• Robert Rutoed

    Robert Rutoed

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Michael Martin is an artist and teacher who specializes in photography. After serving as Associate Professor and Academic Dean for two decades at Cogswell College in San Jose, California, he was recently appointed as Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He lives and works in San Jose, California.

    Michael’s community service work includes Board President of WORKS/San Jose Gallery, the City of Santa Clara Cultural Advisory Commission, and most recently Chair of the San Jose Arts Commission, where he was also member of the nationally recognized Public Art Committee and the San Jose Mineta Airport Art Program Oversight Committee.

  • Alan Burles

    Alan Burles

    I am an advertising art director turned photographer and since my teenage years I have carried a camera everywhere I go.
    I have worked at some terrific ad agencies under (and alongside) amazing people and so for 25 years I have been steeped in the world of ideas. I hope this gives my photos an extra dimension.

    I love ideas, I love humour, I love photos that are what I call 'never ending photos'. They reward you every time you look at them.

    Street photography can be more than shapes, shadows, silhouettes, movement, colours. It can be rich in ideas and humour as Elliot Erwitt has shown his whole career.

    My photographs were reviewed in a magazine in China recently and I managed to get the Mandarin text translated. The reviewer said: “Sometimes it needs you to just enjoy (his work), sometimes it requires your eyes to listen to the jokes it’s telling you.” I now call the way I work ‘Listening With My Eyes’.

    Life gives constantly and I consider my photos to be gifts, it is almost seeing without looking. I do not search out the photographs, the photographs happen to me - in the same way that we do not 'do' listening but still are aware of the sounds that surround us.

    In August I was honoured to be the winner of the Leica / Street Photography International Award for 2018/19.

  • Johan Brink

    Johan Brink

    My pictures are mostly from streets around the world. Where ever I am I walk the streets, or waiting in a corner looking for interesting colors, shadows and people. Trying to find moments of everyday life, something weird, colorful, friendship or loneliness.

    Trying to get the time for me and my camera when not working as a copywriter. I'm living in Kungsbacka, a small town on the Swedish West coast, just outside Gothenburg, with my wife and for another year or two (I guess) my daughter and my son just a block away.

    A dedicated collector of photography, photo books and dreaming about making my own.

  • Eleonore Simon

    Eleonore Simon

    Eléonore Simon is a French photographer currently working in Valparaíso, Chile. She studied at the Université Lumière Lyon II in France and at the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a MA in Art History. After several years working in New York working as a studio manager and serving as teaching assistant at The International Center of Photography, Eléonore is developing long term personal and documentary projects in Chile.

  • Eloi Du Bois

    Eloi Du Bois

    Eloi Du Bois, raised in France living in Austin, TX, started making art by producing short films, one, « Bohem, Bohem… » being shown at Cannes Short Film Corner in 2014. In parallel of this formative activity, he worked on photography which became a passion that lead him to participate in workshops; the first one about portraiture with Richard Dumas in 2012 and this last one about photography visual story telling with Ed Kashi. Humans are an enigma, mysterious and unique. What Eloi likes in photography is capturing the unexpected, how Humans exteriorize their personality, how do their personality influence where they live, and the story that we can then develop from this.

  • Jasmin Gendron

    Jasmin Gendron

    My name is Jasmin Gendron, I am a Japan-based Canadian documentary and street photographer. I immortalize energy and emotions from magnificent, human and comical scenes, with a poetic, subtle and unobtrusive approach. I am interested in how the environment impacts human actions and decision.

  • Simone Padelli

    Simone Padelli

    Simone Padelli (1986) is an Italian professional photographer and artist. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts at LABA (Florence, Italy) in 2010, he approached the professional world of photography as a fashion photographer for Gucci in Florence. After working for a year for Gucci, he moved to London where he obtained a Master’s degree at the London College of Communication in December 2012. He currently works as a freelance photographer mainly in the fields of fashion, architecture and design. Together with others professional photographers and graphic designers, he set up a co-working studio based in Florence. Simone's work has been published in Harper's Bazaar and cliché web magazines, and displayed in several solo and group exhibitions in the UK and Italy.

  • Dan Fenstermacher

    Dan Fenstermacher

    Dan Fenstermacher’s photography merges environmental portraiture and documentary storytelling with social activism. His work aims to shed light on the perseverance of the human spirit in overcoming life’s challenges. Fenstermacher’s work has been included in juried exhibitions such as the: 2015 MFA National Competition at First Street Gallery, New York, Divergence: Emerging Legacies at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, and MFA Now 2015: Archive Project & Juried Exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, CA.

    Fenstermacher has worked in photography on four continents including a multi-media internship in Accra, Ghana, as a portrait photographer in Sydney, Australia, a Professor of Fine Arts at Xiangfan University in China, and as an artist-in-residence in San Ramon Costa Rica. His work about mental illness and stigma has been featured on The Huffington Post and UK Daily Mail, and in numerous publications including The Mighty, Art Nerd, the South Bay Pulse, and Signature Magazine.

    Fenstermacher received a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the University of Idaho. He holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from San Jose State University and teaches photography at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA, and West Valley Community College in Saratoga, CA.

  • Wenpeng Lu

    Wenpeng Lu

    Street Photography and Travel Photography

  • Niki Gleoudi

    Niki Gleoudi

    Born and raised in Greece.
    After completing my studies in business administration and while working I took an interest in people and street photography.
    Five years ago I moved to Miami, USA and started working on various projects, mostly documentary.
    I love exploring relationships, emotions and the energy that lies beneath. Photography is more than a passion, it is a part of myself.
    Workshops with David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris, Bruce Gilden, Costa Manos, Raul Touzon who also mentored me for a year while working on a documentary project.
    Collaboration with the Inter-university Postgraduate Program "Museology-Cultural Management” within the frame of the ‘Greek Diaspora Research Program’ in Greece, 2017.
    Exhibitions in ZM Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 1998
    Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Greece summer 2017
    Member of BULB collective http://www.bulbphotos.eu/
    Latest publication at BURN magazine http://www.burnmagazine.org/
    MSPF (Miami Street Photo Festival) finalist 2017
    MSPF keynote speaker at the HistoryMiami Museum during Art Basel 12/2017
    Selected photo exhibited at the HistoryMiami Museum during Art Basel 12/2017-4/2018
    Selected among the 30 MSPF finalist photographers and exhibited at the first annual Key West Photo Festival 2018
    Sony World Photography Awards shortlisted and commended photographer 2018
    Selected photos exhibited in Somerset House, London UK
    Life Framer Editors' Pick 2018

  • Kari Bjorn Thorleifsson

    Kari Bjorn Thorleifsson

    Kari Bjorn is an Icelandic photographer, based in New York City.

  • Alexandre Chaplier

    Alexandre Chaplier

    Born in Paris in 1981, Alexandre Chaplier is a French photographer based in Morocco. His work attaches as well through black and white as
    the color to capture atmospheres. Since 2015, he began a photographic work composed of street clichés that tries to capture a Morocco sometimes moving sometimes frozen in the past.
    If it is in adolescence that he is initiated to photography, it is during his curriculum at Penninghen School that he really confirms his passion. He directed various series devoted to the human and captures clichés at public gatherings in Paris. After a trip to India, he moved to Morocco in 2009 and decided to open his agency there. Familiar with the orders for luxury hotels, design creation and publishing, projects that he leads directly with his personal research.
    Today, his photographic work is presented in various group exhibitions and festivals.

  • Matthew Anderson

    Matthew Anderson

    I've been a hobbyist street photographer since January, 2016. I try to look past the obvious various patterns of the cloth that makes up New York City. What I search for, more, is the underlying thread that links us all as humans together - breathing the same air, walking the same sidewalks, feeling the same cold or heat of the day. The gesture of a hand, the half-second of an offhand gaze, or even a hidden moment of affection - as human beings, we all give and get moments like these, every hour of every day.

  • Giedo Van der Zwan

    Giedo van der Zwan

    I do photography for about 40 years now, but I discovered street photography only 2 years ago and I have been hooked since.
    Now, I shoot together with photographers from my home town and from other cities all over the world,

  • Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet

    Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet

    Born in 1992 in Bangkok, Jutharat (known as Poupay) found her passion in photography during high school and kept on shooting since then. She is a quiet observer who likes to capture unexpected moments in ordinary places. Her eyes look for peculiar traces of humanity everywhere she goes. In her photography, she loves to leave my viewer with a mystery. Poupay has just graduated from the International Center of Photography (ICP) in 2017. She is currently living in New York City as a freelance photographer.

  • Annabella Schwagten

    Annabella Schwagten

    I am 27 years old and live in Brussels, Belgium. I like to photograph anything in my surroundings as long as it makes me feel something. I love letting my intuition guide me and letting the world unfold before my eyes.
    It is the small scale things of life, the human connections and intimate meetings between
    people that I am always looking for. I cherish the ordinary moments in life that we so easily
    take for granted.
    I work in the analog medium (often with disposable cameras), as I am very attracted to the

  • Mathias Wasik

    Mathias Wasik

    Mathias Wasik is a New York based photographer, who has been published in The Guardian, Interview Magazine, VICE, Slate, Mic, NPR, among others.

    His street photography offers a glimpse into the modern day life in New York City, exposing both the glossy surface and darker underbelly of American culture pulled to the fore, ultimately portraying a witty, affectionate satire of a diverse and fast-paced city.

    Mathias is a board member of the New York City Street Photographer Collective (NYCSPC), a collective dedicated to creating and sharing the art of capturing life in public spaces.

  • Lucia Buricelli

    Lucia Buricelli

    Lucia Buricelli is a photographer from Venice, Italy. She started taking pictures when she was 16 years old, mostly focusing on street photography. Buricelli graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy with a degree in Graphic Design and Art Direction. In the 2016 after a road trip through Bosnia, she decided to focus on photography full time. Lucia recently graduated from the International Center of Photography's Documentary and Visual Journalism Program in New York City and attended the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI.

    Now Lucia is working freelance as a photo editor and photographer and She is based in NYC.

  • Tabitha Barnard

    Tabitha Barnard

    Tabitha Barnard was born in Freedom, New Hampshire, in 1994. She is a photographer who grew up in rural Maine with three sisters. Growing up in a very Christian female-dominated family has had a huge influence on her work. She works primarily in digital and analog color photography, exploring themes of femininity, religion, and ritual. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Maine College of Art in the Spring of 2016. In the summer of 2018, she was a finalist in the Lens Culture Art Photography awards and completed her first solo show at Speedwell Projects. She currently works as the media technician at the Maine College of Art with plans to apply to graduate school in the coming fall.

  • Stefano Carotenuto

    Stefano Carotenuto

    Born in Naples in '84. Raised without forearm and left hand, he developed from an early age the ability to observe and previsualize the behavior of people, aimed at hiding his disability to others, what has returned in the approach to documentary photography. Self-taught, when is not working as an IT specialist, he loves to tell the places he visits mixing irony, social criticism, melancholy and surrealism.

  • Stan De Zoysa

    Stan De Zoysa

    My initial love to street photography began when I first saw pictures made by my father-in-law made in 1987, after a Beatrice concert in Budapest, Hungary. I was in my mid-thirties and my mind was blown away to find out how easily one can make the whole world around you a candid studio. Hence a new chapter in my life began...

    I was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1980 and have been living in Barcelona for the past 18 years. I work as a Logistics Engineer as a profession.

    When it comes to my work in street photography, I see each and every situation as a single unrepeatable moment in life at a given time, thus my work has no connection with each and other photos. Images should be viewed and observed as a unique frozen moment of time, individually.

    I'm drawn to humour and coincidences in the streets although subtle and melancholy moments capture my shutter finger when I'm out and about shooting.

    Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival 2018
    1st place PHOS Athens Festival
    Shortlisted Sony World Photography Awards 2019

  • Tony Meintjes

    Tony Meintjes

    I live in a small town outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
    After many years of advertising, then establishing a wet and dry
    printing service for photographers, I have found some time
    to re-look at the work I have made over the years.
    Currently I find the idea of pairing images very attractive,
    as it is open to chance and serendipity, as is photography itself.

  • Stanislav Sitnikov

    Stanislav Sitnikov

    I am a photographer and the artist.
    Was engaged in painting earlier, and now seriously was engaged in the photo.
    Many genres and the directions are interesting to me, but
    now more interest to me is the street photo and documentary photo.
    I often photograph people, city life, I photograph on travel.
    I try to transfer the moment, feelings , lines and colors in the works, I try to do live pictures.