and the evolution of our species in an uncertain universe.


    - BIO -

    Born in 1985, Julien Rieutort is a visual artist that uses photography to express his vision.

    After studying cinema, he decided to redirect towards the musical industry working for various record labels alongside his musician career. In 2017 he took the bold decision to leave for a vertical world tour on his own from Antarctica to Iceland passing through South America. Early in this trip, facing a spectacular iceberg, he realized that, in the end, he wanted to tell stories and share something concrete and meaningful. Photography then came naturally to him.

    When he finally returned, he started following the Professional photography master, RNCP certification level 1, at SPEOS, Paris International Photographic Institute to learn more about the techniques and the market.

    His work is essentially focused on the influence of human evolution on nature, urban landscape, and global environment.

    Based in Paris, and available to shoot worldwide.

  • Isabella Campbell

    Isabella Campbell

    Isabella Campbell's practice has been fundamentally influenced by the environment in which she was raised, in Pembrokeshire, Wales. From a very young age she became intuitively influenced by Japan and its culture, which has naturally shaped the way she thinks about photography and her creative approach in making work. These two influences reflect on her current photographic practice, which concerns the sense of place, temporality and perception.

  • Evan Hancock

    Evan Hancock

    Evan Hancock is a Photographer and Creative Director where his interest in photography began with his father’s Pentax SLR at a young age. The idea of capturing a single moment in time ignited his imagination and passion for photography and then followed by screen content with new emerging technology.

    Evan’s photographic expression is derived from incorporating his interests of exploring cultures, places, people and the natural environment. His work reflects escapism with a timeless and often a continual fascinating quality. This style is further enhanced in print form with the use of a photographic stock resonate to the results of classic darkroom processing.

  • Babis Kougemitros

    Babis Kougemitros

    Babis Kougemitros was born in Athens, Greece, in December 1975. He studied Political and International Sciences at Panteion University of Athens. He made his first contact with photography by participating in the Athens University Photographic Circle, where he got acquainted with the works of the classic photographers. That was also the time when he shot his first black-and-white films.
    In 2006 he attended the seminar “Introduction to Artistic Photography” conducted by Platon Rivellis, which helped him deepen his understanding on the work of classic photographers, while providing him his first technical knowledge about digital photography and processing. As a member of the Rivelis’ Photographic Circle, he presented his work at Benakis Museum and participated in the team exhibitions of the abovementioned photographic association many times.
    In 2009 he studied Photography and Audiovisual Arts at the Athens Technical School of Photography. During his studies, he mastered his technical skills and focused his interest especially on artistic photography and the work of major contemporary photographers. His twofold commitment to the technical and artistic side of photography, allowed him to work as a professional photographer while practicing artistic photography in numerous occasions.

  • Jasper Goodall

    Jasper Goodall

    Jasper Goodall was born in Birmingham, UK in 1973. He moved south to study illustration at the University of Brighton, returning some years later to teach and shape the present BA Visual Communication course.
    Goodall is perhaps best known in the world of graphic design and illustration for his bold pop imagery that was popularised by his work for the seminal fashion and culture magazine The Face in the late 90’s early 2000’s. After a successful and highly influential career, working in music fashion and publishing, Goodall took a step back from the world of commercial illustration to direct his energies into training as a Psychosynthesis counsellor.
    This Hiatus gave Goodall the space to re-imagine his creative output and to move his energies into photography which he had always been excited by but had not given the space. Now he shares his time between arts education and his growing photographic practice.

  • Seunggu Kim

    Seunggu Kim

    Seunggu Kim lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He earned his BFA in photography from Sangmyung University, and MFA in visual art from Korea National University of Arts. He would like to describe how we are living. He thought photography could show our ‘real world’. He wanted to balance the unnatural elements in the rectangle frame and describe that we are getting used to the social ironies of reality.

    Select recent milestones include: Ten by Ten, Houston FotoFest; Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo International Photography Competition; Korean Photographer’s Fellowship of the year, KT&G; The Finalist of 2018 Art Photography, Lens Culture; Supported Artist of 2019 Solo Exhibition, Filter Space; The Korea Society, Aperture Gallery, and The UPI Gallery in New York; Filter Space in Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland; Laney Contemporary Fine Art in Savannah; Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing

    His new book, BAM ISLET, was published by KT&G Sangsangmadang in 2019.