• Massimiliano Pugliese

    Massimiliano Pugliese

    Massimiliano Pugliese was born in Rome in 1970. After graduating in Economics and
    Statistics, he carried on his Photography studies at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografa e
    Comunicazione Integrata (ISFCI) in Rome. For years, beside his job at a public authority,
    he has been nurturing his photographic activities achieving personal projects through
    an intimate language. Thanks to his strong authorial style, he stands out very soon in
    several contests and photographic prizes, and his works have been displayed in several
    national and international expositions.

  • Mitran Kaul

    Mitran Kaul

  • João Pedro Machado

    João Pedro Machado

    In 2011, when his interest in photography began, concludes the Introduction to Photography Course in APAF (Portuguese Association of Photographic Art). In 2012 finished the Degree in Management in ISEG (Superior Institute of Economics and Management). From 2012 to 2014 attends the Photography Course in Ar.Co (Center of Art & Visual Communication).
    Since then his work focused on the attempt to document the world that surrounds him with a strong emphasis on personal memories and experiences.
    A confessed film lover his work has been published and exhibited both national and abroad.
    Currently lives and works between Braga and Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Alexis Pazoumian

    Alexis Pazoumian

    Of Armenian and French origin, born in Paris, Alexis Pazoumian is a photographer and director. He did a graphics school in Paris during 4 years. He will graduate with Congratulations of the jury in 2012. The notions of humanity, identity, society and territory are the heart of his reflection. Through few photographic projects in the favelas of Brazil, India, Armenia and recently in New-Orleans He questions the relationship of individuals in their environment. Finalist of the photo-reportage student competition «Paris Match» for his series on the Favelas, he made his first exhibition for the first time at 51 rue de Seine 'Plan b la galerie' in 2012. Alexis joined the Hans Lucas Studio in 2016.

  • Stefano Lista

    Stefano Lista

    I was born in 1974 and I studied Economics. At the age of 36 I decided to quit my job and fully devote myself to photography. I began to study photography, starting from its history, its language and its greatest authors. Today I am a documentary photographer and a teacher.
    I am particularly interested in two themes:
    1) humanistic photography that captures people when they lower their guard and let go, with or without awareness, of the image of themselves that they would like others to see;
    2) the investigation about the concept of physical and spiritual “reclusion” to which the man is subjected or undergoes by choice.

    My photographs have been exhibited in Tokyo, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Trieste.

    Together with my wife Adele we offer wedding reportage services proposing a documentary and innovative vision of ceremony photography. We are also the directors of Meshroom, one of the largest photography schools in central Italy.

    Some of my work is distributed for editorial purposes by Parallelozero Photo Agency.

  • Mark Phillips

    Mark Phillips

    Mark studied engineering and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His interest in film and photography began in his late teens, working on short animations and mainly monochrome images. Now based in South Buckinghamshire, UK, his practice is focussed in documentary photography, with his main interests in Social Documentary and occasional Street Photography.
    Although largely self-taught, he has also attended a number of courses, to build specific skills. In June 2014 he gained his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and has completed a number of short courses including MoMA (Seeing Through Photographs), London Street Photography Symposium, Magnum Education on Photobooks and Publishing, Magnum Workshops and other documentary workshops.

  • Nicola Muirhead

    Nicola Muirhead

    Nicola Muirhead [b. 1986]
    I am a British-Bermudian contemporary documentary photographer and visual storyteller. My personal projects and documentary work focus on rural and urban communities, as well as personal and cultural identities, and how these realities are influenced by political, environmental and economic factors.

  • Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet is a Belgian documentary-based photographer whose work focuses on his own culture. His motive is: 'It all happens close to you!'

    Hendrik attended the University of Ghent and the Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent. He received a Bachelor's degree in Political Sciences and a degree in Photography. At the moment he 's finishing his second year specialization Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Rachael McArthur

    Rachael McArthur

    Rachael McArthur is a lens based artist currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. She has graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a BFA in Photography and attending Rhode Island School of Design for her MFA. In her work, she is interested in exploring femininity, sexuality and the fantasy.

  • Dimitri Mellos

    Dimitri Mellos

    Dimitri Mellos was born in Athens, Greece, but since 2005 has called New York City home. He studied philosophy and psychology and is a largely self-taught photographer. As a child, he used to walk around with an old Kodak Instamatic camera (with no film loaded), pretending to be taking pictures. He rediscovered his passion for photography only many years later, this time around making sure there was film (or an SD card) in the camera. He works mainly on long-term, self-initiated projects. His work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo shows, and has garnered several prestigious awards and accolades, including being a Finalist for the Visura Grant and the Magnum Expression Award, and a Juror’s Pick at the Lensculture Magnum Photography Awards.
    John Szarkowski said of Garry Winogrand that “his ambition was not to make good pictures, but through photography to know life.” This statement perfectly describes Dimitri’s photographic aspirations as well.

  • Dimitris Rapakousis

    Dimitris Rapakousis

    Dimitris Rapakousis was born in 1981 and he lives in Athens, Greece. He graduated from the "Focus" school of art photography, video & new technologies in 2010.

    He is a freelance documentary photographer he cooperates with the international agencies AP (Associated Press) , AFP (Agence France-Presse) and with the Greek magazines "Epsilon" and "Unfollow"

  • Ingrid Gielen

    Ingrid Gielen

    Photographer situated in Belgium.I'm a social worker in a psychiatric hospital who took up photographing 5 years ago.I recently graduated at the "Haspengouw" photo academy. My pictures are mostly about all aspects of human life seen with a rather melancholic look.

  • Verl Adams

    Verl Adams

    Verl Adams is a photographer, a registered architect in the United States, and an associate professor working in Tokyo, where he teaches spatial design and experimental photography.

  • Kristof Vadino

    Kristof Vadino

    Photojournalist, since 5 years working for Belgian and international media. Publications include De Standaard, Le Monde, Le Courrier International, BBC, Elsevier, De Groene Amsterdammer, Goethe Insitute, among others. I also work for the NGO's Doctors of the World, Doctors Without Borders, Handicap International.


    Nikon Press Photograhers Award Stories 2019
    State of the World PX3 (Paris Photo) finalist 2019
    PX3 (Paris Photo) honorable mention 2019
    Life Framer Finalist World Travelers judged by Steve Mc Curry 2019
    Brussels Street Photogaprahy Festival Eye Witness Finalist 2019
    PX3 (Paris Photo) Second Prize Press Feature Story 2018
    IPA (International Photography Awards) General News Third Prize 2018
    IPA (International Photography Awards) honorable mention Photo Essay 2018
    IPA (International Photography Awards) second honorable mention Photo Essay 2018
    Life Framer Finalist 'An instant' 2018
    Life Framer Finalist 'Urban Life' 2018
    Life Framer honorable mention 'Street Life' 2018
    PX3 (Paris Photo) Bronze Press 2017
    IPA (International Photography Awards) honorable mention Photo Essay 2017
    IPA (International Photography Awards) honorable mention General News 2017
    IPA (International Photography Awards) second honorable mention General News 2017
    ND Awards Honorable mention 2017
    Life Framer Editor's pick 'Contemporary Pilgrims' 2017
    Ipoty (Internatiol Photographer of the Year) honorable mention Daily Life 2017
    IPA (International Photography Awards) honorable mention Photo Stories 2016
    Lensculture 50 best Emerging Photographers Worldwide 2016
    Ipoty (Internatiol Photographer of the Year) 3thd place Editorial 2016
    Nikon Press Photographers Award in the categorie Stories 2016
    Rencontres d'Arles Finalist 2016
    Pierre and Alexandra Boulat Grant Finalist 2016
    Brussels Street Photography Festival Finalist 2016
    Life Framer 'Humans of the World' 2nd prize 2015


    Fonds Pascal Decroos for a story on Cambodian textile workers
    Fonds Filip for a story on Tonle Sap Lake
    European Development Grant for a story on wastepickers in Haïti and India

  • Fred Mitchell

    Fred Mitchell

    Fred Mitchell is a German-born American photographer working in Los Angeles. He holds a BFA and MFA in photography from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and University of Nevada at Las Vegas, respectively. Upon completion of his degrees he has worked as an adjunct professor, art director, and photographer all while maintaining his practice as a fine artist.

    Fred regularly explores process & project based work, where he researches and explores topics organically while he constructs a body of work. Often, his projects weave multiple seemingly unrelated themes to create complex visual narratives with the intention of unique experiences to be gleaned upon multiple viewings.

    He has received grants from the state of Alabama as well as from the city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada. In 2019 his work has been featured in exhibitions in throughout North America as well as internationally most recently in Italy, Germany, & Japan. Previous online exhibitions include Cumulus Photo Review & Humble Arts Foundation. His work is included in Noah Waldeck’s (Subjectively Objective) Observations in the Ordinary. Recent periodicals to contain Fred’s projects include Stem Magazine, Community Garden, and Architectural Digest. In Fall of 2020 Yoffy Press will be publishing his first monograph, “You Can’t Go! If  You Leave, All The Plants Will Die!” interpreting failed relationships through deceased plant material.

  • Demetris Koilalous

    Demetris Koilalous

    Demetris Koilalous was born in Athens.
    Between 1980 and 1989 he was based in the UK where he studied ‘Town and Country Planning’ in Edinburgh and ‘Geography’ in London. He took up photography in 1982. He works as a freelance photographer since 1990 specializing in Portrait, Theatre an Advertising Photography. He has worked with public and private organizations, central and local government, museums, national and municipal theatres; his work has been published in most Greek magazines and newspapers. Since 2004 he teaches photography in private and public institutions. His works are found in private and public collections, in the collections of the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, of Head on Photo Festival in Sydney, and in CENTER, Santa Fe


    2019-03 ● “the duration of a sigh; CAESURA” Benaki Museum; Athens, Greece
    2015-07 ● “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” Chios Photo Festival, Chios, Greece


    2017-06 ● “HETEROTOPIA”; “Any more Odes” City of Athens Art Centre, curated by Vangelis Ioakimides; Athens-GREECE
    2019-10 ● “CAESURA”; “Novas Visões Na Fotografia Contemporânea” Imago Lisboa; curated by Rui Prata; Lisbon-PORTUGAL
    2019-09 ● “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” “Liban, Réalités & Fictions” - 3eme Biennale des Photographes du Monde Arabe Contemporaine” Institut du Monde Arabe; curated by Gabriel Bauret, Paris-FRANCE
    2018-12 ● “CAESURA; the duration of a sigh” nominated for PRIX PICET 2019, “Hope”
    2018-07 ● “HETEROTOPIA”; “curated Artist”, Head on Photo Festival, curated by Moshe Rosenzveig; Sydney-AUSTRALIA
    2018-01 ● “CAESURA”; “Critical Archives III: Identities” MEDPHOTO FESTIVAL; Museum of Modern Art, Rethymno-GREECE
    2017-10 ● “CAESURA”; “Local Stories”; LM Gallery; curation N. Kassianou, Piraeus-GREECE
    2017-09 ● “CAESURA”; “family”, Kuala-Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017 Kuala Lumpur-MALAYSIA
    2017-08 ● “CAESURA”; shortlisted & exhibited “Freedom” Aperture Summer Open, Aperture, New York- USA
    2017-06 ● “CAESURA”; “YICCA International Awards 2017” Rooster Gallery, Vilnius-LIITHUANIA
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; shortlisted & exhibited CENTER Santa Fe Photo Festival, New Mexico-USA
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; “Portrait & Mobile prizes exhibition” Head on Photo Festival, curated by Moshe Rosenzveig; Sydney-AUSTRALIA
    2017-05 ● “HETEROTOPIA”; shortlisted & exhibited “Conceptual Series”; KOLGA Tbilisi Photo Festival, Tbilisi-GEORGIA
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; shortlisted & exhibited in “Documentary Series”; KOLGA Tbilisi Photo Festival, Tbilisi-GEORGIA
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; shortlisted and exhibited "the Recount of Conflict" PhotoIreland; Pallas Projects Studios, Dublin-IRELAND
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; shortlisted and exhibited in "ZEITGEIST" Cardiff International Festival of Photography; Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff-UK
    2017-05 ● “CAESURA”; “Les Boutographies” Festival; Montpellier-FRANCE
    2016-06 ● “CAESURA the duration of a sigh”; “Misplaced - Displaced” Athens Photo Festival; Benaki Museum; Athens-GREECE
    2015 ● assigned by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation to photograph sites & people of Chios Island for the Chios Mastic Museum
    2012 ● “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” “Trois Photographes Grecs au Moyen-Orien d’aujourd’hui” PhotoMed festival; curated by Vangelis Ioakimidis Toulon-FRANCE
    2012 ● “Lebanese Notebook; AntiParadise” “oriented and disoriented in the Middle East”, Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki; curated by Vangelis Ioakimidis; Thessaloniki-GREECE
    2011 ● commissioned by the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki to photograph contemporary Lebanon as part of government project “Thessaloniki at the crossroads of civilizations” initiated by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Tourism
    2010 ● “déjà vu” participation/projection in the 21st photobiennale of Thessaloniki 'TOPOS'; the Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki-GREECE
    2009 ● “Earth/Tracks” participation in the exhibition for the Prix Pictet Awards, Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki (ThMPhoto); curated by Gabriel Bauret & Vangelis Ioakimidis


    2018-07 ● “CAESURA thew duration of a sigh” authors: Bill Kouwenhoven/ Demetris Koilalous, publisher: KEHRER VERLAG July 2018


    2019-08 ● “LIBAN, RÉALITÉS & FICTIONS” exhibition catalogue for Institut du Monde Arabe, publisher: SILVANA EDITORIALE August 2019
    2017-10 ● “CAESURA” & “HETEROTOPIA” exhibition catalogue for KOLGA Tbilisi Photo Festival, publisher: photo house KOLGA August 2017
    2017-10 ● “CAESURA the duration of a sigh” Life-FRAMER travelling exhibition catalogue 2017, 'exhibition annual 2017'

    the book “CAESURA , the duration of a sigh” published by KEHRER VERLAG [authors: Bill Kouwenhoven and Demetris Koilalous]
    has received the following awards and distinctions:

    SEP 2019 ● Finalist ‘first book’, 3rd LUCIE Photobook Prize Awards 2019
    AUG 2019 ● Gold Winner for documentary Book, Moscow International Fotography Awards 2019
    AUG 2019 ● Bronze Winner for documentary Book, Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019
    JUL 2019 ● Honorable mention for documentary Book, International Photography Awards 2019
    JUN 2019 ● Silver Winner for documentary Book, Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018
    JUN 2019 ● Shortlisted in Belfast Photo Festival 2019
    APR 2019 ● Chosen and exhibited in 2019 Photobook exhibition in PhotoWien
    JAN 2017 ● Shortlisted in Gomma Grant 2016

    FOTOFILMIC 18 June 2019 ●Grand winner ● “HETEROTOPIA” Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation
    CENTER Photo Festival Santa Fe ● Exhibitor’s choice 2017 1st place Award ● “CAESURA”
    Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017 “Photo Stories - FAMILY” ● 1st place Award ● “CAESURA”
    FOTOFILMIC “Solo II exhibition Award” November 2017 ● Runner Up ● “HETEROTOPIA” Juried by Alec Soth
    Renaissance Photography Prize 2017 “Borders” & “Life” categories ● finalist ● “CAESURA”
    PDN “Storytellers” 2017 ● runner up ● “CAESURA”
    Life-FRAMER “Series Award” 2017 ● runner up ● “CAESURA”
    YICCA International Awards 2017 Italy ● 1st prize ● “HETEROTOPIA”
    Head On Photo Festival (Australia), “Head On Mobile” Prizes 2017 ● 1st prize ● “CAESURA”
    Head On Photo Festival (Australia), “Head On Portrait” Prizes 2017 ● 2nd prize ● “CAESURA”
    Life-FRAMER, “Still Life” 2017 theme ● 1st prize ● “CAESURA”

  • Giacomo D'Orlando

    Giacomo d'Orlando

    Giacomo d'Orlando is an Italian documentary photographer currently based in New Zealand.
    He begun his career of professional photographer in 2011, when he was 21, working for a photographic studio in his born city, Verona.
    After more than 3 years spent in the advertising photography industry, he decided to follow his true passion, the documentary photography. For this purpose, in 2015 he decided to move to Nepal where he begun his first long-term project about the Gender Based Violence. Since that time he specialize himself documenting social issues and environmental problems while occasionally is working for travel magazines.
    In the last years he has been living in Nepal, Peru, Austrlia and now is currently living in New Zealand, where is carrying on a long term project about the Refugees of the Climate Change.
    His purpose is report the social and environmental issues that our world is going through nowadays, giving to the people who don’t have the chance to travel the chnce to raise their awareness about these important topics. The reportages of Giacomo d’Orlando has been published worldwide in many recognized magazine such as VSD, DLUI ”La Repubblica”, Vice, DestinAsian, Washington Post among the others, and awarded by some prestigious photo competitions such as PX3 (State of the World 2019), International Photography Awards (2018 ,2019), MIFA (2017, 2019), TIFA (2018) and Chromatic Photography Award (2017).

  • Camilla Ferrari

    Camilla Ferrari

    Camilla Ferrari (1992) is an Italian documentary photographer based in Milan. She graduated with a Humanistic Science and Communication BA from the University of Milan in 2015, and continued her education at the Italian Institute of Photography from which she graduated in 2017. Her work won various awards including 30 Under 30 Women Photographers, ARTPIL, The Independent Photographer / Street Photography competition and Gli Occhi della Guerra Best Portfolio Prize (Gli Occhi della Guerra), Il Giornale.
    Her interest lies in the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, exploring this relationship with a delicate voyeurism. Part of her research is concerned with how social media have the power to enrich visual storytelling through the mix between short videos and photographs, still and moving images. Perpetuating the sense of gentleness that arises from her photographs, she expresses her delicate observations also through her instagram stories, which are an active part of her practice.

  • Leonardo Magrelli

    Leonardo Magrelli

    Born in Rome in 1989, holds a BA in Design and Architecture from “La Sapienza” university in Rome. Currently studies Art History in Rome. In 2010 starts collaborating in the organization of the International Rome’s Photography Festival, and with the photography publishing house Punctum Press. In 2014 starts working on his own, to focus more on his photography. In the last years his works has been featured in several printed and online photography magazines, and has been displayed in collective exhibitions and festivals.

  • Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson is a Canadian born photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. His work is inspired by the people and spaces of his everyday life and travels since 2005.

  • Patrick Junker

    Patrick Junker

    Patrick Junker (1991) is a freelance photographer in Stuttgart. He studies photojournalism and documentary photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover. For his reportages he was awarded the Hansel-Mieth Prize and the DGPh Prize for Science Photography.

    He works for Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, stern, brandeins, Capital, Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt, GEO Wissen and the F.A.Z. With his long-term projects he wants to create understanding for sensitive topics.

    Awards 2020

    Hansel-Mieth-Preis print for “Die Spende” published at stern

    Hansel-Mieth-Preis digital for “Die letzte gabe eines Menschen” published at stern.de

    BFF-Förderpreis for »Mother without Child«

    ProfiFoto New Talent Award for »Mother without Child«

    Awards 2019:

    Award for Science Photography from the German Photographic Association (DGPh)

    Winner of the European Photoawards by Photographique & Martin Paar Foundation

    Winner of the PDN Photo Annual with »3804 Days«

    The Photobook »3804 Days« is Shortlisted at the Kassel Dummy Award

    The Photobook »3804 Days« is Shortlisted at the Lucie Photo Book Prize

    The Photobook »3804 Days« is Shortlisted at the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 19/20

    Exhibitions 2019

    »3804 Days« exhibited at the „Schömberger Fotoherbst“

    »3804 Days« group exhibition „WHAT’S NEXT: STUDENTS FROM HANOVER“ in Perpignan -

    »3804 Days« exhibited at Kolga Tbilisi Photo in Georgia

    Workshops 2019

    The Eddie Adams Workshop XXXII

    Noor Workshop in Düsseldorf with Tanya Habjouqa and Francesco Zizola

    2019 Member of the agency laif

    2019 Member of the German Society for Photography

    2018 Member of the Fotobus Society

    2017 internship at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

  • Toby Binder

    Toby Binder

    Toby was born 1977 in Esslingen/Germany and studied at the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. Soon his photography focused on social, environmental and political topics.

    Based in Argentina and Germany he works both on assignments and personal projects. He is mostly interested in topics of post-war and crisis situations as well as in the daily life of people.

    His work has been awarded internationally, e.g. with the Philip-Jones-Griffiths-Award in 2018, the Sony-World-Photo-Awards in 2019 and 2017 and the Nannen-Preis in 2017. The same year he received an Honorable Mention by UNICEF Photo of the Year.

    His work is published by Stern, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, die Zeit, Greenpeace Magazin, Amnesty Journal, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and others.

    In March 2019 his first photo book „Wee Muckers–Youth of Belfast“ was published by Kehrer.

  • Antoni Lallican

    Antoni Lallican

    ​Antoni Lallican is a French photographer born in 1988 in Paris.
    After working as an office executive for several years, he has radically changed his way of life through his first long travel in 2015. Seeking meetings and adventures, he also discovered his passion for photography through the incredible human interactions made possible by his camera.

    He has since decided to dedicate his career to photography with a focus on portraits of people made in their real-time environment. Traveling alone, Antoni Lallican tries to immerse himself as much as possible in the countries he crosses and the populations I mets in order to have a look as objective as possible on the experiences that he lives.

    After a first exhibition in PFE festival in 2017 and a publication in fisheye magazine in march 2018 for his serie "Sleeper Class", Antoni Lallican started a reflexion about the consequences of the Kashmiri conflict on the identity of its inhabitants. He is actually exhibiting the result of this reflexion : "Kashmiris, snapshot of people facing an uncertain futur", in the cultural center FGO - Barbara in Paris.

  • Dan Gemkow

    Dan Gemkow

    Gemkow’s photographs have been exhibited in several galleries and museums including the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, the Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, FotoFilmic PULP Gallery Bowen Island, B.C., the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Kaunas Photo Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, Rogue Space Chelsea in New York City, the Masur Museum of Art in Louisiana, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the Foundry Art Center in St. Charles, Missouri, the Kevin Milligan Gallery in the Bay Area of California, the Black Box Gallery in Oregon, the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont, the Midwest Center for Photography in Kansas, the Tubac Center for the Arts in Arizona, several galleries around the Midwest and Gallery MM in Yokohama, Japan.

  • Lukasz Gasiorowski

    Lukasz Gasiorowski

    Lukasz Gasiorowski is an independent photographer and filmmaker born in 1985 in Poland, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    His solo photography exhibitions took place in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum or Sapporo Contemporary Art Institute and his cinematography work was screened during the San Sebastián International FF, Berlinale, São Paulo International FF, Montreal FF, New York Asian American FF, Beverly Hills FF and others.

    His directorial debut "No Song to Sing" had its world premiere during 2017 Holywood Independent Film Festival and since screened at number of festival like Edinburgh International FF, Montreal FF, Chicago Blow-Up FF, New York Asian-American FF and others.

  • Ludovica De Santis


    Kamisalak (aka Ludovica De Santis) was born in Rome on may 13th 1991. She spent her childhood in a village near Rome. At the age of 19 she left the country to attend Film theory courses in Sorbonne University in Paris. She is now working as photojournalist and video editor in Milan.

  • Tony McAteer

    Tony McAteer

    I'm a photographer from Belfast now living in Bath, UK.
    Since finishing my MA in Fine Art & Visual Culture in 2000, I have been probing at the narratives inherent in the structures and transformations of urban growth around the world.
    In the sweeping views of City+, the intense attention to structure, detail and surface of Crowned, through to a particular look at two Chinese city centres in Flat-Pack, my work illustrates a fascination with urbanism as the boldest expression of social structures acting on us.

    I have received several photography awards including Architectural Photographer of the Year at the ND awards in 2016. And most recently been a winner of PDN's Curator, Fine Art Photography award, 2019. My work has also been included in several international exhibitions, most recently ‘Look’ Photo Biennial Liverpool in Oct 2019, the PDN award exhibition, Canoe Studios, NY Oct 2019 and the LA Month of Photography in May 2018.

  • Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher continues to define his artistic expression through his own balance of calculation and experimentation. He photographs the world around him with intention, creating images that have meaning, beauty, and thought behind them. He is primarily self-taught.
    Jeff enjoys using a variety of cameras and techniques, both film and digital, and has a love for the surprising nuances that can be found in a vintage camera, or even a plastic “toy” camera. He does his own processing and enjoys spending rainy evenings with a fresh roll of film in the darkroom in his home.
    For subject matter, Jeff often chooses natural subjects, and enjoys creating images that show the juxtaposition of man and nature. He is forever enticed by his love of capturing images on film, and his work is characterized by depth, interest, and the hint of story.

  • Lewis Ableidinger

    Lewis Ableidinger

    Lewis Ableidinger (b. 1983) is from the small town of Kensal (pop. 163), located in the east-central part of North Dakota. Early on he developed an appreciation for the subtleties of a region most people dismiss as "boring." In 1998 he picked up a camera for the purpose of photographing old elevators. This led to day trips to find ghost towns with old elevators and eventually he started pointing his camera at other subjects. Soon it became a nearly obsessive passion to visit every corner and every town in the state, just to see what's there.

    Lewis graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2007 with a BS in Graphic Communictaions and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Though photography was never his primary focus of study at MSUM he continued shooting and was able to take a few classes that helped broaden his photographic horizons. Since 2008 Lewis has had a "day" job as a locomotive engineer but continues to pursue photographic subjects. Lewis currently resides in Harvey, ND.

  • George Nobechi

    George Nobechi

    George Nobechi. Born in Tokyo, Japan 1980. Canadian/Japanese. Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA(Honors) in History and International Relations. A fourteen-country, six-continent round-the-world solo journey in 2008 spurred his passion in photography. In 2015 Nobechi studied under renowned National Geographic photographer Sam Abell and decided to pursue photography full-time. His series of window photographs made during three years on the road, "Here.Stil." (Umoored) was awarded the best landscape series in PDN Magazine's "The Curator" awards, Silver Prize in Best Fine Art Series in PX3 Paris Photo, and a coveted Top 50 Award in Critical Mass in 2017. Nobechi's work has been exhibited in Japan, Italy and throughout the USA and has received numerous international awards.

  • Misha Pipercic

    Misha Pipercic

    Dutch curator of photography Mrs. Maartje van den Heuvel has commented Pipercic’s work as follow:
    “Although Pipercic has used different photo jargons in his previous works like poetic photography, photojournalism and ego documentary, he has clearly chosen documentary approach for Bosnia project.
    His strong feeling for detail makes this project very touching, being the main characteristic of photo documentary.”

  • Alina Fedorenko

    Alina Fedorenko

    Alina Fedorenko was born in1985 in the historic city of Lviv, Ukraine, and grew up in Berlin, Germany. She studied Fashion Design in London. After a few years in London she returned to Germany and changed focus. Alina reinvented herself and ultimately re-started from scratch her Studies, and quickly found a way to Photography. On her first trip to India she discovered her love and passion for photography. India inspired her work from the first moment and still shapes her work supplementary. Alina´s photography is the result of the expirience of her travels to many different countries. Each one of those places and people has contributed to define her as an artist and person. This expirences changed her hole view of life, it influented her photography from the first try and expirence. Her photography is very bright and rich of colors, it is mostly about the people who has less in life. Most of the work concentrate on daily moments, situations which life creates, Alina usually try not to interfered with her presence in the moments she comes along in the daily life of people.
    "What makes my work special and distinguish me from other photographers is the fact that I´m a single Mother travelling and working together with my small child (2,5 years old). My child is involved in the hole process and also gives me a total new perspective of the people we come across and a different way to interact with the people. I work as a freelancer and constantly try to work on my personal photography projects.

  • Ken Buslay

    Ken Buslay

    Ken Buslay was born in western Germany in 1987. After many years of living in Berlin and studies at 'Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie', he decided to leave the idea of life in one certain place behind. Today, he curiously travels the world with at least one analogue camera and a field recorder in his bag.

    The freedom of going to wherever intuition brings him, living only with the most necessary things, out in the nature or a different culture is the most giving source of creativity and life energy for him.

  • Erika Ritzel

    Erika Ritzel

    Erika Ritzel lives in Minneapolis. She received her BFA from Webster University in St. Louis and her MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. A majority of her photographic work deals with space, family, memory, nostalgia, and loss.

    She received a grant in 2002 from the Illinois Humanities Council to complete a project on the flood of 1993, which destroyed her father’s hometown; a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2008, 2013, and 2018; and has been selected for the second round of the McKnight Fellowship of Photographers twice. Her work has been exhibited at the Palm Springs Art Museum in California, the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, the Minnesota Center for Photography, the Coalition of Photographic Arts in Wisconsin, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, the Medium Festival of Photography in California, the Carlisle Photo Festival in England, and at the GuatePhoto Festival in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

  • Michiel De Lange

    Michiel de Lange

    Traveling street photographer and veteran expat architect currently living in Qatar. My work is mainly inspired by a fascination with our "human condition", capturing people and their daily lives within different cultural, religious and social environments.

  • Chris McCann

    Chris McCann

    Photographer, living in San Francisco.

  • Christian Nilson

    Christian Nilson

    With his roots in street photography, autodidact Swedish photographer Christian Nilson’s work now takes the form of imagery through short and long term documentary projects. Following a move to Switzerland in 2006 he challenges his natural introverted character through the camera. His uncompromising style and openness allow his audience to enjoy and celebrate his chosen subjects; using flash photography his pictures reveal much ‘because I want the viewer to see everything, no hiding, no guessing.’

    Following his London debut at FIX Photo Festival Nilson gained representation at L A Noble Gallery. He is also a member of The Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography NEAR and the Swiss photographer agency 13 Photo. Nilson’s work is informed through his experience, living in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland alongside extensive travels for photographic projects and assignments.

  • Matthias Van Dromme

    Matthias Van Dromme

    Matthias Van Dromme (1988, Mechelen) is a photographer based in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated in 2011 with a BA in Photography at School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium. Currently he is producing his first photo book KUPA-PITI: White Man in a Hole (2017).

  • Eduard Korniyenko

    Eduard Korniyenko

    Born in Stavropol,Russia,in 1974,Eduard Korniyenko became a professional photographer in 2000. In 2002 he joined the Russian Union of Journalists.At present,Korniyenko is a full-time photo-correspondent for the regional newspaper Stavropol Pravda and a freelancer for the news agency REUTERS.Several international online news outlets have published Korniyenko's photographs.His work as a photojournalist has focused on developments in Northern Caucasus,which has experienced ethnic and intercultural conflict and political and economic instability.


    2015 - IPA 2015, Photo Essay and Feature Story, Honorable Mention, USA
    2016 – The Best of Russia, Russia, Winner.
    2017 – SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, United Kingdom, Sport category, 2nd Prize.
    2017 – FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 3th edition, Photojournalism category, Nominee, London, UK.
    2017 – Kolga Tbilisi Photo, documentary category, Georgia, Finalist.
    2017 - Prize Bronze in Press / Sports category, PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, France.
    2017 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Sport category, Silver Prize, Moscow, Russia.
    2017 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Landscape / Nature, Finalist, Osnabrück, Germany.
    2017 – IPA 2017 (Russia), Photography of Year, Winner, LA, USA.
    2017 – The Exposure Award, Winner, USA.
    2017 - PhotogrVphy Grant, Photojournalism, Nominee, London, UK.
    2017 - The Chealsea International Photography Competition, New York, USA.
    2017 - IPA 2017, International Photographer of the Year, Finalist, LA, USA.
    2017 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story Telling, Remarkable Award, Siena, Italy.
    2017 - ND Photography Awards 2017, Editorial, 1st, 3rd places and Honarable mention awards, USA.
    2017 - Chromatic Awards, Honorable Mention: Portrait, Sports, Street, Wildlife and Animals, USA.
    2018 - Balkan Photо Festival, 1st place Mobile photography, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    2018 - IPOTY 2017 (International Photographer of the Year), Photo Essay/Story (Professional) and Sports (Professional) Honorable mention, London, UK.
    2018 - International Color Awards, People category, Nominee, CA, USA.
    2018 - Tokyo Foto Awards 2017, People category, Silver, Tokyo, Japan.
    2018 - FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 4th edition, Photojournalism and Street Photography categories, Nominee, London, UK.
    2018 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story Telling, Finalist, Siena, Italy.
    2018 - ASPA (Alghero Street Photography Awards), Documentary, Semi-Finalist, Alghero, Italy.
    2018 - Royal Photography Society, Shortlist, UK.
    2018 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Editorial-Photo Essay, Honarable mention, Moscow, Russia.
    2018 - PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, Prize Silver in Press / Feature Story category, France.

  • Ruby Henshall

    Ruby Henshall

    Henshall is a Melbourne based photographer who was born into a photographic family in 1991. Henshall inherited her deep understanding and appreciation for photography from her father.

    Conditioned by a childhood surrounded by nature, Henshall’s art practice aims to investigate and demonstrate the strength and sanctity of nature amidst our world which is now dominated by our species in the Anthropocene era

  • Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis was born in 1975 in Greece and is currently living in Amsterdam. He comes from a scientific background and after completing a doctorate in medical biology, he turned to photography which he now combines alongside his career in medical research.

    He is interested in urban patterns of life and behaviour; how human and humanised nature mingle and clash. His practice explores themes of isolation and identity, the juxtaposition of collective and individual, communication versus segregation. By using small narratives he wants to shed light on ways we affect and are affected by artificial social and physical environments.

  • Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle (°Belgium, 1978) prefers to photograph things that do not talk to him. He prefers to search for interesting objects / shapes in the landscape, sculptures with a story. After 9 years of Art school Servaas left for Africa for a few years where he developed an elementary school. On his return, his camera was one of his few possessions. A precious commodity that became his only breadwinner. For several years his work has been published regularly in Belgium and The Netherlands.

  • Angelo Vignali

    Angelo Vignali

    During my academic and professional experience, I have developed a strong need to communicate my vision of reality to others through an appropriate language.
    Over time i deepened a continuos interest about the human environment, how it is influenced by society and modified by economical interest.I photograph the things that interest me most by exploring various techniques.
    Making and using images gives me a personal key to interpreting reality. It helps me to metabolize and connect different interests such as cinema, literature, history, visual arts, philosophy.

  • Bastien Deschamps

    Bastien Deschamps

    Bastien Deschamps is a wandering photographer (currently in the Red Center of Australia - updated 02/23/2020) born in Paris in 1990. After working as a sound engineer, lighting designer and venue manager, he decided in 2015 to take the road and dedicate himself to photography full time. He mainly traveled through Russia (he spend two winters in Siberia, around the Baikal lake and Yakutia), China, Japan, India, the Middle-East and the United States.

    In 2019 he graduated from the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program at the International Center of Photography (ICP).

  • Javier Fergo

    Javier Fergo

    Born in Jerez, Spain 1980. Studied photography in UK, finishing on 2005 Soon after moved back to Spain to start contributing to a newspaper, other newspapers and news agencies followed. Has published his work on national newspapers such as El País, El Mundo, etc. and internationally on The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Newyorker, etc. Nowadays works as a freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist.

  • Derek Man

    Derek Man

    Derek Man is a photographer based in London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he has lived in the UK since 2005 and became a naturalised citizen in 2016. His work explores cultural identity and what we call home – how we form a sense of place, and what makes us feel like we belong.

  • Felipe Fittipaldi

    Felipe Fittipaldi

    Born in 1982, Felipe Fittipaldi is a Brazilian photographer currently based in Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor in journalism and post graduated in Communication and Image, he is currently engaged in personal projects related to social and environmental issues. He collaborates with some of the main news publications such as El País and National Geographic. Felipe has been selected to participate in exhibitions and festivals in Brazil, New York, Paris, Arles, Colombia, Rome, Tokyo and was recently given first place recognition at the Life Framer Award by Katerina Stathopoulou (MoMA). He has also been awarded by Lens Culture Emerging Talents Award 2017, POY Latam Award, National Geographic Photo Contest, SEBRAI Journalism Award, CCSP 2017 Exhibition, Magnum Caravan Workshop 2017 and PEF 2017. In 2018 he was selected by the World Press Photo Foundation for the second edition of the 6x6 Global Talent Program.

  • Anton Gautama

    Anton Gautama

    Gautama began taking pictures with a mobile phone. Since 2015 he has been working professionally as photographer with a passionate focus on documentary photography. He believes that the essence of photography is the ability to help us understand life. Gautama seeks unique moments that can generate powerful emotional responses. With a patience and determination, the photographer often immerses himself for months at a single location pursuing his photographic observations.

    Photographs from Anton Gautama have been featured in several on-line and printed magazine platforms since 2016, such as LensCulture, National Geographic Traveller, and many others. His works have been exhibited at the Goethe Institute, Jakarta, Bandung Creative Hub, Institut Seni Indonesia in Jogjakarta< Leica Store Indonesia, and many others. His book Pabean Passage about traditional Indonesain spice markets, was published in 2016.

    In October 2015 Anton Guatama opened a private photo gallery in Malang in order to share his passion of photography. In keeping with his interest in exploring and preserving Indonesian culture, he also restored a full set of Javanese gamelan and placed it inside the gallery.

    Originally from Makassar, Indonesia, Anton Gautama is a Surabaya based photographer with a Masters in Business Administration.

  • Virginie Terrasse

    Virginie Terrasse

    Virginie Terrasse lives in Paris. Self-educated, she becomes freelance photographer in 2002.
    Her personal work document the relation between human being and its environment, culture and its origins. Through photography she wants to witness for what is not seen anymore. Her documentary emphasis communities (Sikhs of Bobigny, Paris region), countries (Albania), area of tension (Middle-East, Tibet) where history has been recently changed and stories aren't well known.

    In 2010, her photographique documentary on Palestine "La Palestine comment ?" was awarded at the "Levallois-Epson prize for contemporary photography" president of the jury Susanna Brown, curator for photography, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Marc Lenot, amateur and collector, blog "Lunettes rouges", Aline Pujo, curator, conservation curator NSM Vie / ABN Amro, Gu Zheng, publisher, critic, curator, lecturer, Fudan University, Shanghai, Stéphane Decreps, Deputy Mayor for Cultural Affairs, City of Levallois, Guy Boyer, editorial director, Knowledge of the Arts. In 2011 for the same work she was shortlisted at the HSBC award, festival OffSète Images Documentaires.

    Her multimedia and photographic work (Voluptas, La Palestine comment ?, Bobigny, terre des Sikhs) has been presented in several French and European festivals : RIP in Arles - ENZIMI - Savignano in Italy - Biennal of Liège in Belgium - Transphotograhiques in Lille - Fotofestiwal in Poland - La Ville mobile/ Cité du design - FIAV-2017 (Festival International d'Art Video) de Casablanca - LESFOTOCOURTS#2017-Festival international de courts-métrages photos - durant tout le WAC-2017 (Week-End de l'Art Contemporain 2017) au CAPC (musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux) dans le cadre de "NEW LANDSCAPES"commissariat de Mohamed Thara .

    Since 2012 she's working on Greenland, whit the help of the CNC (National Center of Cinematography in france) . Since 2014 she's travel in Senegal, France, USA to begin a work on a forgoten black boxer.

  • Ulla Deventer

    Ulla Deventer

    Ulla Deventer is a freelance photographer and artist based in Hamburg. She is research student at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerp.

    In her work, she has been drawn to the subject of marginal groups’ stigma. Since 2013, she is doing an intense artistic research on prostitution in European capitals and Ghana.

    *1984 in Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany
    2018 Research student at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerp, BE
    2014 Master of Fine Arts/Photography at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerp, BE
    2012 Diploma in Visual Communications at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, DE
    2007 Study abroad at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Lyon, F
    2004 Assistant for the fashion photographer Iris Brosch, Paris, F

    Awards and Nominations

    2018 Selected for the “Ones to Watch 2018” by the British Journal of Photography
    2018 Shortlisted for the CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE 2018
    2018 Scholarship holder at Rudolf Augstein foundation
    2018 Finalist of the Life Framer Award , judged by Alison Morley
    2017 Finalist of the Lens Culture Emerging Talent Awards 2017
    2017 Winner of the 2018 Organ Vida International Photography Festival Solo Exhibition within the PHM Women Photographers Grant
    2017 Nominee at the 2017 Photogrvphers Grant
    2017 Honorable mention at Life Framer Award, selected by par Katerina Stathopoulou – curator at MoMA, New York.
    2017 Scholarship holder at VG Bildkunst
    2014 „I‘ve Never Been Big Sick“ was nominated for the Horlait Dapsens Foundation Award

  • Thibaut Derien

    Thibaut Derien

    Thibaut Derien is a french photographer. He was a singer for 10 years but he has now exchanged the words against the image and the music against the silence. His series "I live in a ghost town" contains 55 photographs, all gathered in a book published in 2016. This work was exhibited during Paris Photo and in several galleries in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Japan.
    He's preparing a book on his new series for the end of 2017.

  • Sona Shahinyan

    Sona Shahinyan

  • So Mitsuya

    So Mitsuya

    So Mitsuya(b.1990) is a self-taught photographer based in Tokyo.
    His images has been published in Terra Firma Magazine,
    Phases Photography Magazine, DER GREIF Magazine and many more,
    and has been exhibited and showcased in New City Art Fair(US),
    A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition(Poland) and so on.
    Aside from his personal works, he also shoot fashion, editorials and portraits.

    2016 Krakow Photomonth Festival, A Process 2.0 ,Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit/ Tytano, Poland

    2016 DER GREIF Online Exhibition, Curated by Joerg Colberg / Augsburg, Germany
    2016 DER GREIF A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit / Tytano, Krakow, Poland
    2016 New City Art Fair 2016 -Group Exhibition, hpgrp Gallery / NewYork, USA
    2016 New Japan Photo -Group Exhibition, MIDORISO.2 Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
    2016 "solos" APARTMENT vol .2 -Group Exhibition, A.P.S/ Tokyo, Japan
    2015 “Untitled Photograhs”-Solo Exhibition,OFF/ Tokyo, Japan

    DER GREIF Magazine Issue. 9(GER)
    American A *Paripé Books(ESP)
    Terra Firma Magazine B&W Issue 04(UK)
    Terra Firma Magazine Issue 04(UK)
    DER GREIF A Process 2.0(GER)
    Intelligence Magazine *bunt ss17(CA)
    DER GREIF-Guest Room- Joerg Colberg(GER)
    PLAN Magazine Issue. 425(JP)
    PLAN Magazine Issue. 426 *Cover(JP)
    Wooly Magazine Issue.24(JP)
    Einstein Archive(JP)
    NewJapanPhoto Issue.1(JP)
    Life is a Banana(FRA)
    If You Leave showcase3×1(UK)
    Mutant Space "Photography"(IRL)
    The Latent Image(US)
    Phases Photography Magazine(FRA)

    niuhans-Journal- with Ayako Shuto, July 17, 2016

    TRYNOME -Online gallery to showcase the portfolios of contemporary photographers- (JP)

    The Freaks(ITA)

  • Gowun Lee

    Gowun Lee

    Gowun Lee is Korean born who studied, lived and worked in New York City for 10 years. She met a homosexual Korean teenager while she was visiting in Korea for her previous project called “In your words”. He came out to her; she was totally stranger to him.That was his first time to came out to someone. She decided to do her project “I’m here with you” in Korea so she moved to Korea from New York and has been working on this project for 2 years.

  • Denis Vejas

    Denis Vejas

    Denis Vejas (1986 Lithuania) is a Vilnius-based documentary photographer.

    Being constantly on the road for the last twelve years, his work explores the issues of movement, migration, nomadism and off-the-grid lifestyles.

    “Most of my work has been done in nomadic settings, living the experiences that the road brings.
    As a photographer and a traveler, I always felt attracted by the things happening on the peripheries of the global world, focusing on the spaces that are commonly marginalized.
    With the big emphasis on telling the story from inside out, I am trying to skip the role of objective observer and be a part of the narrative as much as the story allows.”

  • Jeremy Knowles

    Jeremy Knowles

    Recent graduate and emerging young artist Jeremy Knowles was born in Hertfordshire, UK, in 1992. Having graduated with a degree in fine art photography from Camberwell College of Art (University of the Arts London) in 2015, his practice has developed into a playful photographic study of the everyday.

    Jeremy’s images draw patterns and humour from the randomness and repetitive non-events that characterize the mundane within our lives – the overlooked and often unnoticed aspects of our existence that make us human. At the core of his approach lies a search for order and formality: whether in architecture, amongst people, or in the bits and pieces he finds while walking the streets of Berlin.

    By bringing greater prominence and visibility to the accidental, the miraculous and the comical, we are challenged by the artist to reconsider the weight of our daily interactions with things and people, and meditate on what happens when we think nothing is happening.

    Jeremy was shortlisted for BLOOOM Award in 2018. He exhibits regularly between London and Berlin.

  • Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis

    Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis

    I was born in a car running on the highway. It is on the road that I feel home. I travel the world to get to know my family.

  • Michalis Poulas

    Michalis Poulas

    I was born in Athens Greece in 1978. My father, a professional sailor, opened a one hour process film shop back in 1988 in Crete island as he tried to stay close to our family and that was my first contact with photography.
    I studied photography at Leica Academy in Athens and worked in the fashion industry. Since 2003 I established and have been running my own photolab in Sitia Crete where I also live.
    I make pictures in ordrer to ease the pain and fear of death.

    The quality of the images can sometimes be over and beyond the photographer or the content of the subject.

  • Amy Tuxworth

    Amy Tuxworth

    I am freelance photographer and filmmaker.

  • Betina Vang

    Betina Vang

    My passion for photography started at young age when I bought my first camera, and soon found myself taking a camera with me wherever I went. At the same time, I began reading about photography and photographers, and gradually learned how to use picture taking to express moods and feelings, and to explore different subjects similar to the ways ethnologists study people and their relationships. I often use minimal equipment and natural light, driven by curiosity, but most importantly by the connections I make with my subjects.
    I was born in Denmark and have lived in Sweden for nearly 30 years. I currently work as a photographer and teacher in photography and media in Karlskrona. I received my education of photography at Gamleby Photo School, Gamleby, at Nordens Fotoskola, Biskops-Arnö and I became a certified media teacher at Malmö University, Malmö.

  • Iris Maria Tusa

    Iris Maria Tusa

    For me, photography is a joy of knowledge and self-knowledge. Through it, with the help of my camera, I create a new interpretation of the outside world. I think that the frame construction is essential in this process.

    The picture must surprise, intrigue, we should not be able to fully understand it. The cumulation of atmospheres from a picture is meant to make us wish to look inside our souls.

  • Lior Sperandeo

    Lior Sperandeo

    Lior Sperandeo is an Emmy Award-nominated Cinematographer from Tel Aviv.
    He started his career as a News Cameraman covering Jerusalem & the Middle East, and later shifted to the documentary world.
    In his latest project “PeopleOf,” Lior highlights different human and social struggles around the world,
    creating a tool and voice for muted populations.

  • Charles Xelot

    Charles Xelot

    Born in 1985, I am a documentary and fine art photographer specialized on the Russian landscape and society. I am exploring changes in our environment and questioning the border between art and document. My works has been published in various magazines and books and exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Switzerland and Turkey.

  • Jacob Wallwork

    Jacob Wallwork

    Photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Galit Seligmann

    Galit Seligmann

    Galit Seligmann is an Urban and Documentary photographer based in London. She grew up in Johannesburg and Tel Aviv, and has been living in London since 1997. With her background in Architecture and Visual Sociology, she uses photography as a means of understanding the diverse environments she encounters, as well as exploring contemporary issues.
    In 2013, Galit completed her MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has had photographs published in national and international publications, and her work has been exhibited in London, Bogota & Seoul.

  • Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos is a published photographer and up-and-coming filmmaker. But first all he is an adventurer and slow traveller and for him the journey is more important than destination.

    For more than 2 years he explores the remote corners of Asia and more specifically spent 6 months documenting the cultures and landscapes of Pakistan.

    His love of the outdoors and sensitive approach of humans take him from the heart of cities to more isolated areas.The visual narrative is central in his approach, a way for him to help to challenge and raise awareness on major issues of society.

    He shares his time between his works in Europe and his extended travels in Central, Eastern Asia and Middle East to develop his personal photographic research, lead photography workshops and fulfill his assignments.

    His work has been featured among others in Al Jazeera, National Geographic Your Shot, and in 2016 he has been finalist at numerous international competitions such as ND Awards, TPOTY and National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. In 2017, the Chercheurs d’Images Festival invite him to exhibit his series The Last Wakhi Shepherdesses.

    Camille is Studio Hans Lucas member.

  • Hannes Wiedemann

    Hannes Wiedemann

    Hannes Wiedemann works as a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Using the conceptual framework of the ‘technosphere’ as a foundation, his personal work explores human physicality in the anthropocene. While Grinders (2016) documents the DIY cyborg community in the United States, his project Bits and Pieces (2017) is a visceral odyssey through contemporary Seoul, the nicknamed ‘world capital of plastic surgery’.

  • Berber Theunissen

    Berber Theunissen

    I, Berber Theunissen (Otterlo NL, 1989), focus my camera on things that affect me personally. Things that I love, but also things that make me feel vulnerable. I capture the moments, emotions and memories in which these intense situations were revolving around me. Photography offers me a foothold, enabling me to observe my life in a more objective way. I reflect upon my own struggles by looking at how my friends and others around me cope with similar situations and feelings.

    I graduated cum laude from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2013. For my graduation series “Vagabond” I explored how one lives without a permanent home, and how it feels to wander between friends and family with few possessions. After eight years of living in Amsterdam I really started missing the woods, the quiet and the smells of the woods. On January 1st, 2015, I moved back to nature, the environment that inspires me most.

  • Michael Floor

    Michael Floor

    Hello everyone, my name is Michael Floor and I'm a Amsterdam based documentary photographer. I have a tendency to work on projects with a darker side, but don't worry: I'm a happy person who's always looking for more light-hearted elements when it's getting too dark. Hope you enjoy!

  • Patricia Sofra

    Patricia Sofra

    Patricia Sofra is a Australian based documentary photographer whose work investigates the ever-evolving relationships between people and their surroundings. Influenced by her Mediterranean heritage, Patricia reviews the way in which culture becomes embedded in place, highlighting the gulf between modern life and tradition, as well as retrospectively dabbling with the contradiction between the desire of isolation and the curiosity of human connection.

    Patricia started fell in love with photography when she was just 15 years old, mostly focusing on street photography at the time. She graduated from the University of Melbourne (Victorian College of The Arts) of in Melbourne, Australia with a degree in Visual Art, Photography back in 2016.

    Patricia has spent a great deal of time in the last few years travelling throughout Australia, Europe and recently dabbling through the Middle East. In September of 2017, Patricia spent a month travelling throughout Turkey, producing a collection of landscape, portrait and street images. These photos have gone on to be featured by National Geographic and Qatar Airways inflight magazine Oryx.

  • Miranda Schmitz

    Miranda Schmitz

    Miranda Schmitz (°1969) studied Economics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In daily life she works as an independent interim manager and consultant.
    Nevertheless she also caught the photography bug. In June 2017 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lier. In addition she followed several master classes by well-known photographers (e.g. Michael Ackerman and Klavdij Sluban).
    Miranda Schmitz strives to compile atmospheres, moods and feelings in her work. She prefers to use suggestive and ambiguous images that are often layered and which viewers may define themselves. It is the emotions and the visual poetry that provide an extra layer to her images.
    The enigmatic and cinematic portraits from her graduation work ‘IN BETWEEN’ received global praise with several awards and nominations. The portraits were frequently exhibited in galleries and photo festivals across Europe and the United States.

  • Jonathan Bensimon

    Jonathan Bensimon

  • Baptiste De Ville d'Avray

    Baptiste de Ville d'Avray

    Photographer, since 2005. Lives and works between Europe and Africa.

    Baptiste de Ville d’Avray’s photography is orientated towards a cinematographic, latent and contemplative vision of the landscape and portraiture. Since 2009, he has been working on a project based on the transformations of Mediterranean landscapes, particularly in Morocco. His images seek to construct mini photographic fictions based on a real territory that becomes a character in its own right and on anodyne moments from daily life, by flirting with the boundaries of documentary photography and poetry. They express the contradiction between a perpetual movement and the immobility of bodies, thus presenting an X-ray view of the inner workings of a country and its inhabitants.

    Baptiste is a member of Hans Lucas Agency.

    In 2017, his work "So far away, yet so close" has been shown in several exhibition in France and Morocco and featured on several online magazine.

  • Rodrigo Zeferino

    Rodrigo Zeferino

    Photography is the instrumental and conceptual basis of my work. My career started in photojournalism, but soon migrated to a type of photography that has in experimentation its narrative axis.
    The landscape is my main theme, basing the conceptualization of my works in the re-signification of the elements that compose it, as well as in the human interferences on it.

  • Deby Sucha

    Deby Sucha

    Hi! My name is Deby Sucha, I am a photographer, visual storyteller and creative director from Jakarta, Indonesia currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

    With a self-taught photography skill, I was shortlisted for some international contests and awarded for an international amateur photography contest that brought me to Japan for the first time as a grant ( 2007 ). As I continued my university life, I was actively involved in voluntary programs with non-profit and non-governments organizations.

    I began my photography career being a photographer's assistant ( 2009 ) and worked in a lifestyle media industry as a photographer. My enthusiasm for travel to go somewhere new has moved me to Japan in 2013. I continue working as an independent photographer for commercial, editorial, creative directions, and my personal documentary projects.

    Photography for me is a media to express something and as a self-therapy that I keen to share. But the most important part is to build a relationship with the people and the surroundings

  • Alex P. Berri

    Alex P. Berri

    Alex P. Berri was born in 1990 in the city of Montreal. He began taking photographs as a teenager in Toronto to document his lifestyle, friends and art with point and shoot cameras. When he was 23 year old his grandfather who helped spark his interest in photography passed away. He decided to move back to Montreal and take care of his grandmother who was grieving the loss of her husband. In his grandfathers room he found various SLR cameras and began practicing the art of manual film photography.

  • Amy DiMare

    Amy DiMare

    I grew up in a place where most people come to vacation. A small corner of Utah's south east desert, Moab. A high aired desert filled with endless adventure, possibilities, and opportunities. I'm one of those people who always returns to my home town, but it's hard not to when home is a such a beautiful place. I make a lot of art about where I'm from but I also like to incorporate my home into art about my travels. Having an amazing home base to always come back to makes it easy to travel but never a pain to come home. My photography is a blend of landscape, city-scape, and an eclectic blend of collage.

  • Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand studied Fine Art Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid under, among others, Elger Esser, Joan Fontcuberta, and Martin Parr. His works have been exhibited internationally and honored with awards such as the European Architectural Prize. Hildebrand lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin.

    The photobook "Wild West" by Joachim Hildebrand has been released in May 2018. It is published by KEHRER-Verlag, Heidelberg and includes essays by Celina Lunsford and Manfred Berg.
    ISBN 978-3-86828-866-7

  • Laurent Nicourt

    Laurent Nicourt

  • Matthew Portch

    Matthew Portch

    I was born in Bristol, England and now live in Melbourne, Australia.

    As a child I was a keen illustrator spending hours pouring over the minutia of detail of each subject matter.

    I grew up through the seventies in the UK on a steady diet of North American culture via TV and Film. In the backdrop of this media was an exotic and colourful landscape that became an immediate antidote to the English, every-day life.

    I studied Graphic Design and Photography in Bristol and pursued a successful career in Graphic Design.

    In the millennium, the digital revolution of photography spurred my interest once more. Yet, ironically it was the North American large format colour film photographers of the sixties and seventies who inspired me. I was fascinated by the seemingly ordinary street scenes and vistas that were captured with fastidious detail.

    I discovered a more modern and practical process in the form of a technical camera, digital back, and precision optics, then proceeded to cast my own journey.

    When I photograph a scene, I capture everything across the frame in complete focus. Given the theme is so sedate, the detail of the picture is just as important to me as the subject matter and becomes a character of the image in itself.

    I use the full-size of the sensor and never crop. I like to restrict myself to these disciplines as the one austere part of the image process – a digital reverence to the era of large format film if you will.

    My creative vision is to capture a calm and austere disposition in the landscape and create a scene of discernible simplicity to evoke an emotional response from within.

  • Stephan Guttinger

    Stephan Guttinger

    Brutalist architecture and minimalism in monochrome. London, UK.

  • Cyrus Cornut

    Cyrus Cornut

    Cyrus Cornut (France, b.1977) is a photographer and artist with an academic background in architecture. With architecture as his template he came to the world of photography through cities, paving a photographic path within the urban jungle, in search of the « poetry of fatalism in these cities, by always setting the human scale in this eternal urban palimpsest ». He has been working on capturing architectural form through light, and looks into the human hive of activity and social organisation. With a keen interest and sensitivity towards the urban or symbolic problems faced by the places he travels through, he questions the whys and wherefores of all that is built and environmental and social impact, through his photography.

  • Camilla Piana

    Camilla Piana

    Camilla Piana was born in Autumn, on 1988, in Italy.
    From 2014, she is a documentary fine art photographer.
    Through a cinematographic and contemplative vision of landscape and portraiture,
    her research is focused on the relationship between dream and reality,
    truth and comedy, documentary and poetry. She is working on two long-term projects, one in Eritrea, one in her country of origin. Actually she lives and works in Milan, Italy.

  • Tomas Predajna

    Tomas Predajna

    I was 16 years-old when got my first camera from my father - coming from the socialistic Slovakia at that time, camera Zenit TTL was the best you can take your pictures with. I remember to always held my breath before releasing the shutter button.. and I still do that today. The first film I developed together with my father but unfortunately, no single photo was good enough. I learned through the time that photography needs lots of patience, energy and emotions. Stories to capture are everywhere around us, you just have to look carefully. But who doesn't feel it, doesn't see it.

  • Vera Saltzman

    Vera Saltzman

    Photography has long been a “back burner” interest for me, but I didn't become serious about it until I moved from Nova Scotia to the Canadian Arctic. Struggling to fit in, I turned to photography to build a bridge between myself and the Inuit, creating a friendship of sorts with a visual record of an intangible exchange. After leaving the North, I left my business career behind to study photography full time at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO). Here I learned the importance of vision, content and craft in creating art.

    I always seem to be looking for home and consequently where I live inspires my work. Since moving to Saskatchewan, I am influenced by a profound longing for the east coast and a desire to feel a sense of belonging on the Prairies. I believe landscape is more than the physical place but that there is also an invisible landscape of memories, meanings and associations. Therefore, I do not set out to document but I often make work using the local iconography or the portraits of people of the place as a means to cultivate human attachment and belonging. Researchers refer to this attachment to somewhere by different terms including “place attachment,” and “environmental identity.” I like “sense of place” which captures the idea of location along with the notion it involves a feeling. Memory, place, identity are three words I use as touchstones in my work.

    I make use of numerous genres in my work including landscape, architecture, portraiture and self-portraiture. Though I primarily work with film, I also enjoy incorporating various techniques and cameras into my practice, taking advantage of all photography has to offer in the creative process. I tend to work intuitively often starting a project with a question rather than an answer.

    I am more interested in the semblance of emotion than I am in seeking truth through photography. For me photography is about personal interpretation, rather than straight documentation. Being a photographer enables me to express what is in my mind and heart. Since I try to infuse a bit of myself into each photograph, if a viewer recognizes an undercurrent of emotion in my work I believe they will know me better. Perhaps a shared history of common experience will emerge or a kind of kinship will form. It is this engagement that I welcome.

  • Simon Martin

    Simon Martin

    Freelance photographer currently based in the South East of England working on commissions and personal work based around British culture and its place in the world.

  • Michele Zousmer

    Michele Zousmer

    I am a humanitarian photographer and visual advocate. I believe an image is a powerful tool that creates a lasting impression of curiosity, emotion, compassion, and hope of mankind. An image can help people heal, feel empowered and give dignity. My work celebrates the individual's strength and beauty, as well as their vulnerability and spirit. I go beyond how one presents oneself to the world. My work is adding to the global conversation of diversity. www.michelezousmer.com @humanityisart FB- MicheleZousmer

  • Snezhana Von Buedingen

    Snezhana von Buedingen

    Snezhana von Buedingen, born in 1983 in Perm, Russia, studied Photography at the Fotoakademie Cologne, finishing her Diploma in 2016.
    Snezhana lives and works as an independent photographer in Cologne/Germany.

    2018 Alfred Fried Photography Award 2018, Shortlist
    2018 Prix Virginia International photography prize for Woman 2018, Finalist
    2018 Kuala Lumpur International Portrait Photoawards 2018, Finalist
    2018 Life Framer Photo Award 2018, Winner
    2018 LensCulture Portrait Awards 2018, Finalist
    2018 August-Sander-Preis 2018, Shortlist
    2018 ZEISS Photography Award, Shortlist
    2018 PROFIFOTO „New Talent Award 2017“, Winner
    2017 Nikon Photo Award, Winner
    2017 Verzasca Foto Award 2017, Finalist
    2017 Sony World Photography Awards 2017,Kategorie „Professional Portraiture“, Shortlist

  • Barbara Traver

    Barbara Traver

    I was born in Madrid in 1992. Since I was nine years old I have lived in several places in Spain and abroad. In 2014 I came to Valencia to study at the school Espai d'art fotogràfic and finalized in 2017 with the Master in Photography: Creation and Production. At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I was residing in Madrid (Spain) to take the course "Creativity and strategies in contemporary photography" at the EFTI school, taught by Javier Vallhonrat. I currently reside in London.

    I have done collective exhibitions in the Gallery Cero (Spain, 2014) or in the gallery Officine Fotografiche (Rome, 2016). I won several competitions such as the Nikon Photo Contest (Japan, 2015) or the one of Photo Festival Benidorm Portrait (Spain, 2017). Finally, I published my first photo book "Portrait", won the EFTI's grant at the ArtPhotoBcn festival (Spain, 2017), I was invited as an artist in the work "A parallel world" (Spain, 2017) curated by Joan Fontcuberta and I have participated in several fairs such as Emerging Art # 3 + 1 or Photobook Festival (Spain, 2017).

    In my work I speak from my experiences and the trauma, being this intimate and suggested where the image goes beyond, leaving it to the free interpretation of the spectator. I pretend to show a reality that is hidden in our inner self, is a form of reflection and contained catharsis. The introspection is a source of inspiration for my work.

  • Vikram Kushwah

    Vikram Kushwah

    India born Vikram Kushwah, is a fashion and art photographer based in England. Whether fashion, artistic or advertising, his pictures have a dream-like quality, in which the boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred. He is interested in how the memory works, how it distorts, even fictionalises events, with the passage of time. In addition to being inspired by his own childhood memories, Vikram’s artistic influences include the photographers Guy Bourdin, Tim Walker and Deborah Turbeville, as well as the works of the Surrealists and the Romantics. He strives to draw viewers into phantasmagorical worlds through his meticulously staged photographs. Each element in the images serves as a piece of information to the viewer. The photographs are not definitive, only directional. The viewer is invited down the rabbit hole without knowing what lies beneath.

    Lately, he has been exploring real life stories, crossing over between portraiture, reportage and fine art, the latest being a deeply personal photo story - The Education I Never Had - based on the sacrifices his father made to provide him with a privileged life.

    His clients include Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar India with works having been featured in Vogue Italia. His Duracell batteries campaign for Grey Worldwide, Singapore won the bronze for 'Best Photography' at the Cannes Young Lions Awards.

    He has been selected to exhibit his work around the globe, including by Vogue Italia in Milan's 10 Corso Como and in the Getty Images Gallery in London. He was recently selected for the 'AOP50 : Images That Defined The Age' exhibition in London where the 50 most influential images by AOP members in the past 50 years, were exhibited. He was a Portrait of Britain winner in 2018. His works have been acquired by private and corporate collectors the world over.

    Vikram lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, three dogs, two cats and a few chickens - all rescue animals barring a Tibetan Spaniel. When he’s not shooting, he likes spending his time walking their dogs in the countryside.

  • Palebluewanders


    Antonio M.M. was born in 1985 in Mallorca, Spain. He received a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology in UCT, Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2011 he has been a world nomad. His love for traveling lead him to his second love of his life, photography. He is a self taught photographer in the pursuit of maintaining a nomadic lifestyle.

  • Rob Payne

    Rob Payne

    Rob grew up in sunny Dorset, United Kingdom where days at the beach and long walks in the countryside fuelled his love of natural landscapes. Rob wasn’t born with a camera round his neck, much to his mother’s relief, but started his photographic career in a foundation course at Bournemouth Arts University. Another degree and a lot of practice later, Rob started assisting in London. He was lucky enough to work and learn alongside some of the industry’s big hitters.

    Rob turns the ordinary into extraordinary. He takes everyday scenes, landscapes or objects and creates a unique atmosphere around them using light, colour and composition. This ‘atmosphere’ is hard to pinpoint. It has been described as ethereal and unearthly with an otherworldly feel about it. The atmosphere can of course change depending on the feelings that the picture is trying to evoke. Rob likes to think it’s something that people might easily overlook but once captured in a photograph has a permanence, palpability and quiet beauty for all to see.

  • Pippa Scott

    Pippa Scott

    Pippa was born in Canada and spent her formative years at a Hogwarts-like boarding school in England. After attending The University of Manchester she re-located to London, NYC and Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry for a decade and trained in musical theatre on Broadway. She is now based in her home town of Vancouver.
    It is probably fitting that she worked in the entertainment industry for so long as her friends describe her as intense, dramatic and empathetic, all qualities that inform her artistic voice. Her guiding principle in documentary photography is trust. She seeks always to earn the trust of her subjects and so produces images that are sensitive, vulnerable and honest. Just as she learnt from her time studying theatre, there is no greater beauty than when we are truly our authentic selves. The desire to capture this authenticity drives her decision-making as she documents through photography.

  • Justin Keene

    Justin Keene

    Justin is a self-taught, South Africa-focused documentary photographer currently developing his practice as part of research-based Master’s degree in the UK. His independent projects create intimate social dialogues with the people he photographs as a response to the country's historic visual economy; reviewing the ethics of photographic practice and its impact for contemporary art. His work has previously been featured online and in print for various publications and in selected group shows: BJP’s Portrait of Britain; New European Photography x GUP Magazine; The Lucie Foundation, The Independent Photographer and The Photo Vogue Festival 2019. Moving forward he intends to produce a book of his current work that explores his own family history in South Africa through the archive; focusing on research methods as a way of reinterpreting historical narratives in contemporary contexts.

  • Alana Perino

    Alana Perino

    Alana Perino was born in 1988 and led a split childhood between New York City, the North Fork of Long Island, and the stretch of highway between the two. She studied European Intellectual History and Photography at Wesleyan University, where her questions concerning the nature of belonging were only further complicated. After working as a photojournalist in the Israeli-Palestinian territories, skeptical of the privileged nature of her stay, Alana returned to the United States. Continually drawn to issues of land-ownership identity, she has been completing several road trips across the country to photograph “American” heritage sites. Alana resides in Oakland, California, where she works as a lighting technician, a photographer, and when time allows, as an artist.

  • Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos was born in 1981 in Davleia, Greece, where he lives until now. He has studied architecture in the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece) and photography in the Leica Academy (Athens, Greece). He is a freelance photographer. His professional work focuses in architectural photography. His personal work is mainly characterized by the depiction of the transformation of natural, agricultural and urban landscape.

  • Henry Butterworth

    Henry Butterworth

    21 years old, born in Sydney. Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW Art and Design. I have been taking photos from a young age, learning the basics and more from my father who is a photographer. I like to shoot from an observational perspective, capturing something most people would overlook. The current series I am working on is called 'Slacks Track' and it's a documentary style series on the suburb Mount Gravatt East in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold is an American photographer whose work strives to connect the specificity and significance of history with the topography of the land on which the history is shaped and the experience of the individual on that land.

    His work has been exhibited and promoted widely across the United States and around the world in galleries and museums.His latest project was published in 2014 as a monograph entitled, "Topography Is Fate—North African Battlefields of World War II," by the German publisher, Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg. It includes a foreword written by Hilary Roberts, the Research Curator of Photography at the Imperial War Museums in Britain as well as an essay by Natalie Zelt, the co-author and co-curator of "War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath".

    Arnold has two solo exhibitions coming up in 2018. "Topography Is Fate" will be exhibited as a solo exhibition at the Gravy Gallery in Philadelphia. Also slated for 2018, he will have a second solo exhibition at Happy Lucky No.1 Gallery for a new project entitled Ghosts and the Longing for Amelia. Ghosts is a multimedia project born of a long period of introspection, which created in the artist a new perspective on the world closer at hand, and a deeper understanding of how obstructions in the path of life can ultimately lead to a different and possibly more revelatory direction in the creative longing of the artist. Solo exhibitions of "Topography Is Fate" have also taken place at both Happy Lucky No.1 Gallery in New York City as well as at the Metropolitan Gallery in Philadelphia, which was organized by The Center for Emerging Visual Artists where he was a Fellowship Finalist. In 2016 he was a finalist for the Renaissance Prize at the Getty Images Gallery in London. His work was exhibited at the Arsenale di Venezia, in Venice, Italy as part of the Premio Arte Laguna. It was also exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala, as part of the GuatePhoto Festival where he also gave an artist talk about his "Topography Is Fate" project.

    Awards and honors that he has won include being named a Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Traveling Fellow in 2014. He was named a Top 50 Emerging Photographer of 2014 by LensCulture and was exhibited at the Valid Foto Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. He was also named a Photolucida, Critical Mass 2014, Top 50 Photographer and exhibited in Guatemala as part of Guatephoto Festival 2015. Along with this exhibit he was selected to have a larger body of work exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala City. His project was a Shortlist Candidate for the Vevey International Photo Award in 2015. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at Columbia University, in New York City in 2015. Matthew Arnold currently lives and works in New York City.

  • Marvel Harris

    Marvel Harris

    Marvel Harris (1995) started capturing himself with the camera to manage emotions he was not capable of putting into words adequately. In the beginning, this most often was when he experienced feelings such as anxiety, loneliness, or feeling desperate about the future. Looking at his work from a distance, he realized photography has helped him to understand his own complex identity.

    Marvel aims to reveal that which is hidden, and wants to make the lifelong journey of self-discovery visible with his camera. He was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated as a photographer at the University of Applied Photography.

  • Valentina De Rosa

    Valentina de Rosa

    Valentina De Rosa was born in Naples in 1984 after studying painting, she specialized in photography as language of art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.
    Exposed in some exhibitions including: Second Biennial of Young Photographers, Bibbiena; IX National Prize of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera; Fotoconfronti OFF 2015, Bibbiena; The Darkroom Project Exibition 5, Tevere art gallery, Roma; Smart up optima premio di arte contemporanea, Napoli; Art Prize 15.16, Arsenale, Venezia; VI ed. Expo arte contemporanea di Marche Centro d’Arte, San Bendetto del Tronto; Doni–Authors from Campania, Museo Madre, Napoli; Epifanie, SMMAVE centro per l'arte contemporanea, Napoli; Epifanie 02, Galleria del Cembalo, Roma; Premio Combat Prize 2017, Museo Civico G. Fattori, Livorno; Yicca 2017 - International Contemporary art competition, Museo Crocetti Foundation, Rome; 18 ^ Potfolio Italy, Bibbiena; Epiphany 02, Bottega Cece 'Casile, Milano; Photofestival RIAPERTURE, Ferrara; TiefKollektiv / ProfondoCollettivo, Glorenza. Finalist among the 15 photographers of the Ponchielli Award 2017. Personal exhibitions: Mono no aware, Centro per la fotografia Vivian Maier, Campobasso. Today she attended the studio of the photographer Antonio Biasiucci where she is engaged in deepening the Search Method Personal Photographic.

  • Merle Büttner

    Merle Buettner

    Merle Büttner, born in 1995, grew up in Bremen, Germany. After finishing school in 2014 she moved to Hamburg to study photography.

    I see things in a strange way. Daily-life-stuff-kind-of-things. Like a place you walk past every day without noticing there is a beautiful shape, pattern or atmosphere around because you simply walk past it every day. I capture my very own view on places, abstract impressions of day-to-day-life using a camera.

    Fascinated by weird habits of people, strange cultural trends and unique atmospheres, Merle Büttner strolls through life. She is able to let you discover completely new sides of topics, places and objects you have known before, but you have not seen them the same way she has. Her curiosity, deep-seated visual abstraction plus the ability of sensing cultural and social vibes, merge into a unique symbioses you can find in her pictures.

  • Geert Van Den Eede

    Geert Van Den Eede

    There is a documentary aspect in my images, but my work is also the result of what a place does with me. Mostly I work in the open and public space. For more than 10 years I travel and photograph in the Balkans, not yet too polished and over-organized, a region in transition, on the move. Like I have to be on the move

    Living in Brussels, Belgium

  • Gea Hogeveen

    Gea Hogeveen

    As a photographer and personally, I feel the responsibility to make subjects visible that our society has often forgotten, neglected or denied.

    In my single portraits and series my heart goes out to the human being who follows the heart in their daily life without placing themselves outside or against society.

    I admire the balance that is found between the day to day hectic and the peace they find in their love for their profession. It demands authenticity and a certain strength that becomes rare in a world that is already homogenizing too quickly. And ultimately their story is about us all.

    My series / images on societal topics hopefully contribute to the awakening of appreciation
    and awareness for the natural world. It tells the succes story of humanity which becomes the
    demise of the planet we are depending on.

    In my autonomous work I look very much for silence.
    We live in a world full of noise and crowds.
    We hardly take the time to stand still, to be quiet and to feel the silence within ourselves.

    I try to break the crazy pace of the day by being open for the subtile beauty that
    we see on a daily basis but that is too often overlooked.

  • Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez (b. 1993) is a Costa Rican visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

    His work is influenced by the conceptual analysis of space and its possibilities to convey human conditions, emotional and psychological states; and how it correlates with social issues in our contemporary society.

    Throughout his images, he reflects on the dynamics of identity and memory between people and the environment they inhabit.

  • Ante Badzim

    Ante Badzim

    My dad gave me my first camera at the age of 10, it was at this early age that photography became an escape and my one true form of expression

    My approach is to show the true beauty of the subject, where it demands attention by introducing space and minimising distractions. The simplest of things, when isolated, can represent something beautiful. What we take for granted seems often to be the most important, when I bring attention to these simple elements it can function as a reminder to truly appreciate the finer things that surround us.

    It is humbling to be recognised for my photographic style and achievements by Instagram, 500px, EyeEm, Collective Hub, Taxi Mag, Brilliant Mag, Cool Hunter, Blow Up, Olympus, Men In This Town, Feature Shoot, Get Lost Magazine, Capture Magazine, Rokeby Gallery, NINE, SBS among others and most importantly my 400,000+ community.

  • Lucia Buricelli

    Lucia Buricelli

    Lucia Buricelli is a photographer from Venice, Italy. She started taking pictures when she was 16 years old, mostly focusing on street photography. Buricelli graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy with a degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction. In the 2016 after a road trip through Bosnia, she decided to focus on photography full time. Lucia recently graduated from the International Center of Photography's Documentary and Visual Journalism Program in New York City and attended the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI.

    Now Lucia is working freelance as a photo editor and photographer and She is based in NYC.

  • Tabitha Barnard

    Tabitha Barnard

    Tabitha Barnard was born in Freedom, New Hampshire, in 1994. She is a photographer who grew up in rural Maine with three sisters. Growing up in a very Christian female-dominated family has had a huge influence on her work. She works primarily in digital and analog color photography, exploring themes of femininity, religion, and ritual. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Maine College of Art in the Spring of 2016. In the summer of 2018, she was a finalist in the Lens Culture Art Photography awards and completed her first solo show at Speedwell Projects. She currently works as the media technician at the Maine College of Art with plans to apply to graduate school in the coming fall.

  • Tommaso Rada

    Tommaso Rada

    Tommaso Rada is a documentary photographer working on socio-economic issues. His projects describing the surrounding society are aims more to create questions than to looking for answers.

  • Wang Chunmei