• Aleksei Kazantsev

    Aleksei Kazantsev

    Aleksei Kazantsev (1975), photographer of Belarusian origin based in Antwerp since 1999. Graduated from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in 1997. Graduated from SCVO Nijverheidsschool Fotografie, Antwerpen in 2011.

  • Brice Krummenacker

    Brice Krummenacker

    Brice, born in 1978 is a Parisien photographer. Self taught, he started his career as a photographer's assistant, and he now works regularly on studio fashion series. Quickly, he also became interested in conceptual and contemporary photography. It was with his project 'The Ordinary Life of Robert the Alien' that he first got noticed, when a portrait of Robert was selected as the image for an official photo festival poster. Brice likes photography as a whole and doesn't like to be boxed into a specific field. He does portraits, fashion, street, still life... His curiosity transpires through his pictures. He likes to mix styles and techniques and he works in both digital and analog. His work has been published in numerous media such as Konbini, Musee Magazine, Fubiz, Wad Magazine, Yet Magazine, Electric Magazine and the Humble Arts Foundation.

  • Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo, Bari, Italia

    Independent photographer his research moves on the themes of the mutations of the territory with reference to the people who live there and on the concept of identity and relationship. Collaborate with agencies, private and public institutions. He regularly holds photography courses, workshops and master classes in public and private schools, in Italy and abroad. He has exhibited in many important Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Venice, Genoa, Bari, Lecce and also abroad, in Switzerland, France, and Russia. His photographs are part of prestigious collections including those of the Giacomo Costa Foundation in Genoa and the Palazzo Vendemini (Savignano sul Rubicone) in Italy and those of the Musée de l'Elysèe in Lausanne in Switzerland and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Saint Petersburg. Russia. In 1999 he won the Portfolio in Piazza in Savignano sul Rubicone under the direction of Mario Cresci and, in 2013, the Confini prize for contemporary photography in Italy.
    His short movie "Una storia di Piero" won in 2016 the Next Generation Film Festival in Triggiano (Ba) and in 2017 the Best Cinematographic Opera Award at the Festival Luccica in Bari. He is present as an author in several volumes including "Territori del Cinema "by Gangemi publishing house. He has been working as a photo editor and book designer for several years and has published numerous publications.

  • Magali Chesnel

    Magali Chesnel

    I an an award-winning and globally exhibited aerial photographer.

    My ambitions are:
    - To reveal the world from another perspective: the aerial view, pushing the boundaries between photography and painting to offer a truly unique perspective. With aerial photography, she adds an extra dimension, a degree of confusion which offers incredible views, the "wow factor".
    - ​​To be witness of her time, to take reality by surprise, to anticipate events with news pictures, to inform the public and to raise awareness, with ethics.


  • Peter Franck

    Peter Franck

    PF was born in Überlingen/ Germany. 1987 he started studying painting/grafics
    at the university of fine arts in Nurnberg. 1993 he finished his studys at the university of fine
    arts/ Stuttgart( Masterclass R.Schoofs). After this he had his first contacts with photography over his
    brother who is also an photographer.With his from fine art paintings influenced photographys he
    took part at many exhibitions in germany and abroad.
    PF lives and works in Stuttgart/Germany

  • Nathalie Perakis-Valat

    Nathalie Perakis-Valat

    Born in Paris, trained in business at the HEC Business School in Paris, I am a self-taught French photographer who was based in Shanghai from 2010 to 2016. Having lived in Brussels, Düsseldorf, Madrid, New York, and Shanghai, I am always very inspired by a desire to capture the lives of the people I encounter.

    Shanghai fascinated me immediately.
    I was first struck by the contrasts and the surreality of this city, which I expressed in my series "Real Shanghai ?" through collage and color enhancement.

    Attracted to the traditional neighborhoods, for my "Lilong Treasures" project, I spent 2 years discovering the Chinese people's lives and culture but also creating poetry of the vestiges through abstract compositions.

    In Shanghai Keystones, I tried to bring a different light to construction sites, focusing on the action of construction itself, placing the worker into the focal center, rather than the building. I provided testimonials for these men and paid tribute to their efforts which often remain unknown and obscured.

    My work focuses on the human dimension of the city, rendering visible what is otherwise invisible.
    It has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Asia and in Europe amongst which Photo Shanghai, Art Central HK, Art Stage Singapore, Shanghai Contemporary, Grand Prix Photo Saint Tropez and Atelier Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

    Back in Paris now, I am rediscovering my own European culture and working on new series.

  • Odo Hans

    Odo Hans

    Odo Hans (*1976) is a German artist who deals with the constructions of reality and its normative settings. In his works EPI, The Line and the Dot, and Spiegel he de-automates convention-bound visual habits and employs his visual concepts to place them at the beholder’s disposal.
    He performed his first artistic analyses in 2001 during a stay abroad in the Netherlands. He lived there for 4 months at the home of the wood sculptor Hans Groenveld and familiarized himself with the latter’s animistic way of working and living. In order to deepen the experiences he journeyed through Ireland in 2002 and visited, among others, the artists Niall Walsh (www.niallwalsh.ie/) and Michael Warren. (http://michaelwarren.ie/). He summarized these experiences in a travel reportage that was published in various magazines. His first tentative steps with the camera were thus simultaneously publicized. Enthusiasm for the medium of photography occasioned him to take up

    an assistantship with the photographer Wolfgang Zurborn. The latter’s way of freeing the image from its content-based conventions was a decisive experience in being able to take a different perspective on art photographically as well. His first experiments in the darkroom began at the same time.
    Double exposure, sandwich techniques and photograms were created. Odo Hans had his first exhibitions at the Germany embassy in Brussels and also at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Brussels, where he exhibited reflections on the work of August Sander. A nine-month stay abroad in Norway followed in 2012. Following this stay came the above described projects “The Line and the Dot”, “Mit Haut und Haar” and “EPI”. Series that deal with the human surface structure and its normative representability and in which, among others, original darkroom techniques again come to bear. Odo Hans lives and works in Cologne.

  • Ellen Jantzen

    Ellen Jantzen

    I don’t consider myself a "photographer" but an image-maker, as I create work that bridges the world of photography, prints and collage. As digital cameras began producing excellent resolution, I found my perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in my current explorations in photo-inspired art using both a camera to capture imagery and a computer to alter, combine and manipulate the pieces.

    My work is shown and published internationally.

    I was awarded “Special Photographer of The Year” in the 2017 International Photography Awards.

    I was 1st place winner in the 2017 International Photography Awards, Digitally Enhanced Category

    I was one of 15 women photographers chosen to receive the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.
    Along with the honor, I participated in the Berlin Biennial that took place in October 2016.

    I was also awarded First Place (Fine Art, Special Effects Category) in the Moscow International Foto Awards, 2016 and First Prize, Fine Art in the prestigious PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris for my series "Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature"

    My work has been shown in galleries and museums world-wide as well as numerous web-based sites. I am represented by, among others, the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach CA, the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis MO and Edition One Gallery, Santa Fe NM.

  • Giovanna Petrocchi

    Giovanna Petrocchi

    Giovanna Petrocchi is an Italian visual artist who lives and works in London. Graduating in 2015 with a BA in Photography from the London College of Communication, she was subsequently awarded the Flowers Gallery mentorship award and her work was featured in the British Journal of Photography. Her latest work has been exhibited in the Pingyao International Photography Festival, China, and in the group show "Psyche Valuations" at the White Conduit Projects, London. Most recently, she has been selected as a winner for Flash Forward Magenta Foundation 2016 and her project "Zone of Proximity" has been shown in a solo exhibition at MMX Gallery in London.

  • Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev (1987) is a design-generalist based in Switzerland. His main focus lies on exploring his own creativity and mapping out his inner-universe.

  • Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno was born in Messina, Italy, in 1974, to a family involved in the arts. She received her first camera from her mother when Bonanno was studying photography at the School of Arts in Italy. She has also lived and studied in Paris where she still frequently works. Her photographs have been included in several exhibitions in Europe and abroad.
    She currently lives in Messina, Italy. She works between her city and Paris.

  • Andrin Winteler

    Andrin Winteler

    The technical expertise of photography in his luggage, Andrin use the new tool to discover and express what rarely happens to the filter of human perception. His studies at the Zurich University of the Arts in the Department of Art and Media provided the basis for this. A place, the given situation and the context learn, take it in, take it up, let it work and interpret - inspired by it; this is the process that already led him to carefully arranged picture worlds.

  • Manuela Herdrich

    Manuela Herdrich

    For many years I have been working in the field of photography. Many years analog and today digital. Lines determine my life and inspire me. I like strong colors and often leave my feeling free. In my pictures are one I create a distance to reality.
    The series Linie was created in several years. Escaping reality and plunging into another world is a big aspect of my work. From real life to unreal life.

    Education photography
    Study ( FH Dortmund/Germany)
    of communication design
    / Focus on Fotodesign with diploma 2008
    graduate in Communications Design.
    Since 2006 independently in the area
    Photography & Design

  • Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau (born in 1986) is a German-Italian artist. She has studied visual communication at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and at the School of Visual Arts in New York as well as Foreign Languages and Literature at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre.
    While studying and working abroad in Tokyo, Frankfurt and London she developed an interest in photography, fascinated by the ambiguous relationship between photographic image and reality.
    She currently lives and works in Florence, Italy.

  • So Mitsuya

    So Mitsuya

    So Mitsuya(b.1990) is a self-taught photographer based in Tokyo.
    His images has been published in Terra Firma Magazine,
    Phases Photography Magazine, DER GREIF Magazine and many more,
    and has been exhibited and showcased in New City Art Fair(US),
    A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition(Poland) and so on.
    Aside from his personal works, he also shoot fashion, editorials and portraits.

    2016 Krakow Photomonth Festival, A Process 2.0 ,Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit/ Tytano, Poland

    2016 DER GREIF Online Exhibition, Curated by Joerg Colberg / Augsburg, Germany
    2016 DER GREIF A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit / Tytano, Krakow, Poland
    2016 New City Art Fair 2016 -Group Exhibition, hpgrp Gallery / NewYork, USA
    2016 New Japan Photo -Group Exhibition, MIDORISO.2 Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
    2016 "solos" APARTMENT vol .2 -Group Exhibition, A.P.S/ Tokyo, Japan
    2015 “Untitled Photograhs”-Solo Exhibition,OFF/ Tokyo, Japan

    DER GREIF Magazine Issue. 9(GER)
    American A *Paripé Books(ESP)
    Terra Firma Magazine B&W Issue 04(UK)
    Terra Firma Magazine Issue 04(UK)
    DER GREIF A Process 2.0(GER)
    Intelligence Magazine *bunt ss17(CA)
    DER GREIF-Guest Room- Joerg Colberg(GER)
    PLAN Magazine Issue. 425(JP)
    PLAN Magazine Issue. 426 *Cover(JP)
    Wooly Magazine Issue.24(JP)
    Einstein Archive(JP)
    NewJapanPhoto Issue.1(JP)
    Life is a Banana(FRA)
    If You Leave showcase3×1(UK)
    Mutant Space "Photography"(IRL)
    The Latent Image(US)
    Phases Photography Magazine(FRA)

    niuhans-Journal- with Ayako Shuto, July 17, 2016

    TRYNOME -Online gallery to showcase the portfolios of contemporary photographers- (JP)

    The Freaks(ITA)

  • Rielly Milne

    Rielly Milne


    Real Estate videographer turned aerial travel photographer. Fan of aesthetic and sharing memories made. Seattle born and bred. Communications major and student-athlete at the University of Washington.

    Its always aerial szn.

  • Oskar Alvarado

    Oskar Alvarado

    Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. He resides in Barcelona where he combines his work as a Photography teacher with the production of personal works. He holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts of the Basque Country University, from which he receives a grant to develop the photographic project Conexiones in an artist residence in Arteleku Art Center in San Sebastián.
    Later he moves to Barcelona to study photography and a MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New at Media Center d’Art i Disseny MECAD, ESDI.
    He has been one of the winners of the Helsinki Photo Festival 2018 (Finland) and his work has been selected in different international festivals such as the Voies Off Awards in Arles (France), Solar Foto Festival in Fortaleza (Brazil) and the Addis Foto Fest in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

    2017- present. Graduate Diploma in Management, Preservation and Dissemination of Photographic Archives. UAB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Spain
    2003 MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media. MECAD, ESDI. Barcelona, Spain
    1996-97 Grisart International School of Photography. Barcelona, Spain
    1989-94 Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. UPV, Basque Country University. Leioa – Vizcaya, Spain

    AWARDS & MENTIONS / Selection
    2019 LUCIE FOUNDATION. Chromalux X Fine Art Scholarship. Los Angeles, USA – Shortlisted
    2019 PHOTOESPAÑA. Discoveries PHE19. Madrid, Spain – Selected
    2019 ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL. Athens, Greece – Shortlisted
    2019 BELFAST PHOTO FESTIVAL. Belfast, Northern Ireland – Shortlisted
    2019 LIFE FRAMER. Night life. London, UK – Editor’s pick
    2019 FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. London, UK – Nominee
    2018 HELSINKI PHOTO FESTIVAL. Helsinki, Finland – Winner
    2018 TOKIO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS. Tokio, Japan – Gold Winner and Honorable Mention
    2018 INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Los Angeles, USA – 2nd Place Winner
    2018 SOLAR FOTO FESTIVAL. Fortaleza, Brazil – Selected
    2018 12TH POLLUX AWARDS – THE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS. York, UK – Honorable Mention
    2018 PH21 GALLERY. Nocturnal, a Curated International Photography Exhibition. Budapest, Hungary – Selected
    2017 BURN EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER FUND, Burn Magazine. USA – Shortlisted
    2016 ADDIS FOTO FEST. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Selected
    2016 ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL. Athens, Greece – Shortlisted
    2014 VOIES OFF AWARDS. Arles, France – Selected

    2016 Insomnia. La Grey, Space for Contemporary Creation. SCAN Tarragona 2016, International Photography Festival. Spain

    2019 Insomnia. OUT FROM THE MIST. Frank Moran Gallery. Brisbane, Australia.
    2018 Insomnia. PH21 GALLERY. Nocturna, a curated international photography exhibition. Budapest, Hungary
    2018 Insomnia. HELSINKI PHOTO FESTIVAL. Galleria Futura and Kellohalli. Helsinki, Finland
    2016 Insomnia. ADDIS FOTO FEST. Sheraton Addis H. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    2019       Where Fireflies Unfold. BIPA Best 50th photographers,  Valid Foto Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
    2018 Insomnia. SOLAR FOTO FESTIVAL, Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura. Fortaleza, Brazil
    2014 Insomnia. VOIES OFF AWARDS, Archbishop’s Palace court-yard. Arles, France

    2019 Where Fireflies Unfold. BURN MAGAZINE
    2019 Mimetic. PHOTO-LETTER
    2019 Insomnia. LIFE FRAMER, Night life Editor’s Pick
    2018 Lucernario. DER GREIF, Guest Room. «Post HomoSapiens» An online exhibition curated by Mónica Allende

  • Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel, born in Milan Italy in 1980, is an award winning fine art photographer based in Lugano, Switzerland.
    His mysterious and fascinating photographs often depict lonely landscapes and gloomy urban scenes, where common and familiar sights take a unique perspective, acquiring an out of worldly and symbolic dimension.
    Collaborating with different art galleries, Stefano Gardel travels the globe extensively to capture the magic through a camera lens.

  • Gavin Smart

    Gavin Smart

    I’m a freelance photographer and digital assistant based in Edinburgh. Alongside my professional activities I’m currently studying towards a BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College.

    I originally trained as a classical and jazz musician at London’s Guildhall School of Music, before moving to Paris as an artisan baker, working with leading French boulangerie Eric Kayser. My photographic work is as diverse as my background, bringing together many creative elements in my work. I draw particular inspiration from the art, design and photography that I was exposed to during my time in Paris.

    I enjoy working with clients and businesses from all walks of life, capturing their unique stories with authenticity, sensitivity and creative flair. I am comfortable working in many different photographic situations, with a strong interest in composite production and image manipulation, although portraiture and documentary remain close to my heart.

  • Navinn Nava

    Navinn Nava

    Originally from Singapore, I moved to Brisbane to pursue my degree in photography as an advertising major and I am doing freelance photography and doing assisting work to learn how the pros do it.

  • Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford is a London based director and photographer.

    A storyteller with work spanning across film, music videos, TV commercials and photography.

    Fern’s work combines clever concepts with beautifully bold aesthetics.

    She has a witty and distinctive visual style, often creating quirky characters that belong to the weird and wonderful worlds she constructs.

    Whatever the medium, film, TV or photography, Fern’s imagery is full of atmosphere and cinematic drama.

    Her work has been recognised across the industry picking up 2 British Arrows for her commercial work, a film funding prize from Ideas Tap, a nomination for the Young Directors Award at the Cannes Lions and her first film ‘Man Made’ was the winner of Best Film at the Women In Film Festival.

    Fern’s photography has also received numerous awards including D&AD, Creative Circle and the International Photography Awards in New York.

  • Claudia Fuggetti

    Claudia Fuggetti

  • Johanna Laleh Von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst is a Berlin based photographer and art director. Her projects are primarily on women, objects and surreal surroundings, while she always tries to flip the obvious around. She sticks to colors, like flies to honey.

  • John Artur

    John Artur

    Stockholm based image maker with a strong vision and consistent visual language. Colors are the reason why I'm doing what I do today. Before I knew anything about photography, art direction, graphic design and layout, I knew that I loved working with color.

  • Carla Janse van Rensburg

    Carla Janse van Rensburg

    Carla Janse van Rensburg is a multidisciplinary artist that completed their BAFA with honours at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2018. They are interested in artistic expression as a mode of healing. Being tired of the tendencies in the art world to critique, without offering any form of solution, they hope to encourage a reality where each individual takes responsibility for their own healing. Their intention is to shift the focus from the oppressiveness of society to that of empowerment through self-healing.

  • Lesia Maruschak

    Lesia Maruschak

    LESIA MARUSCHAK creates mobile memory spaces. Born in 1961 in Saskatchewan she spent her childhood on the Canadian prairies, land settled by her ancestors in 1874.

    Maruschak’s work - a complex exploration of memory and sensual expression - informs and expands what it means to create. According to Monica Allende, “Maruschak's work reflects on the visual memory of history, and the role of the artist in the decolonization of narratives which are critical issues in photography debate.”

    Working across the still and moving image, sculpture and painting, Maruschak creates objects which encapsulate narratives emerging from fragments often multiplied thousands of times. Her commitment to making drives her to push what her camera captures until she arrives at an abstract sensual representation - almost otherworldly.

    In just three years of practice Maruschak’s works have been collected by museums, exhibited in many solo and group photographic exhibitions in nine countries. She is also a maker of fine books. Her most recent publication MARIA received the International Arsenal Book Festival’s Grand Prix (2019, Kyiv). Her Limited-Edition Art Book, TRANSFIGURATION, has been acquired by numerous private and public collections including Duke University, Stanford University, Athenaeum, Columbia University, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, and the Library of Congress. Maruschak collaborates with recognized international memory museums, lectures at international conferences such as FORMAT 19 University of Derby (2019). She makes special guest appearances at photo festivals including PhotoVenezia (2018) and Palm Springs Photo Festival (2017). In 2014, The Governor General of Canada presented Maruschak with the Caring Canadian and Silver Medal Award for her work.

    Maruschak holds a MA in Ethnography and an MBA in International Management.

    She spends her time between Alvena and Ottawa, Canada.

  • Fabian Albertini

    Fabian Albertini

  • Iris Kivisalu

    Iris Kivisalu

    Iris Kivisalu (1983) is a photographer currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. She's studied journalism and sociology which both contribute to her unique style of melancholic beauty often paired with documentary storytelling found mostly in portraits, work with creatives, street photography, but her fashion work is more rare. Iris Kivisalu’s work can mostly be described by a very strong orientation to details through a timeless approach. “I’ve never liked to present straight guidelines for reading my material, it’s important that the viewer’s senses will start painting with the canvas I’ve presented. It’s never about pleasing the mind with simple esthetics, it’s more about layering.”

  • Julien Rieutort

    Julien Rieutort



    It is a primary obsession to see and apprehend the world that led me to photography. Fascinated by nature and its wilderness, I’m inspired by the angles, the space and the volumes that it offers us. In a world constantly moving, photography allows me to take the time : to observe, compose and understand. Through a practice situated at the intersection of staging and pure reality, I found a way to express my vision.

    My series question the connection between human and his environment and push me to rethink my own relationship to the world around me. I’m trying to include myself drawing real and virtual lines, applying a momentary luminous imprint or capturing it in its simple brutality. An invitation to question the appropriation of space by humankind, the conservation of our primary resources and the evolution of our species in an uncertain universe.


    - BIO -

    Born in 1985, Julien Rieutort is a visual artist that uses photography to express his vision.

    After studying cinema, he decided to redirect towards the musical industry working for various record labels alongside his musician career. In 2017 he took the bold decision to leave for a vertical world tour on his own from Antarctica to Iceland passing through South America. Early in this trip, facing a spectacular iceberg, he realized that, in the end, he wanted to tell stories and share something concrete and meaningful. Photography then came naturally to him.

    When he finally returned, he started following the Professional photography master, RNCP certification level 1, at SPEOS, Paris International Photographic Institute to learn more about the techniques and the market.

    His work is essentially focused on the influence of human evolution on nature, urban landscape, and global environment.

    Based in Paris, and available to shoot worldwide.

  • Eduard Zentsik

    Eduard Zentsik

    Eduard Zentsik is a prolific Estonian-based artist of many faces. He’s developed radically different artistic personas, refusing to link his name to a single signature style, technique, or theme. Instead, Zentsik mixes genres and media and playfully subverts the traditions of old.

    Painter, photographer, graphic artist, designer, author of installations, performances and musical improvisations. Organizer of youth exhibitions and projects. For over years of creativity had more than a hundred personal exhibitions and took part in numerous joint projects. Participant and winner of international Photographic and Art competitions. Numerous works are in private collections around the world.

    My overall impression is that your work is very strong, well-formed and cohesive. It’s engaging, absorbing and playful, and you exhibit a clear technical ability alongside adeptness for storytelling and art. It’s the type of work that has an immediate visual draw, but then offers elements that slowly reveal themselves and linger, and that’s a powerful combination. It’s the type of work that I return to with anticipation.

    Let’s start in detail with your artist statement. While your images should speak for themselves, an artist statement is something that many photographers overlook, or hastily pen before sending their finished work out for review. I encourage all photographers to put the same care into crafting a statement as their photographic work.
    I don’t feel like your statement does your work justice.
    It’s too cumbersome and confusing. While statements can be poetic, unless written extremely well they can come across as pretentious or awkward. I would encourage you to try to write something more straightforward and less metaphorical. Avoid jargon and convoluted or flowery language unless it has a specific role. Also, don’t give technical details. It’s your opportunity to plant seeds in the viewer’s mind, to offer contextual background, or hints towards understanding your work’s meaning – perhaps the more unusual or important aspects. You want your viewers to engage with your work on their own terms, but you also want to give them an upfront opportunity to care. It also helps to add a splash of your personality and use the first person.
    Perhaps it’s something you could explore in discussion with a fellow photographer, a passionate friend, or even better, an editor or critic? Engaging in a dialogue may help you hone in on what you really want, or need to say.

    Moving on to subject matter and viewpoint, or in other words the overall thematic impression of your work, your work is strong in both regards – an interesting perspective on a fascinating subject. I feel like I’m diving into a white world with you, and I can feel your personality as a photographer shining through. It is clear that you have engaged with the subject deeply. This is no mean feat – it can be harder to find something new in areas that many photographers have already trodden – and so I admire it hugely.

    Technique is of course fundamental, and a cover-all term for a range of elements – composition, framing and focal point, use of lines, perspective, layers and negative space, exposure, sharpness, depth of field and so on and so on. Like all good art, there are no hard and fast rules for what’s right or wrong, but that doesn’t negate the need for a general level of proficiency, and generally the best photographers know which rules they’re breaking.
    You exhibit a fantastic technique which is a joy to review. High-key photography isn’t easy, but your images are fascinating.
    Your style of composition is simple and artful. I’m particularly drawn to image 7 for example where the elements combine effortlessly.
    You display a real command of your camera, but there’s a level of uniqueness and personal style that shines through too. I feel like a particular photographer took these pictures, rather than any photographer.
    You employ fantastic use of light and shadow – each image has all the details it needs to catch the viewer’s attention.
    Post-processing can be divisive, but your use of it is elegant and strengthens each image, rather than overpowering them.
    Well done!

    And finally on to image sequencing and editing, which although I’m discussing last, is something often overlooked but fundamental to the ways in which your work will be interpreted by the viewer. By carefully considering the order in which your images are viewed you guide the viewer on a journey – perhaps a chronological one, or one that ebbs and flows, or one that’s jarring. It’s a subtle, but powerful tool for influencing how a viewer interacts with your work.
    I think further consideration is needed. While you may or may not have started about sequencing and editing, it strikes me as something you should reflect on more deeply.
    There’s no clear narrative or flow from image to image. How do you wish to guide the viewer, and what rhythm do you want to create? I don’t get a sense that this has been considered. For example, you may wish to take images that are visually similar (e.g. images with forests or images with fields) and space them out across the visual journey. Or you may wish to start the viewers in one place (for example, inside the city) and leave them somewhere totally different (in the middle of the nature).
    You may also want to think about initial and final impact. Or in other words, starting and ending with your best images in order to make your viewer want to see more from the start, and leave them with a strong impression at the end. I feel that images 2 and 7 are the strongest – if you agree, think carefully about where you position them.

    Thanks so much for sharing your work with me. It’s a privilege to be able to review photographers’ work, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know yours. You have a very impressive and rounded body of work, and so there were few areas in which I could provide real constructive criticism. Nonetheless, I hope you found my thoughts to be valuable, and I hope it provides you with some ideas on which to reflect. You’re producing some fantastic work, so keep it up!

  • Justin Lister

    Justin Lister

    Hello. My name is Justin Lister. I'm a commercial and fine art photographer in Kansas. My passion is making images that are cinematic and narrative . I strive to tell a story through details in the image as well as the lighting and mood. I also know the importance of the work after the shoot so I have extensive knowledge of building and I often build my own sets for my fine art imagery. I am a Broncolor Abassador as well. Thanks, Justin.