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    Amaury G

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  • Margrieta Jeltema

    Margrieta Jeltema

    She was born under Northern skies, in the Netherlands. She has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Italy, Algeria, the Caribbean, Chile, Portugal and Romania.
    During her biology studies with a major in philosophy at Wageningen (the Netherlands), Margrieta started with a variety of studies in bronze casting, painting, etching and ceramics. Her work embraces poetry, sculpture, but her main creative outlet is photography.

  • Nicola Jayne Maskrey

    Nicola Jayne Maskrey

    I am interested in the perceived dichotomy between the transient and the permanent and the fluidity of the experiential relationship with these states.  I’m drawn to vegetation and natural elements as an expression of this, and in connection to place.  My work combines analogue and digital technologies with alternative processes to create “a unique mood and energy”, tracking my physical and emotional experience both in process and subject matter. My work is intended for print, projection, and site-specific installation.

  • Kris Arzadun

    Kris Arzadun

    San Sebastián, 1976.
    It wouldn’t be fair to say that I’m a self-taught photographer. My father was my teacher. By the age of 6 I was already taking photos. I grew up between his slices. At about the age of 21 I quit photography, very unmotivated. But 12 years later, in 2009, I bought a new camera and started again. It’s a big gap, but I don’t regret it. It’s just the way it was. My parents made me love travelling. I took Tourism Studies at the University. I enjoy travelling as much as taking photographs.

    What motivates me to keep on taking photos is very simple: I love to frame the world. Capture the life and show it the way I see it. It’s the best way I know to express myself.

    2013: Life Framer Winner. Theme: A World of Culture
    2013: Life Framer Finalist. Theme: A Human Touch
    2015: Life Framer Finalist. Theme: Six Continents

  • Luisa Carcavale

    Luisa Carcavale

  • Massimiliano Pugliese

    Massimiliano Pugliese

    Massimiliano Pugliese was born in Rome in 1970. After graduating in Economics and
    Statistics, he carried on his Photography studies at the Istituto Superiore di Fotografa e
    Comunicazione Integrata (ISFCI) in Rome. For years, beside his job at a public authority,
    he has been nurturing his photographic activities achieving personal projects through
    an intimate language. Thanks to his strong authorial style, he stands out very soon in
    several contests and photographic prizes, and his works have been displayed in several
    national and international expositions.

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  • Stefan Frank

    Stefan Frank

  • Inge Vautrin

    Inge Vautrin

  • Martha Molfetas

    Martha Molfetas

    Lover of politics, urban landscapes, & film

    'Last Frame' for B+W Photography Magazine | April 2015

    You can find me on Twitter: @m_molfetas

  • Edo Zollo

    edo zollo

    His voyeuristic, dimly-lit shots transform innocuous London scenes into something altogether more sinister (Timeout London Magazine)

  • Iacono Pieralfonso

    Iacono Pieralfonso

  • Ilya Popenko

    Ilya Popenko

    Having two rival countries to call his home and feeling like an alien in both of them, Russian-American photographer Ilya Popenko explores the lines between national, collective and personal identities. His photography work ranges from street portraits, to cityscapes, to conceptual projects that involve models, carefully chosen locations, elaborate lighting and hyper realistic latex masks.
    Ilya was born in 1980 in Moscow, Russia. In 1996 he immigrated to the USА where he graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in photography and had been working in various fields of photography ever since. In the series of solo exhibitions that he had both in Russia and in the US in the past two years Ilya has been successful in combining his photography work, his large scale illustrations and performances by his music project Mad Meg.

  • Adam Kuehl

    Adam Kuehl

    Although Kuehl enjoys photographing a variety of subjects, his work is rooted in nighttime landscapes. His series Savannah Nights has exhibited internationally and gained him inclusion in Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Tenth as one of the Top 100 Emerging American Photographers. Kuehl was named 25 Under 25: Up-And-Coming American Photographers by the Center for Documentary Studies. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Vogue, PDN, National Geographic Traveler among many others.

    Kuehl works as a professor at SCAD and a freelance photographer based in Hong Kong.

  • Justine Tjallinks

    Justine Tjallinks

Justine Tjallinks is an Amsterdam-based Dutch Artistic Photographer. She started her career as a magazine Designer and Art-Director and worked for leading fashion titles. After several years of working with photography she wanted to create imagery as she envisioned and took the leap towards a new career in 2014.

    Justine aims to capture the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of human beauty, often backed by a story of social importance. Inspired by the master painters from the Dutch Golden Age, her artworks feature muted colours and balanced compositions. Fashion design is used as an additional means of expression.

    Even though a sense of nostalgia speaks through her art, the aim is to always
    remain in line with the contemporary zeitgeist.

  • Hakim Boulouiz

    Hakim Boulouiz

    Hakim Boulouiz is a Professional Photographer and an Expert in Urban aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training. After receiving a diploma in Architecture, a diploma in Filmmaking, a Master's degree in Territory Planning, he completed a PhD at the University of Geneva analyzing the mutual inspiration between urban modernity and the art of short film. Hakim considers street photography as a visual recycling. Like a sculptor manufacturing several forms from scrap metal or a designer working to give waste new life in a new use. Hakim has won several international photography awards. He currently lives and works in Switzerland.

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  • Hana Knizova

    Hana Knizova

  • Olympe Tits

    Olympe Tits

    Olympe Tits is a self-taught photographer. Born in Marseille, 3rd April 1992, she has now settled in Antwerp, Belgium.
    She combines this with a life as a contemporary dancer, teaching at the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp and choreographing for dance-theatre pieces. In 2012, she began taking photographs. And this need to explore different disciplines is a core motivation, helping her understand more of the world around us.

    Olympe’s dance experience helps her to achieve a different vision in photography. Through dance, she learned the aesthetics of the body in space: how movement can narrate stories, how to communicate with body’s angles and shapes, and how to express feelings in an abstract way.
    Her work is an ode to the physical reality and femininity. How can we feel emotions through the infinite expressions of human form, through vibrant colors, and through the exploration of universal ideas? Always working with women, it is in staged photography, exploring such questions that Olympe finds her stride. Her pictures strive to illustrate the inescapable search for self-discovery and identity; and through her work she highlights that every human body carries a story with it.

    A body never lies. Every small movement tells something, even if we are often not aware of it. And it is these nuanced truths that our body reveals, that Olympe tries to explore, interpret and capture in her photographs. Playfully contorting and directing her subjects, she sees her pictures as choreographies. The focus is on the body in space, the gesture, the colors and clothes, the setting and the emotion their combined atmosphere creates. Choreography here evolves into a still life of abandoned gestures - sometimes fragile, sometimes absurd - quietly forming an enchanting story. It is then left to the viewers to search and feel for the deep emotions hidden within her character’s bodies.

    Her work has been shown at different places and galleries in Antwerp, Gent, London, Biel, Paris, Miami,Perth,..
    In march 2016 Olympe won the Belgium National Award at the prestige Sony World Photography Awards.
    Olympe was chosen among thousands of portfolios from Europe to compete with 11 other photographers for Master of Photography’s 150,000€ grand prize. A TV Program from Sky Arts, the show broadcast across England, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Ireland. Olympe has brought home a second place title.

  • Mitran Kaul

    Mitran Kaul

  • Robert Rutoed

    Robert Rutoed

  • Ginger Berry

    Ginger Berry

  • Joseph O'Neill

    Joseph O'Neill

  • Kenneth Borg

    Kenneth Borg

    Born in Malta and inspired by the fluidity of light, Kenneth has been capturing moments for as long as he can remember. He is now translating his inner states and emotions into narrative, deconstructed images and is evermore deeply intrigued by the underlying meanings which photography can convey.

    He took part in various collective exhibitions in 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016 with other artists involved in different media.

  • Da'Rrell Privott

    Da'Rrell Privott

  • Enrique Lopez-Tapia


  • Eugene Reshetov


  • Eduardo Soler

    Eduardo Soler

    Eduardo started his career working for renown photographers in L.A. and San Francisco. Later he worked full time as a staff photographer for The Sharper Image catalog company in San Francisco. His most recent clients include Bayer Health Care, Novartis, Intuit, among others. He's also an award-winning street photographer. Eduardo lives in Oakland, with his wife and two fun cats, Sprinkler, and Tiger.

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Michael Martin is an artist and teacher who specializes in photography. After serving as Associate Professor and Academic Dean for two decades at Cogswell College in San Jose, California, he was recently appointed as Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He lives and works in San Jose, California.

    Michael’s community service work includes Board President of WORKS/San Jose Gallery, the City of Santa Clara Cultural Advisory Commission, and most recently Chair of the San Jose Arts Commission, where he was also member of the nationally recognized Public Art Committee and the San Jose Mineta Airport Art Program Oversight Committee.

  • Carina Wachsmann

    Carina Wachsmann

    Carina Wachsmann was born in Ulm (Germany), she holds a Bachelor degree in Media Design from University Schwäbisch Hall and studied photography and film with awarded scholarship at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio. She has lived 8 years in Rome and is based in Paris since 2013. Carina Wachsmann is a multidisciplinary artist, she works as a photographer, filmmaker, art director and designer and has over 15 years of international work experience in visual arts and communication. Her awarded photographs have been published in books and magazines and exhibited on international art shows.

  • Edgar Takoyaki

    Edgar Takoyaki

    I am a contemporary photographer currently residing in Ventura, California. For over a decade now I have been visiting Japan and documenting different cities across the country. I am shooting film with a Mamiya C330 medium format camera and a Nikon F3 35mm camera. In an attempt to capture how dense and layered, cities like Tokyo and Osaka can be, I have used in-camera double exposures, long exposures and window reflections. Much of the work (including studio work) reflects the influence of Japanese culture and science fiction and is distinguished by a dark, atmospheric quality that suggests a larger story behind each image. 

    This project, ANALOG JAPAN, was started over a decade ago on my first trip to Tokyo. Since that first visit, I have returned almost every year to photograph as much of the culture and beauty that Japan has to offer. The larger cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are so dense and packed with visual stimulation. I wanted to capture as much of the visual impact that these cities offer using analog film cameras.

    I love the way different film stocks capture different looks throughout Tokyo. Some of the photographs are double exposures or layered window reflections that show how rich and dense these cities can be. Other photos are simply shots that show the grand scale of a city like Tokyo.

  • Todd Kennedy

    Todd Dillon-Dutch

    Creative photographer with an interest in quirky photos and unusual landscapes.

  • Alan Burles

    Alan Burles

    I am an advertising art director turned photographer and since my teenage years I have carried a camera everywhere I go.
    I have worked at some terrific ad agencies under (and alongside) amazing people and so for 25 years I have been steeped in the world of ideas. I hope this gives my photos an extra dimension.

    I love ideas, I love humour, I love photos that are what I call 'never ending photos'. They reward you every time you look at them.

    Street photography can be more than shapes, shadows, silhouettes, movement, colours. It can be rich in ideas and humour as Elliot Erwitt has shown his whole career.

    My photographs were reviewed in a magazine in China recently and I managed to get the Mandarin text translated. The reviewer said: “Sometimes it needs you to just enjoy (his work), sometimes it requires your eyes to listen to the jokes it’s telling you.” I now call the way I work ‘Listening With My Eyes’.

    Life gives constantly and I consider my photos to be gifts, it is almost seeing without looking. I do not search out the photographs, the photographs happen to me - in the same way that we do not 'do' listening but still are aware of the sounds that surround us.

    In August I was honoured to be the winner of the Leica / Street Photography International Award for 2018/19.

  • Anne Nobels

    Anne Nobels

    Strong-minded catlover/wanderer/pizza backer/rally navigator/sundresslover/art teacher/ with a sweet tooth

    My name is Anne (1993, South-Africa), I live and work in a secluded and very quiet part of the Netherlands called Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. In February 2016 I graduated from the Fontys College for the Arts in Tilburg. I went there thinking I would become a painter, but the attraction to photography became stronger every year. My final work was a photo series. Since my graduation I have had the opportunity to show my work during various group exhibitions and a solo exhibition.
    In my photos I like to test the boundary between reality and fiction. Our former experiences and emotions color how we perceive things, which means that your truth does not have to be that of another. I find this a fascinating fact. A recurring theme for me is human vulnerability.

  • Leba Marquez

    Leba Marquez

  • Johan Brink

    Johan Brink

    My pictures are mostly from streets around the world. Where ever I am I walk the streets, or waiting in a corner looking for interesting colors, shadows and people. Trying to find moments of everyday life, something weird, colorful, friendship or loneliness.

    Trying to get the time for me and my camera when not working as a copywriter. I'm living in Kungsbacka, a small town on the Swedish West coast, just outside Gothenburg, with my wife and for another year or two (I guess) my daughter and my son just a block away.

    A dedicated collector of photography, photo books and dreaming about making my own.

  • Stefano Lista

    Stefano Lista

    I was born in 1974 and I studied Economics. At the age of 36 I decided to quit my job and fully devote myself to photography. I began to study photography, starting from its history, its language and its greatest authors. Today I am a documentary photographer and a teacher.
    I am particularly interested in two themes:
    1) humanistic photography that captures people when they lower their guard and let go, with or without awareness, of the image of themselves that they would like others to see;
    2) the investigation about the concept of physical and spiritual “reclusion” to which the man is subjected or undergoes by choice.

    My photographs have been exhibited in Tokyo, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Trieste.

    Together with my wife Adele we offer wedding reportage services proposing a documentary and innovative vision of ceremony photography. We are also the directors of Meshroom, one of the largest photography schools in central Italy.

    Some of my work is distributed for editorial purposes by Parallelozero Photo Agency.

  • Lance Larson


    I live in Marquette, MI and I enjoy taking pictures along the shores of Lake Superior.

  • Mark Phillips

    Mark Phillips

    Mark studied engineering and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His interest in film and photography began in his late teens, working on short animations and mainly monochrome images. Now based in South Buckinghamshire, UK, his practice is focussed in documentary photography, with his main interests in Social Documentary and occasional Street Photography.
    Although largely self-taught, he has also attended a number of courses, to build specific skills. In June 2014 he gained his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and has completed a number of short courses including MoMA (Seeing Through Photographs), London Street Photography Symposium, Magnum Education on Photobooks and Publishing, Magnum Workshops and other documentary workshops.

  • Damian Chrobak

    Damian Chrobak

    Born in 1977 in Jastrzebie Zdroj (Poland), Damian Chrobak is a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers since 2010, founder of Un-Posed – street photography collective assembling several leading artists of this stream who were born in Poland but work in different countries.

    After studying at Academy of Photography in Warsaw, Poland, Damian Chrobak moved to London in 2004, where he completed a Black & White Photography course at the University of Arts in London. Since then he is documenting city’s street life. His works were published in United Kingdom, Germany, United States of America, New Zealand, Poland and other European countries.Currently photographer is based in London and working on his documentary and street photography projects.

  • Iris Duvekot


    From childhood, Iris Duvekot (Amsterdam, 1987) has been an observer. She sees the beauty in things, even if that beauty is not immediately visible. In her work, interaction and contact are key. She creates a personal bond with her subject and creates a trusting environment. This enables her to depict people in a natural way. She looks through her lens, but the lens does not create a barrier between Iris and her environment. Her images are pure, genuine and often a bit mysterious. They are powerful images that seem
    life-like, as if they might move. (text by Renee Leeuw for The Workshop)

    Portrait, Fashion and Travel Photography

  • Lee Musgrave

    Lee Musgrave

    Lee Musgrave studied primarily with Hans Burkhardt and Fritz Faiss. Burkhardt was a studio partner of Arshile Gorky and Mark Tobey. Faiss studied at the Bauhaus with Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. He is the recipient of an American National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and his work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He specializes in abstract photography for which he has received several international awards including from 2017 Tokyo International Foto Awards; and was most recently exhibited in the 2018 Barcelona Foto Biennale & 2017 Pollux Awards, Spain; at Galerie Sehnsucht, Rotterdam, NL; at Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN; at SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC plus one of his recent abstract photographs was selected by Sarah Meister, Photography Curator, Museum of Modern Art, New York for a special online ‘still life’ exhibit for The Photo Review Magazine while Aline Smithson, founder and Editor of Lenscratch included his work in the 2019 Annual Photographic Exhibition at LA Artcore, Los Angeles. It was also featured in the 2016 Berlin Foto Biennale; in Art Ascent Magazine June 2018; in Artness Contemporary Magazine September 2018; in DoHo Magazine November 2017 online edition; in 2017 LandEscape Contemporary Art Review, Anniversary Edition; in the inaugural edition of Create Magazine; and in L’Oeil de la Photographie e-zine, 27 February 2016. His complete resume can viewed on his website www.leemusgrave.com He lives in White Salmon, Washington, USA.

  • Frazier


  • Daniel Levine

    Daniel Levine


  • Jonathan Armstrong

    Jonathan Armstrong

  • Spreng


    I was born in 1953 in Basel, Switzerland, where I attended the Art School in graphics and photography. I worked in commercial advertising before being appointed as broadcast designer at Swiss Television in Lugano on the range of Motion Graphics.

    - 2015 Finalist and "Honorable Mention" - International Fine Art Photography Contest "Interaction"

    - 2016 Finalist - "Enhanced" Category - Sony World Photography Awards

    - 2016 3rd Place National Award (Switzerland) - Sony World Photography Awards

    - 2017 Finalist - "Open" Category - SIPA Siena International Photo Awards

  • Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo, Bari, Italia

    Independent photographer his research moves on the themes of the mutations of the territory with reference to the people who live there and on the concept of identity and relationship. Collaborate with agencies, private and public institutions. He regularly holds photography courses, workshops and master classes in public and private schools, in Italy and abroad. He has exhibited in many important Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Venice, Genoa, Bari, Lecce and also abroad, in Switzerland, France, and Russia. His photographs are part of prestigious collections including those of the Giacomo Costa Foundation in Genoa and the Palazzo Vendemini (Savignano sul Rubicone) in Italy and those of the Musée de l'Elysèe in Lausanne in Switzerland and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Saint Petersburg. Russia. In 1999 he won the Portfolio in Piazza in Savignano sul Rubicone under the direction of Mario Cresci and, in 2013, the Confini prize for contemporary photography in Italy.
    His short movie "Una storia di Piero" won in 2016 the Next Generation Film Festival in Triggiano (Ba) and in 2017 the Best Cinematographic Opera Award at the Festival Luccica in Bari. He is present as an author in several volumes including "Territori del Cinema "by Gangemi publishing house. He has been working as a photo editor and book designer for several years and has published numerous publications.

  • Jon Popowich

    Jon Popowich

    Photography is both a recorded and a representational reality. There are some places, moments, and circumstances can seize the awakening eye in some aspect of their movement, their arrangement of form and light, in such a way that the single photo becomes complete language. Or it may be only a glimpse, perhaps even a type of glyph in an incomplete story. With all of this in mind, coupled with a deep longing, I seek to capture sensual places, full of creative tension; at times these places seem uneasy for reasons I am not fully certain of - perhaps they are only uneasy to myself. I am forever inspired by circumstances where intensity and emotion exist, or conversely, are made conspicuous by their absence...an unsettled sterility.

  • Stephanie Foden


    Stephanie Foden is a freelance documentary photographer who works mainly in the Americas. Her work, which often explores themes of culture, coming-of-age and journeys, depicts a deep, delicate sense of intimacy and mystery, however paradoxical it might sound.

    Her work has been recognized by the Magenta Foundation, Artpil's 30 Under 30 Women Photographers, NPAC, RMG Exposed, Smithsonian Magazine photo contest, TAPSA and the National Geographic Award at the Eddie Adams Workshop.

    Stephanie has worked with The New York Times, TIME, National Geographic Travel, The Guardian, ESPN, Amnesty International and CNN Parts Unknown.

  • Polly Rusyn

    Polly Rusyn

    Once upon a time I was a graphic designer until I discovered the joy of travel, which was when I hit the road with my backpack. After six years of globetrotting I settled into office life within the travel industry. Photography became my hobby, then the pesky thing got out of hand... so back in the summer of '15 I made my passion into my career. Today, and every day, I do what I love.

  • Nicholas Teetelli

    Nicholas Teetelli

  • Joel Van Audenhaege

  • Hon Hoang

    Hon Hoang

    Hon Hoang is a Vietnamese-American street, portrait, and event photographer currently based in South Korea. He was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. He began studying Photography shortly after graduating from UCLA where he studied Psychology. He sees Photography as a medium that answers questions, satisfies curiosity, and showcases the things that are often left unseen.

    He is currently working as a freelancer and on various photography projects such as www.enflight.design

  • Martin Tscholl

    Martin Tscholl


  • Curtis Salonick

    Curtis Salonick

  • Isis Ascobereta

    Isis Ascobereta

    I started taking pictures in 2016, right after I got my first digital camera.
    I am mainly interested in minimal photography.
    I currently live and work in Paris.

  • Rachael McArthur

    Rachael McArthur

    Rachael McArthur is a lens based artist currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. She has graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a BFA in Photography and attending Rhode Island School of Design for her MFA. In her work, she is interested in exploring femininity, sexuality and the fantasy.



    In the film era I used to shoot with a Ricoh, I was a teen and I was particularly interested in the development of the film. I remember coping with the magnifier, the chemicals, the paper on which I used to print my pictures. Just after the college my passion vanished, I don’t know exactly why.
    My interest for photography came back with the advent of the digital era. It was not until 2008 that I bought a digital camera, the Nikon D300 which I am still using.
    Photography gives me the chance to use a different language. Elements, composition, colours, can resonate in those who look at my works, so establishing a non-verbal communication, sharing empathy beyond physical borders. That’s the power of photography in my opinion: relationship.
    I am particularly interested in shooting portrait, architectural features and conceptual studios.

  • Bivas Bhattacharjee

    Bivas Bhattacharjee

    I am an artist photographer. I have done a 3 Years B.A. Hons in Photography from University College Falmouth, UK.

    I have been doing photography for the past 20 years and I love to delve into the surreal. I personally do not delve into documentation of the world, but personally love to capture a mood or the surreal feeling. It is like a memory that is stirred when someone passes by wearing a familiar perfume.

    I was previously interested in abstract photography but saw there is this funny blurry abstract in the world around, especially in a city like Kolkata, India where I belong as the chaos is hundred to thousand folds.

    Photography to me is sort of a personal exercise in capturing the essence of a place rather than recording it. To me, it has always been more meditative than dramatic.

  • Claudio Ahlers

    Claudio Ahlers

    I am based in Bristol and work mainly in fine art, portrait and street photography. My work has been shown in the in New York, San Fransisco, Miami, Portland

  • Dian Hymer

    Dian Hymer

    Dian Hymer is a Bay Area photographic artist whose work explores culture, history, and projects that employ landscape and portraiture to examine social, urban and environmental issues.

    She received a BA and MA from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also advanced to candidacy for a PhD degree in Anthropology. Formerly a successful real estate broker, nationally syndicated real estate columnist and author of consumer oriented real estate books, Dian Hymer now pursues fine art and documentary photography with the unique perspective of exploring architecture and its impact on the landscape and human behavior.

    She has studied photography at the University of California Berkeley, the Art and Design Center in San Francisco, and at intensive photographic workshops at Santa Fe Photography Workshops and Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP). Workshop instructors included renowned San Abell, Arthur Meyerson and Aline Smithson. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including the East Bay Journal and Lenscratch and was recognized for her work in the Los Angeles Center of Photography’s “The Creative Portrait” Exhibition. Dian currently lives in Oakland, CA.

  • Dimitri Mellos

    Dimitri Mellos

    Dimitri Mellos was born in Athens, Greece, but since 2005 has called New York City home. He studied philosophy and psychology and is a largely self-taught photographer. As a child, he used to walk around with an old Kodak Instamatic camera (with no film loaded), pretending to be taking pictures. He rediscovered his passion for photography only many years later, this time around making sure there was film (or an SD card) in the camera. He works mainly on long-term, self-initiated projects. His work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo shows, and has garnered several prestigious awards and accolades, including being a Finalist for the Visura Grant and the Magnum Expression Award, and a Juror’s Pick at the Lensculture Magnum Photography Awards.
    John Szarkowski said of Garry Winogrand that “his ambition was not to make good pictures, but through photography to know life.” This statement perfectly describes Dimitri’s photographic aspirations as well.

  • Andreas Theologitis

    Andreas Theologitis

  • Ingrid Gielen

    Ingrid Gielen

    Photographer situated in Belgium.I'm a social worker in a psychiatric hospital who took up photographing 5 years ago.I recently graduated at the "Haspengouw" photo academy. My pictures are mostly about all aspects of human life seen with a rather melancholic look.

  • D'alessandro


  • Roger Grasas

    Roger Grasas

    Roger Grasas was born in Barcelona in 1970. He began his academic studies in 1995 at the Photography Faculty of the Catalunya Politechnical University where he specialized in landscape and documentary photography. In 2000 enrolled at the University of Barcelona where obtained a bachelor in Philosophy of Aesthetics.

    Grasas began his professional career as a photographer in 2002 documenting cooperation projects for international foundations and for UNESCO org. Since then, traveling becomes the core of his artistic work, translating his experiences and reflections into visual arts. Regular contributor to several Spanish (El País, La Vanguardia etc) and international publications (National Geographic). Since 2013 he lives between Barcelona and Dubai.

    His body of work approaches the relationship between history and present, the role that technology reveals within the post-modern digital society and the state of confusion that human being suffers in the contemporary landscape. Sociopolitical issues such as globalization and philosophical concepts such as the 'difference', 'hyperreality' and 'alienation' generated by the capitalist society are also common places of his work.

    His projects have been exhibited in galleries of Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, United Arab Emirates and Mexico. In 2017 his latest projects 'Atenea' and 'Min Turab' have been published and distributed worldwide by mexican-spanish RM editorial. Several international awards or selections including Art Photo Bcn 2014, Photolucida 2017 Contest, Center for Fine Art Photography landscape Award, finalist at Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2018 and winner of PhotoEspaña Descubrimientos 2018

  • Anca Rafan

    Anca Rafan

    trying to make true my dreams...

  • Ashley Miller

    Ashley Miller

  • Wojtek Jakubiec

    Wojtek Jakubiec

  • Andrea Lavezzaro


    When I was a child, I used to spend most of the time drawing – to play, to learn, to escape, and even as a way to interact with others. My grandfather taught my father how to draw, thus I inherited it. Because illustration was an activity I always enjoyed, I decided to study Fashion Design, only to find out later that such a world was definitely not for me. Luckily, all the disappointment and pressure I had while dropping University only served as inspiration for me to immerse myself in Photography.

    I started working with an analog camera; a tool that remains untamed in my hands, which is the reason I still adore it. Regardless of how much I can control the camera, there are always elements of surprise interfering with my expectations. I allow a great deal of my work to feature interferences which happen freely, as if somehow I become aware that sometimes I must lose control during the process and give space to other forces (whatever they might be). But I am also a strong user of flash, digital and even mobile cameras – for me, all tools are valid.

    My interests lie in Street and Documentary Photography, as well as more poetic approaches with no strings attached to reality; as long as there is some sort of provocation either in the theme or in the visual of those images.

  • Roberman


  • Julien Sunye

    Julien Sunye

    Seeking a way out of his deep and long depression, Sunyé familiarises himself with the theme of trauma. He learns that early childhood trauma is burried deep in our subconsious yet defines our present. In a sense, we thus become prisoners of our past.

    During the summer of 2016 Sunyé visits the battlefields of Verdun in France and is strikken by the idea that this entanglement with our past doesn’t only play out on an invidiual level but on a societal level too. He finds that the wars we commemorate distract us from the fact that the violence never ended. What do peace and freedom mean when no bombs fall over our heads but inside ourselves we are still trapped?

    Sunyé feels at home between the ruins and the silence he finds on the shooting locations he visits between 2016 and 2018. He is soothed by the humming of the engine during thousands of miles he spends on the road traveling for this project. The prospect of another shoot is what keeps him going through these difficult years.

    Two years and over 20 photoshoots later, this series of photographs honours those fallen in collective violence as well as those who today are still trapped within themselves and who keep defying the elusive torments of their own past.

  • Kristof Vadino

    Kristof Vadino

  • Ronald Damwijk

    Ronald Damwijk

  • Amanda Fordyce


  • Sudi


  • Olivia Rutherford


  • Richard Mathis


  • Graham Fink

    graham fink

    I am a multimedia practitioner working in the fields of photography, film, painting, drawing and technology.
    My career over the years has been defined by never being entirely satisfied with the status quo, whether in the world of advertising, or in the world of art.
    I have long explored ideas of the subconscious and creativity through works spanning video, installation, photography, and painting.

  • Eloi Du Bois

    Eloi Du Bois

    Eloi Du Bois, raised in France living in Austin, TX, started making art by producing short films, one, « Bohem, Bohem… » being shown at Cannes Short Film Corner in 2014. In parallel of this formative activity, he worked on photography which became a passion that lead him to participate in workshops; the first one about portraiture with Richard Dumas in 2012 and this last one about photography visual story telling with Ed Kashi. Humans are an enigma, mysterious and unique. What Eloi likes in photography is capturing the unexpected, how Humans exteriorize their personality, how do their personality influence where they live, and the story that we can then develop from this.

  • Meike Sturat


  • Nate Palmer


  • Nicoletta Grillo


  • Victoria Vykhodtseva


    With a degree in linguistics and literature, I continued my studies to become a TV film director. With the advent of digital photography, I have evolved into an avid photographer currently based in Toronto. I travel extensively and continue to improve my photography skills attending master classes of renowned photographers such as Magnum's G. Pinkhassov. My interests are documentary and street photography which allow to capture unexpected moments and magic of daily life.

  • Marcus Bastel


    I am a London based photographer and writer, originally from Germany, I've studied Fine Art at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam and Sheffield Hallam University. I work mostly in photography and creative ideation and love finding a good solution to a tough problem. I like to travel and see things and I have a thing for cars, they seem to be in a lot of my pictures acting as prime focus. I like the idea of getting in, hitting the road and seeing what happens along the way. Get in touch, if you got something in mind.

  • Eric Davidove

    Eric Davidove

    I am a relatively new photographer living in the San Francisco bay area. For the past three years I have been making photographs without trying to portray a specific story, message, theme, or style. Simply taking candid street photos of people, situations and decisive moments that caught my eye. During this time of randomness and experimentation I learned how to use my camera and refined my unique photographic style. I noticed how I progressively became more purposeful and intentional when taking photos, and that I made fewer frames during each photo session. This desire to uniquely document what I saw and experienced, and to apply deeper thinking into my photographs, has led me to my decision to make a photography series.

  • Wessel-Berg


    my name is : Sølvi Iren Wessel-Berg. born 091067 in The city Drammen in Norway.
    -3 children
    -in a relationship for 8 years
    -educated in photography in Norway
    -freelance photographer
    -documenting the refugees situation in Greece, Libanon and Norway
    -working in documentary and storytelling form.
    -passion for human rights, womans rights, freedom in life,and the right to speak out.
    -as a photographer i feel i can bring real life of this issues to the rest of the world, and be a part of a change in importantness for Human rights.

  • Toby Binder

    Toby Binder

    Toby was born 1977 in Esslingen/Germany and studied at the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. Soon his photography focused on social, environmental and political topics.

    Based in Argentina and Germany he works both on assignments and personal projects. He is mostly interested in topics of post-war and crisis situations as well as in the daily life of people.

    His work has been awarded internationally, e.g. with the Philip-Jones-Griffiths-Award in 2018, the Sony-World-Photo-Awards in 2019 and 2017 and the Nannen-Preis in 2017. The same year he received an Honorable Mention by UNICEF Photo of the Year.

    His work is published by Stern, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, die Zeit, Greenpeace Magazin, Amnesty Journal, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and others.

    In March 2019 his first photo book „Wee Muckers–Youth of Belfast“ was published by Kehrer.

  • Paul Hermes

    Paul Hermes

  • Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

    Henriette Ebbesen

    Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen, born April 5th 1994, is currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she works as a fine art photographer alongside studying medicine at University of Copenhagen. Ebbesen has always been interested in the painting media, but her passion for fine art photography started recently in 2015, when she came to Georgia Southern University, GA, USA on a Rotary Scholarship to study art from 2015-2016. Ebbesen is interested in reflections and uses reflective surfaces to decompose space and objects within the picture frame in order to create surreal effects in her photographs.

    Ebbesen’s photographs have been exhibited both in the USA and Europe, and she has been featured and published by magazines like Blink Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Musée Magazine, and Vogue Italy. Ebbesen has also won several awards and honorable mentions in different photography competitions, including two of Life Framer's monthly competitions. Ebbesen's portfolio is currently featured on Photo Vogue Italia with whom she recently exhibited in Milan, November 2017 during "Photo Vogue Festival", a photo festival organized by Vogue Italy.

  • Sachin Deshpande

    sachin deshpande

  • Patrick John O'Doherty

    Patrick John O'Doherty

    I live in Johannesburg South Africa with my wife and daughter. I work as a consultant in a mechanical engineering firm by profession, so I get to spend quite a bit of time on the road, and sometimes in remote locations. I studied photography, graphic design and visual arts back in the 90's which I still have a great love for. I grew up using film which was mainly shot in black and white. I would consider myself as an intimist when it comes to my photographic work which can be found in my landscapes, portraits and still life. I find photography an excellent medium to express myself and hopefully resonates with my audience on a spiritual level.

  • Anna Dell'Amico

    Anna Dell'Amico

  • Antoni Lallican

    Antoni Lallican

    ​Antoni Lallican is a French photographer born in 1988 in Paris.
    After working as an office executive for several years, he has radically changed his way of life through his first long travel in 2015. Seeking meetings and adventures, he also discovered his passion for photography through the incredible human interactions made possible by his camera.

    He has since decided to dedicate his career to photography with a focus on portraits of people made in their real-time environment. Traveling alone, Antoni Lallican tries to immerse himself as much as possible in the countries he crosses and the populations I mets in order to have a look as objective as possible on the experiences that he lives.

    After a first exhibition in PFE festival in 2017 and a publication in fisheye magazine in march 2018 for his serie "Sleeper Class", Antoni Lallican started a reflexion about the consequences of the Kashmiri conflict on the identity of its inhabitants. He is actually exhibiting the result of this reflexion : "Kashmiris, snapshot of people facing an uncertain futur", in the cultural center FGO - Barbara in Paris.

  • Dan Fenstermacher

    Dan Fenstermacher

    Dan Fenstermacher’s photography merges environmental portraiture and documentary storytelling with social activism. His work aims to shed light on the perseverance of the human spirit in overcoming life’s challenges. Fenstermacher’s work has been included in juried exhibitions such as the: 2015 MFA National Competition at First Street Gallery, New York, Divergence: Emerging Legacies at the de Young Museum, San Francisco, and MFA Now 2015: Archive Project & Juried Exhibition at Root Division in San Francisco, CA.

    Fenstermacher has worked in photography on four continents including a multi-media internship in Accra, Ghana, as a portrait photographer in Sydney, Australia, a Professor of Fine Arts at Xiangfan University in China, and as an artist-in-residence in San Ramon Costa Rica. His work about mental illness and stigma has been featured on The Huffington Post and UK Daily Mail, and in numerous publications including The Mighty, Art Nerd, the South Bay Pulse, and Signature Magazine.

    Fenstermacher received a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the University of Idaho. He holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from San Jose State University and teaches photography at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, CA, and West Valley Community College in Saratoga, CA.

  • Spag Bertin

    Bertin Spag

    Self-taught, photography is the medium I use to express myself, tell my vision of the world, and share my explorations. I am particularly attached to candid photographies that shows everyday life.

    Since 2007, I travel a lot: cycling adventures around the world, road trips, artistic projects in slums, etc. Travels influence my photography practice, both mingle and give me the power to explore the world, meet people and learn.

    contact : [email protected]

  • Vincent L'Hostis

    Vincent L'Hostis

  • Dan Gemkow

    Dan Gemkow

    Gemkow’s photographs have been exhibited in several galleries and museums including the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, the Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, FotoFilmic PULP Gallery Bowen Island, B.C., the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Kaunas Photo Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, Rogue Space Chelsea in New York City, the Masur Museum of Art in Louisiana, the New Hampshire Institute of Art, the Foundry Art Center in St. Charles, Missouri, the Kevin Milligan Gallery in the Bay Area of California, the Black Box Gallery in Oregon, the PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont, the Midwest Center for Photography in Kansas, the Tubac Center for the Arts in Arizona, several galleries around the Midwest and Gallery MM in Yokohama, Japan.

  • Nadide Goksun

    Nadide Goksun

    I am a ceramic artist and photographer.

    I studied computer programming at Bogazici University in Istanbul and Korean ceramics at Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul. My interest in photography turned into a passion as I started to study at the International Center of Photography in NYC.

    I was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1967 and have lived in Istanbul, TelAviv and Seoul. I currently live in Scarsdale, New York.

  • Maarten Vromans

    Maarten Vromans

    Maarten Vromans (1975, Netherlands) roams through cities and landscapes. With his photography he explores the impact that people, nature and weather have on urban development. Currently he investigates if it is possible to produce strong images by just leaving everything to chance.

    His photos were published in New Dutch Photography Talent 2016, an annual platform publication featuring the work of hundred upcoming Dutch photographers. He has exhibited his work in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Budapest. Maarten is represented by Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Yoav Zohar

    Yoav Zohar

  • Aaron Chapman


    Aaron Chapman (b. 1990, Denpasar, Indonesia) is a photographer and writer from the Gold Coast, Australia. After several years travelling and working abroad, he returned to the Gold Coast to complete a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University. This return home marked the start of his focused storytelling practice and its ongoing development. Chapman now poetically engages the two mediums of photography and writing to create a more intimate sense of place. Currently, he is working on long-term projects documenting his hometown by considering how, as a tourist city, its subcultures and associated stereotypes influence the perception of those who live there permanently.

  • Jimmy Reina

    Jimmy Reina

  • Alessandro Spitilli

    Alessandro Spitilli

  • Siddhartha Banerjee

    Siddhartha Banerjee

    Myself a photographer and visualiser. Also have a keen interest in painting and CG. I do not have any professional degree in photography but it is my own interest that has driven me into it. Love to watch works from other artists so that i can learn.
    Presently contributing in istock and Alamy.

    Solo Photography Exhibition at Terrace Art Gallery / Jehangir Art Gallery / JEHANGIR ART GALLERY161 KALAGHODA, MUMBAI,MAHARASHTRA 400001 : INDIAfrom November 11th – November 17th 2014.

    Awarded by SEEME for an exhibition from 25th July to 10th September. Title : The Story of the Creatives. Organiser : SEE.ME , Venue : Angel Orensanz Foundation 172 Norfolk Street, New York NY, 10002 . Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/jhfft - Portfolio Link : https://siddha.see.me ( Photography )


    Awarded as the Honorable mention certificate in photography from MIFA 2014 in Fine Art - Still Life.

    Awarded as the Honorable mention certificate in photography from IPA 2013 in both Non-Professional & Professional category.

    Awarded as the Honorable mention certificate in photography from IPA 2012 in three Non Professional category.

    Awarded as the Honorable mention certificate in photography from IPA 2010 in Non Professional category.

    Awarded as the 6th showcase winner in 2014 & 4th / 6th / 8th showcase in 2013 & 2nd/ 3rd / 4th showcase in 2010 from artslant in photography. http://www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/90373-siddhartha-banerjee

    Received a certificate of merit at the national level in the “International Poster Contest“ in 1997 on the theme ”Our families in the World” organized by NCERT & UNFPA.

  • Juan Rodríguez Morales

    Juan Rodríguez Morales

  • Linda De'Nobili


  • Nathalie Perakis-Valat

    Nathalie Perakis-Valat

    Born in Paris, trained in business at the HEC Business School in Paris, I am a self-taught French photographer who was based in Shanghai from 2010 to 2016. Having lived in Brussels, Düsseldorf, Madrid, New York, and Shanghai, I am always very inspired by a desire to capture the lives of the people I encounter.

    Shanghai fascinated me immediately.
    I was first struck by the contrasts and the surreality of this city, which I expressed in my series "Real Shanghai ?" through collage and color enhancement.

    Attracted to the traditional neighborhoods, for my "Lilong Treasures" project, I spent 2 years discovering the Chinese people's lives and culture but also creating poetry of the vestiges through abstract compositions.

    In Shanghai Keystones, I tried to bring a different light to construction sites, focusing on the action of construction itself, placing the worker into the focal center, rather than the building. I provided testimonials for these men and paid tribute to their efforts which often remain unknown and obscured.

    My work focuses on the human dimension of the city, rendering visible what is otherwise invisible.
    It has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Asia and in Europe amongst which Photo Shanghai, Art Central HK, Art Stage Singapore, Shanghai Contemporary, Grand Prix Photo Saint Tropez and Atelier Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

    Back in Paris now, I am rediscovering my own European culture and working on new series.

  • Jason Pierce-Williams

    Jason Pierce-Williams

    hello. Ive been shooting and loving photography for 30 years. For one form of portraiture I use a 120 year old full plate (10x12") bellows camera with 8x10 Ilford BW film. Its a beautiful, historic process and three of my 100 + images are represented here. I also shoot a lot of street and wedding which you may find on my IG at jason_williamsphotography and www.jasonwilliamsphotography.co.uk. I love this medium and hope you enjoy what I have to offer towards it. Happy shooting.

  • Debra Le Cerf

    Le Cerf

  • Keith Shuaib

    Keith Shuaib

  • Jaap Van den Beukel

    Jaap van den Beukel

    Jaap van den Beukel grew up with 4 sisters and a father who was a vicar. He decides after secondary school to go to college in The Hague to study Photography and Photonics. The internships he had to do here were complete opposites. From black and white reportages at a newspaper to creating still life photography. These opposite ends of photography have contributed to his own style today. This resulted in assignments from a variety of companies and advertising- and design agencies nationally and internationally.

    After a very busy working period, he decided to move with his family to Barcelona at the beginning of 2008. This Catalonian period was a sabbatical and the start of a quest to find a different style of photography. A lot of time was spent out on the streets shooting autonomous pursuits. “The fact that there are so many different people living their own lives fascinates me, so I can spend hours just walking around on the streets.” Bit by bit a signature style started to emerge, that resulted in a series of new projects that can be best described as staged reportage.

    A great example of his in Barcelona developed style is his current project ‘Our Grid’. The composition of the image is partly staged, but at the same time dissolves into a documentary whole. Background and people have the same importance and join together seamlessly. The image editing has no influence on the composition but is mainly used as a tool to brighten the image to make reality more surrealistic. The interest in social subjects and the longing for reportage gets a place in his photography as well as in his films.

  • Konstans Zafeiri

    Konstans Zafeiri

    My name is Konstans Zafeiri and I would primarily define myself as an artist rather than as a photographer.
    I experience photography as a means of expression, an invaluable artistic outlet.
    My main need and intention is to explore my inner existence, interpret reality and life, and offer an aesthetic and conceptual alternative to the restrictions we are defined by.
    Our perception, the way we experience the world around us, is severely limited by both our bodies as well as by the societal norms that shape our sense of reality; we are born into boundaries.
    Through my art I aim to fight more and more towards my personal freedom, to defeat my own prejudices, overcome my daemons and share with others this effort of trying to offer an alternative way of thinking.

  • Sevi Papadopoulou

    Sevi Papadopoulou

  • Iain Anderson

    Iain Anderson

  • Inge Oosterhoff

    Inge Oosterhoff

  • Sepp Van Dun

    Sepp van Dun

  • Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher continues to define his artistic expression through his own balance of calculation and experimentation. He photographs the world around him with intention, creating images that have meaning, beauty, and thought behind them. He is primarily self-taught.
    Jeff enjoys using a variety of cameras and techniques, both film and digital, and has a love for the surprising nuances that can be found in a vintage camera, or even a plastic “toy” camera. He does his own processing and enjoys spending rainy evenings with a fresh roll of film in the darkroom in his home.
    For subject matter, Jeff often chooses natural subjects, and enjoys creating images that show the juxtaposition of man and nature. He is forever enticed by his love of capturing images on film, and his work is characterized by depth, interest, and the hint of story.

  • Ellen Jantzen

    Ellen Jantzen

    I don’t consider myself a "photographer" but an image-maker, as I create work that bridges the world of photography, prints and collage. As digital cameras began producing excellent resolution, I found my perfect medium. It was a true confluence of technical advancements and creative desire that culminated in my current explorations in photo-inspired art using both a camera to capture imagery and a computer to alter, combine and manipulate the pieces.

    My work is shown and published internationally.

    I was awarded “Special Photographer of The Year” in the 2017 International Photography Awards.

    I was 1st place winner in the 2017 International Photography Awards, Digitally Enhanced Category

    I was one of 15 women photographers chosen to receive the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.
    Along with the honor, I participated in the Berlin Biennial that took place in October 2016.

    I was also awarded First Place (Fine Art, Special Effects Category) in the Moscow International Foto Awards, 2016 and First Prize, Fine Art in the prestigious PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris for my series "Transplanting Reality; Transcending Nature"

    My work has been shown in galleries and museums world-wide as well as numerous web-based sites. I am represented by, among others, the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach CA, the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis MO and Edition One Gallery, Santa Fe NM.

  • Isabeau De Rouffignac

    Isabeau de Rouffignac

  • Xavier Cambier


  • Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen

    Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen

    Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen, b. 1994, Aarhus, Denmark. Admitted to the Bachelor's programme of Art & Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2017. Received diploma of photography at Krabbesholm Højskole in 2013 and at VERA School of Art & Design in 2016.

    I am curious about the versatility of photography and the impact it has on our comprehension of ourselves and our surroundings. My work engages with human behavior through the presentation and representation of public and private space and how we - as human beings - influence our common world. Photography is an inherent part of my work. I investigate the possibilities and limitations of photography through experiments with various polaroid types, analog film and digital errors & enhancements. My work range from a starting point in photography to three-dimensional work with installation and video.

  • Victoria Gu

    Victoria Gu

  • Tijana Pakic

    Tijana Pakic

    I was born in Paris in 1974.
    The most of my life I spent in Belgrade, Serbia, where I was raised and did all my schooling.
    2001. BA degree from the Academy of Art “Braca Karic” (BK) in Belgrade, photography department.
    2003 – 2005. TA (teacher’s assistant) at the department of photography, Academy of Art “Braca Karic” (BK), Belgrade.
    In 2005 I moved to Paris where I work as artist photographer.
    Life experienece: earthquake and bombing raid.

  • Sue Bailey


  • Ralph Wilson


    hjipibp snjips

  • Christian Nilson

    Christian Nilson

    With his roots in street photography, autodidact Swedish photographer Christian Nilson’s work now takes the form of imagery through short and long term documentary projects. Following a move to Switzerland in 2006 he challenges his natural introverted character through the camera. His uncompromising style and openness allow his audience to enjoy and celebrate his chosen subjects; using flash photography his pictures reveal much ‘because I want the viewer to see everything, no hiding, no guessing.’

    Following his London debut at FIX Photo Festival Nilson gained representation at L A Noble Gallery. He is also a member of The Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography NEAR and the Swiss photographer agency 13 Photo. Nilson’s work is informed through his experience, living in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland alongside extensive travels for photographic projects and assignments.

  • Roberto Bojorquez

    Roberto Bojorquez

    In a world where billions of pictures get taken every day, how can I still find that unique perspective to the subject?

    That's my challenge.

    How do I decide when to take a photo? I close my eyes and if I can imagine this piece framed and hanging in a museum somewhere, provoking curiosity and excitement of the viewers, then I take it.

    That's my litmus test.

  • Eduard Korniyenko

    Eduard Korniyenko

    Born in Stavropol,Russia,in 1974,Eduard Korniyenko became a professional photographer in 2000. In 2002 he joined the Russian Union of Journalists.At present,Korniyenko is a full-time photo-correspondent for the regional newspaper Stavropol Pravda and a freelancer for the news agency REUTERS.Several international online news outlets have published Korniyenko's photographs.His work as a photojournalist has focused on developments in Northern Caucasus,which has experienced ethnic and intercultural conflict and political and economic instability.


    2015 - IPA 2015, Photo Essay and Feature Story, Honorable Mention, USA
    2016 – The Best of Russia, Russia, Winner.
    2017 – SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, United Kingdom, Sport category, 2nd Prize.
    2017 – FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 3th edition, Photojournalism category, Nominee, London, UK.
    2017 – Kolga Tbilisi Photo, documentary category, Georgia, Finalist.
    2017 - Prize Bronze in Press / Sports category, PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, France.
    2017 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Sport category, Silver Prize, Moscow, Russia.
    2017 - Felix Schoeller Photo Award, Landscape / Nature, Finalist, Osnabrück, Germany.
    2017 – IPA 2017 (Russia), Photography of Year, Winner, LA, USA.
    2017 – The Exposure Award, Winner, USA.
    2017 - PhotogrVphy Grant, Photojournalism, Nominee, London, UK.
    2017 - The Chealsea International Photography Competition, New York, USA.
    2017 - IPA 2017, International Photographer of the Year, Finalist, LA, USA.
    2017 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story Telling, Remarkable Award, Siena, Italy.
    2017 - ND Photography Awards 2017, Editorial, 1st, 3rd places and Honarable mention awards, USA.
    2017 - Chromatic Awards, Honorable Mention: Portrait, Sports, Street, Wildlife and Animals, USA.
    2018 - Balkan Photо Festival, 1st place Mobile photography, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    2018 - IPOTY 2017 (International Photographer of the Year), Photo Essay/Story (Professional) and Sports (Professional) Honorable mention, London, UK.
    2018 - International Color Awards, People category, Nominee, CA, USA.
    2018 - Tokyo Foto Awards 2017, People category, Silver, Tokyo, Japan.
    2018 - FAPA (Fine Art Photography Award) in 4th edition, Photojournalism and Street Photography categories, Nominee, London, UK.
    2018 - Siena International Photo Awards, Story Telling, Finalist, Siena, Italy.
    2018 - ASPA (Alghero Street Photography Awards), Documentary, Semi-Finalist, Alghero, Italy.
    2018 - Royal Photography Society, Shortlist, UK.
    2018 – MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), Editorial-Photo Essay, Honarable mention, Moscow, Russia.
    2018 - PX3 PRIX LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS, Prize Silver in Press / Feature Story category, France.

  • Afshin Mehrpouya

    Afshin Mehrpouya

    XEDER (Afshin Mehrpouya) was born in North Eastern Iran. His photographic adventure started in 2012 in a series based on video projection of architectural artifacts and mineral elements on human body. Since, his work has evolved towards still-life compositions frequently integrating elements of human body. His work aims to expose "the soul of modern and natural objects" and to put them in tension with the human. He hopes that his work can stir into movement "the dragons and fairies resting in the deep recesses of our beings". He lives and works in the Netherlands.

  • Milene Van Arendonk

    van Arendonk

    Hi there! My name is Milene van Arendonk, I am a photographer, a visual storyteller and documentary maker from The Hague, The Netherlands. I am a self-taught photographer ever since I was 9 years old. It all started with an analogue silver Nikon and never stopped.

    During my life I lived abroad for 5 years (in Turkey, Uganda, Argentina and England) and learned how to document people within different cultures in a respectful way. I was actively involved in several voluntary programs with non-profit organizations.

    I am now working as an independent photographer for editorial, commercial and my personal documentary projects and am starting to specify myself as a photojournalist.

    Photography for me is a lot more than snapping a photo. It’s a new way of seeing things, documenting what is now, stepping out of my comfort zone and learning from the people I meet.

  • Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis was born in 1975 in Greece and is currently living in Amsterdam. He comes from a scientific background and after completing a doctorate in medical biology, he turned to photography which he now combines alongside his career in medical research.
    He is fascinated by urban patterns of life and behavior; how human and humanised nature mingle and clash. His photography explores themes of isolation, identity, the juxtaposition of collective and individual and communication versus segregation. In small narratives he wants to shed light on ways we affect and are affected by artificial social and physical environments.

  • Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle

    Servaas Van Belle (°Belgium, 1978) prefers to photograph things that do not talk to him. He prefers to search for interesting objects / shapes in the landscape, sculptures with a story. After 9 years of Art school Servaas left for Africa for a few years where he developed an elementary school. On his return, his camera was one of his few possessions. A precious commodity that became his only breadwinner. For several years his work has been published regularly in Belgium and The Netherlands.

  • Natalie Chen

    Natalie Chen

    1994, Taiwan-born, L.A.-based fine art commercial photographer.

  • Roger Hyland

    Roger Hyland

    Amateur photographer in Melbourne. Interested in street art, street photography, built environment.

  • Laura Reid

    Laura Reid

  • Corey Melton

    Corey Melton

  • Kate Aubin Krasa

    Kate Aubin Krasa

  • Derek Man

    Derek Man

    Derek Man is a photographer based in London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he has lived in the UK since 2005 and became a naturalised citizen in 2016. His work explores cultural identity and what we call home – how we form a sense of place, and what makes us feel like we belong.

  • Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno was born in Messina, Italy, in 1974, to a family involved in the arts. She received her first camera from her mother when Bonanno was studying photography at the School of Arts in Italy. She has also lived and studied in Paris where she still frequently works. Her photographs have been included in several exhibitions in Europe and abroad.
    She currently lives in Messina, Italy. She works between her city and Paris.

  • Alastair Mclachlan

    Alastair Mclachlan

    BA graduate in Fine arts and Drama. Drive-in stalker, fire chaser, magic bus driver, rooftop venue instigator, image appreciator, visual content producer, dreamer and glass half full whiskey drinker.

    I am captivated by the tension between dramatic and astounding beauty in the landscape and the results of our presence within it.

    My work is documentary in intent but I am not a disconnected observer.
    I like my pictures to tell stories, to reach beyond the “document”, to seek an imagined truth and act as meditative material for further rumination.

    I feel an affinity to nature, in general, but especially to my own Land and respond to it as a tribute to the pieces of earth that I grew up on, my ancestry and the larger South African Landscape.

    I am accustomed to and yet continually amazed by the unique dichotomy that is Johannesburg. It’s an incongruous relationship built on curiosity that, while drawing me in visually, frightens me for its future.

    I use my photography in an attempt to connect, to ground myself and see how I belong and where I am heading ….even if it is not 'picturesque' but somehow ties together my experience of this city as a living growing and strange entity.

  • Donovan Torres

    Donovan Torres

  • Anton Gautama

    Anton Gautama

    Gautama began taking pictures with a mobile phone. Since 2015 he has been working professionally as photographer with a passionate focus on documentary photography. He believes that the essence of photography is the ability to help us understand life. Gautama seeks unique moments that can generate powerful emotional responses. With a patience and determination, the photographer often immerses himself for months at a single location pursuing his photographic observations.

    Photographs from Anton Gautama have been featured in several on-line and printed magazine platforms since 2016, such as LensCulture, National Geographic Traveller, and many others. His works have been exhibited at the Goethe Institute, Jakarta, Bandung Creative Hub, Institut Seni Indonesia in Jogjakarta< Leica Store Indonesia, and many others. His book Pabean Passage about traditional Indonesain spice markets, was published in 2016.

    In October 2015 Anton Guatama opened a private photo gallery in Malang in order to share his passion of photography. In keeping with his interest in exploring and preserving Indonesian culture, he also restored a full set of Javanese gamelan and placed it inside the gallery.

    Originally from Makassar, Indonesia, Anton Gautama is a Surabaya based photographer with a Masters in Business Administration.

  • Raul Guillermo

    Raul Guillermo

    Peruvian documentary and fine art photographer based in Paris.

  • Hannah Laycock

    Hannah Laycock

    Hannah Laycock (1982) was born and grew up in the North-east coast of Scotland. Between 2005–2015 she lived in Brighton and London during which time she cultivated her skills in fine-art and commercial photography.

    Hannah specialises in portrait photography, currently inspired by her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. Her subtle, contemplative and sensuous work on MS contributes to contemporary photography, particularly art and portrait photography, and to illness narratives that come in various forms in contemporary culture: from memoirs to performance art. In two of her latest bodies of work, Awakenings and Perceiving Identity she explores her feelings of uncertainty, fear, loss and liberation, intuitively delving into and questioning the notion of neurological ‘lack’.

    This is not the first time Laycock explores illness as Railing at the Enthrallment to the Failing of the Light (Parts I–II, 2009) had documented the emotional terrain of her family’s life following her father’s diagnosis with motor neuron disease.

    Laycock’s two MS related projects correlate to her earlier art and portrait photography; Fragility and Primacy Subject, which deal with fragility, image and desire, and power relations between subject and observer.

    Laycock uses photography as tool to reach out “to help the general population, patients and health professionals to tell and listen to the complex and unique stories of illness” through the use of visual language. “To re-imagine health and wellbeing care based on trust and trustworthiness, humility, and mutual recognition” in order to better understand such conditions as motor neuron disease or multiple sclerosis.

  • Teresa Álvarez Munárriz

    Teresa Álvarez Munárriz

  • Cole Davis


    I am a documentary photographer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I attended LSU for Philosophy and Religious studies and am currently studying at the International Center of Photography. I'm passionate about combining philosophy and visual language to reave a path for good in the world.

  • Laura Testing


  • Anna Siggelkow

    Anna Siggelkow

    Anna Siggelkow deciphers the urban space and puts it in a new context. She shows a world flattened between figuration and abstraction.
    Even if certain elements of the scene are pragmatic and just functional by nature, they develop a curious, particular energy in the pictures.

    The banal objects in the settings seem to play a role in a somehow important, and on the other hand absurd spectacle. Anna is making fun of the human effort, giving everything a clearly defined function. It is a manic answer to a capitalist designed world, playing a visual game of a goal-oriented lifestyle.

    Between a magical vision and a postmodern conglomerate of equivalent elements, with no meta meaning, a 2D vision, with no link to a third dimension, the pictures might even be post-historical, not telling a story anymore.

    Thus natural elements find a place in the settings, more like cultivated plants, than being a natural counterpart. Typography dissolves in symbols.

    The human body seems to be erased, since his mortality cannot fit in this alternative creation of a world of objects. And so patina is not been found, and if, it seems to be added on purpose, rather than being part of a disaggregation.

    Anna Siggelkow‘s work relates to the contentual engagement with the terms of art and technology and its word stem ‚techné‘. As to be found in Heideggers philosophy, Anna does not differentiate between its technical and creative characteristics, but in a manner of how one perceives the world.

    Artist and commercial photographer based in Cologne I Germany

    2001 – 2007 Academic studies at „ecosign/ Akademie für Gestaltung“, Cologne (Germany)
    Subjects: Design/ photo design
    Diploma in design/ photo design („sollbruchstelle“)

    Work Experience:

    Assistance to Adrian T Kubica, Robin Preston, lindemannFotodesign, Marcus Pietrek, Tania Walck,
    Tomas Rodriguez, susanne troll fotografie, Jörg Hejkal, Marcus Pietrek and others
    2007-2009 Photographic journeys
    2007 Participation at Cologne Kunstverein (art association)
    2007 Internship at „fotografie tomas rodriguez“ (lifestyle photographer)
    2004 Internship at „Fotografie Jörg Hejkal“ (photographer)


    2017 „Mut zu Toleranz, Freiheit und Liebe“ – 8. Mühlheimer Nacht – Kunstwerk e.V. – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2016 „Wir wollen mal nicht übertreiben“ – PIK – class of Mischa Kuball – „Lotus Power“ – installation – Cologne (Germany)
    2015 „Krambambuli – Erzähl mir eine Geschichte“ – group exhibition – Marie Wolfgang – „Ferner hier“ – Essen (Germany)
    2013 „Mensch und Topografie. Weit, weit von hier, hier vor meiner Tür“ – Emscherkunst. 2013 –
    Blowin’ Free – Das Containerdorf der KunstVereineRuhr – group exhibition – „ferner hier“ – Oberhausen (Germany)
    2013 Exhibition of several artworks – Goldkante - Bochum (Germany)
    2012 „Fotoweihnachtsmarkt“ – Projektraum-Fotografie – exhibition of several artworks – Dortmund (Germany)
    2011 „le bloc - Mode und Design“ – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2010 „SuperMarkt – Cologne Music Week - Passagen“ – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2009 „Hug me, Heimlich“ – 10 Jahre Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2008 „Sense of place“ – exhibition of the artwork „sollbruchstelle“ / „geradeausdranvorbei“ – Cologne (Germany)
    2007 „sollbruchstelle“ – exhibition of the artwork „sollbruchstelle“ im „off Broadway“ – Cologne (Germany)
    2007 „sollbruchstelle“ – diploma exhibition in the ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung – Cologne (Germany)
    2005 „passagen 2005“ – exhibition of the artwork „geradeausdranvorbei“ – Cologne (Germany)

  • Jean-François Bouchard


  • Alexa Singer

    Alexa Singer

  • Jefferson Lankford


  • Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau (born in 1986) is a German-Italian artist. She has studied visual communication at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and at the School of Visual Arts in New York as well as Foreign Languages and Literature at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre.
    While studying and working abroad in Tokyo, Frankfurt and London she developed an interest in photography, fascinated by the ambiguous relationship between photographic image and reality.
    She currently lives and works in Florence, Italy.

  • Marvin Hugentobler

    Marvin Hugentobler

    Photographer, Art Director and Designer living between Hong Kong and Zurich.

  • Archana Kumar


    I focus on the small and essential fleeting moments, gestures and fragments that make us humans. My goal is to capture the extraordinary beauty of ordinary life, capture humanity in the act.

    My projects include 'Karmayogi- people absorbed in their work, Portraits, Ode to Light, Two is better than one, and my favorite 'Every picture tells a story.'

    Apart from making images, I produce Photography workshops in India. My new venture is called Photos For Humanity, where my mission is: Photos in exchange for making the lives of the people we photograph just a little bit better. The idea is that a portion of the workshop revenue will go towards the welfare of the people in the villages we shoot.

  • Sher Harvey


    Sherri Harvey teaches, writes and photographs in the SF Bay Area. She spends her days pouring over words, galloping her horses, hiking with her dog, scaring her husband and drinking vodka, sometimes all at once. Life is one grand adventure after another. Go outside and play. @sherricoyote www.sherriharvey.com

  • Christelle Boule

    Christelle Boule

    Christelle Boulé is a Swiss-Canadian photographer and art director. She graduated with a Master of Art Direction (photography) from ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from UQAM/University of Quebec in Montreal. She has been publish in various magazines such as PDN Photo Annual 2017, GUP, Scentury and Next Level magazine and has exhibited in many countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and USA. She lives and works in Lausanne where she is dividing her practice between commissioned work and personal projects.

  • Pierre-Louis Barge

    Pierre-Louis Barge

  • Monica Gorini

    Monica Gorini

    I am an Italian-born artist living and working primarily in Milan. After studying painting at The Academy of Fine Arts in Milan I divided my time between teaching and creating . My favorite topics are poetry, dreams and the beauty in people and nature but I have done researches in architecture, colors, interior architecture and design in terms of their direct impact on people's everyday lives. I am Interested in creativity and mixing different artistic languages.

  • Etienne Perrone

    Etienne Perrone

    I’ve been photographing since 1997, when I joined a cinema school in France. First in film, thanks to the school laboratory, and then very quickly in digital. Although very limited at that time (I started with a 2 megapixel camera, far from the 42 today!) I was completely won over by the freedom that this new technology offered. But all these years, my practice of photography has remained irregular and secondary behind my activity of director and editor. Until last year when I had a kind of revelation, a professional epiphany: I am a lover of pictures before being a Story maker. And even more than writing screenplays, I like to create images, atmospheres, universes. For this reason, I went from a "director who sometimes takes pictures" to a "photographer who sometimes makes films".
    I like to create a sensation of strangeness, of a suspended moment. Like if one observed a place just before or just after something. I also like this idea of ​​offering the viewer the impression of looking a place as if nobody else was present there. Like an invisible ghost look. See a place absolutely and totally empty and silent, disrupted by nothing. It reminds me of this existential question that I like very much. "Does a tree that falls make noise only if there is someone to hear it? ". I like to give this impossible sensation that one can finally look at a scene as if there was no one to observe, not even the photographer.
    More than a message, it is an atmosphere that I like to convey through my photos. Besides, I also sometimes add soundtracks to my exhibitions to further push this "journey" experience into another dimension. I like to be able to transport the viewer in other universes, thus provoking a form of secondary state, a slightly hypnotic sensation of being simply elsewhere, or being something else.

  • Nils Bouvyer

    Nils Bouvyer

  • Varvara Uhlik


  • Giedo Van der Zwan

    Giedo van der Zwan

    I do photography for about 40 years now, but I discovered street photography only 2 years ago and I have been hooked since.
    Now, I shoot together with photographers from my home town and from other cities all over the world,

  • Denis Vejas

    Denis Vejas

    Denis Vejas (1986 Lithuania) is a Vilnius-based documentary photographer.

    Being constantly on the road for the last twelve years, his work explores the issues of movement, migration, nomadism and off-the-grid lifestyles.

    “Most of my work has been done in nomadic settings, living the experiences that the road brings.
    As a photographer and a traveler, I always felt attracted by the things happening on the peripheries of the global world, focusing on the spaces that are commonly marginalized.
    With the big emphasis on telling the story from inside out, I am trying to skip the role of objective observer and be a part of the narrative as much as the story allows.”

  • Laurent MOREAU

    Laurent MOREAU

  • Uri Magnus dotan

    uri magnus dotan

    born 1984, has been sailing, surfing and performing professional photography for years, documenting and focusing on everything related to water sports, including: surfing, sailing and diving.
    "For me, photography is a way to inspire people to come out and experience the most exciting moments in nature and around the sea I think that the more people connect with nature and the sea in realistic, hands-on situations, the easier it will be to encourage them to preserve the marine environment."

  • Katarina Liskova

    Katarina Liskova

    Katarína Líšková (1981 Slovakia) is a Bratislava based documentary photographer. She made her university degree in Granada, Spain, and from that moment she has been constantly on the road for the last 12 years, living in India for a while and spending most of her time in Latin America, mainly Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala.
    Her work is focused mainly on an everyday life situations documenting a poetry on the streets using a black and white media only. „It helps me to protect the essentials of the scene. The life is full of coulours so capturing it in black and white somehow protects the basic, what really matters.“

  • Yancho Sabev

    Yancho Sabev

    My roots are from Bulgaria where I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Radio Journalism from Sofia University. Initially I worked at different radio stations - in the beginning as a reporter on the field, later I built up a career as a radiopresentator. Subsequently moved to Belgium where I founded my own company and currently I am a freelancer.

    Last 10 years I have been keeping myself busy with making photography. I am so much initiated into it, because photography has opened a whole new world to me. Over the years I have been learning how to make photography by self training and lots of practice. No doubt this gonna be a never ending process where I am putting my efforts and time with great pleasure.

    Travelling all over the world is a passion and a way to feed my insatiable curiosity and frenetic search for knowledge. I travel in pursuit of adventure, experiencing moments or just chasing the light and working with it. I find it very emotional and challenging to observe the world surrounding me and "freeze" it in a frame. In my work I seek a strictly personal narrative. I am trying to understand the inner world of the people I meet, but also the impressive content of the external reality and all deep philosophical questions that I am intensively pursuing. In recognition of my work I have won numerous awards at international level.

    If I am not behind the camera, you can find me together with my wife and two children to have a nice time.

  • Vladimir Antaki

    Vladimir Antaki

  • Nicolas Basalto

    Nicolas Basalto

    i am 44

  • Forestt Strong LaFave

    Forestt Strong LaFave

    Trying to find moments wherever I am.

  • Matt Sims

    Matt Sims

    I'm a traveler who tries to capture interesting images of people and places. I'm the author of two books on travel: BURMA: A JOURNEY ACROSS TIME and PEAKS AND VALLEYS: A SOLO HIKE ACROSS THE ALPS.

  • Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

    Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart

    Sage's work focuses on how humans interact with their home environment. The central question of her work is: what defines a place as home? One way to try and answer this is by highlighting aspects of the day-to-day that are embedded in routine. Through her photographs Sage hopes to give the viewer a new sense of appreciation and awareness for the place they call home.

    Sage is a 23-year old photographer living in Toronto. She mostly uses herself as the subject of her photographs, which is both vain and necessary because she is alone a lot of the time. She is completely self-taught.

  • Betina Vang

    Betina Vang

    I was born in Denmark and have lived in Sweden for nearly 30 years. I currently work as a photographer and teacher in photography and media at Törnströmska gymnasiet, Karlskrona. My passion for photography started at young age when I bought my first camera, and soon found myself taking a camera with me wherever I went. At the same time, I began reading about photography and photographers, and gradually learned how to use picture taking to express moods and feelings, and to explore different subjects similar to the ways ethnologists study people and their relationships. I often use minimal equipment and natural light, driven by curiosity, but most importantly by the connections I make with my subjects.
    I received my education of photography at Gamleby Photo School, Gamleby, at Nordens Fotoskola, Biskops-Arnö and I became a certified media teacher at Malmö University, Malmö. I began exhibiting my work in 1998 and since then, have had numerous group and solo exhibitions, including at Museum of Photography Thessaloniki, Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm, Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm.

  • Max Best

    Max Best

  • Turid Marthinsen

    Turid Marthinsen

  • Poline Harbali

    Poline Harbali


    2018 : "Directors choices series" at photo18, Zurich, Switzerland

    2018 : Solo show at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Toulouse, France, janruary-february

    2017 : Songzhuang international photo biennale with "Le Damas des autres" at Contemporary Museum of Songzuhang, Beijing (Pékin), China,

    2017 : Athens Photo Festival with "Le Damas des autres" at the Benaki Museum of Athens, Greece

    2017 :La Nuit de l'ICART, Exils, projection de "La promesse du devenir-autre ou jouir en Dieu", juin

    2017 : Life Framer Award for "Le Damas des autres

    2017 : "OuvretesyeuxIntime", contemporary art exhibition for private tour ART PARIS ART FAIR ouvretesyeux.fr, Paris 1, march-april

    2017 : Centre Photographique de Fontfreyde, Clermont-Ferrand, festival Circulation(s) with "Le Damas des autres", march-june

    2017 : CENTQUATRE, festival Circulation(s) with "Le Damas des autres", Paris, january-march

    2015 : "Mémoires de famille" in The Eyes, PARISPHOTO, Le Grand Palais, november

    2015 : "Cross over", galerie Obrose, Paris, june

    2015 : JABAL ART FAIR, Beirut, may

    2014 : JABAL ART FAIR, Beirut, may

    2014 : "The eyes collection" at galerie Intervalle, Paris, april

    2014 : "Et la tendresse, bordel !", galerie Obrose, Paris, february

    2013 : "Jeunes artistes originaires du proche orient, Galerie Sophie Lanoë, Paris

    2013 : "Mémoires de famille" au salon de la photo, Paris, The eyes, november

    2013 : presentation of "Mémoires de famille", à La Maison Rouge, Paris, The Eyes

    2013 : "Coutures de guerre" at galerie de La Fonderie, october, Paris

    2013-2106 : drawer activity for Le Monde

    2011-2014 : graduated from l’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués de Paris, mention Très Bien, First of class, Major
    2007-2011 : Master 1 of philosophy mention aesthetic phenomenology (peut-on avoir une jouissance esthétique du dégout ? Kolnaï and JP Sartre) at l’université de Nantes (L1, L2), l’université du Québèc à Montréal (L3) and la universidad de Barcelona (M1)

  • India Wyvill

    India Wyvill

  • Jacob Wallwork

    Jacob Wallwork

    Photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Alexandre Silberman

    Alexandre Silberman

    Born in 1983 in Dortmund (Germany), graduated in Philosophy and Communication, I'm living in Paris since 2008.
    Also director, my photography practice is mainly documentary.
    I like the strange, more than the bizarre : I'm not interested in the monstrous, the spectacular, but on the contrary to what subtly disturbs the everyday life. Where the human and the city, the psychological and the sociological, the exception and the rule come into contact.

  • Michael Rudman

    Michael Rudman

  • Dennis Zelaya

    Dennis Zelaya

  • Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos is a published photographer and up-and-coming filmmaker. But first all he is an adventurer and slow traveller and for him the journey is more important than destination.

    For more than 2 years he explores the remote corners of Asia and more specifically spent 6 months documenting the cultures and landscapes of Pakistan.

    His love of the outdoors and sensitive approach of humans take him from the heart of cities to more isolated areas.The visual narrative is central in his approach, a way for him to help to challenge and raise awareness on major issues of society.

    He shares his time between his works in Europe and his extended travels in Central, Eastern Asia and Middle East to develop his personal photographic research, lead photography workshops and fulfill his assignments.

    His work has been featured among others in Al Jazeera, National Geographic Your Shot, and in 2016 he has been finalist at numerous international competitions such as ND Awards, TPOTY and National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. In 2017, the Chercheurs d’Images Festival invite him to exhibit his series The Last Wakhi Shepherdesses.

    Camille is Studio Hans Lucas member.

  • Tim Perceval

    Tim Perceval

  • Mateusz Gryta

    Mateusz Gryta

    I'm a Polish photographer and currently a design student based in London. I explore urban spaces across the world, not taking into account the stereotypes of what is worth visiting or looking at. I believe in concepts of Psycho-Geography and Flâneur, where a street encounter can be more interesting than Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. I am searching for random moments of beauty and connections between humans, human made things and urban landscapes.

  • Mary Ann D'Urso

    Mary Ann D'Urso

  • Cameron Cook

    Cameron Cook

  • Paola Desiderio

    Paola Desiderio

  • Michael Jantzen

    michael jantzen

  • Philippe Savoir

    Philippe Savoir

    I am currently working on a series of colors that will be grouped under the title "Sitons" and will include 6 series relating to a color (black, yellow, green, blue, pink and a mysterious color). A color inspired by the encounter of a model, which I don't necessarily know, but which I imagine and dream, trying to reveal it while metamorphosing it by color.

  • Jen Hearn

    Jen Hearn

    I've loved photography since I was a kid with my dad's Canon AE-1 and playing in the dark room. I stumbled into wedding photography and I've shot over 40 weddings since 2014. But it's not about weddings. It's about the people and the moments and the candid shots. And the weird shots. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, "It never got too weird for me."

  • Eduardo Boldrini

    Eduardo Boldrini

  • Emmaline Zanelli

    Emmaline Zanelli

    b. 1994
    Adelaide, South Australia.

    Zanelli uses pictures to pull the people around her close, to construct spaces where they can be investigated with aggressive curiousity and playful irreverence. Drawing on intimate relationships with friends and family members, Zanelli takes a dreamlike approach to her pictures as she deconstructs her subjects and mashes them back together, through a tactile visual language where the photograph becomes an object, and the object becomes a sitter.

    Zanelli has been actively exhibiting in South Australia since 2010. In 2016, she was the inaugural winner of the Helpmann Academy Watson Award, and was selected by the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art to exhibit in the annual HATCHED National Graduate Exhibition, where her work was highly commended. She then travelled to Sydney for her first interstate solo exhibition at Stills Gallery in Paddington. A selection of her work has been acquired by Artbank Australia. In 2017, Zanelli took part in an artist residency at the Slade School of Fine Art research centre in London, expanding her work to become increasingly sculptural, and creating video works for the first time.

    She currently creates work from her studio at Fontanelle Studios in Bowden, SA.

  • Hannes Wiedemann

    Hannes Wiedemann

    Hannes Wiedemann works as a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Using the conceptual framework of the ‘technosphere’ as a foundation, his personal work explores human physicality in the anthropocene. While Grinders (2016) documents the DIY cyborg community in the United States, his project Bits and Pieces (2017) is a visceral odyssey through contemporary Seoul, the nicknamed ‘world capital of plastic surgery’.

  • Natalie Kirk

    Natalie Kirk

    Natalie received her BFA from the University of Utah and her MA, as well as MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    As a visual artist, Natalie is devoted to the medium of photography as a visual language. Growing up in a conservative environment such as Utah, she’s learned to make communicative art about controversial topics; working under this theme, she has broadened her perspective and interest in visual art as language for changing perspective on social issues involving women's rights and gender. She currently teaches at the University of Utah and is also a Photographer for a bio-engineering and manufacturing company.
    The themes found in Natalie's art stems from being the youngest of four children raised by a single mother, Natalie grew up surrounded by educated, self-sustaining female role models. She gives credit to the strong women in her life for the success she’s had in her developing career.

  • Inge Prins

    Inge Prins

    Inge Prins studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, majoring in photography.

    She majored when analog cameras ruled the earth and digital retouching was in its infancy. Because of that solid grounding in technical photography, she always strives to get things right in-camera and she’s known for her meticulous attention to detail.

    Inge works as commercial photographer, based out of Cape Town.
    Inge works regularly for several global Homeware brands and her editorial clients include Monocle, Wallpaper, WSJ and Forbes. She aims to regularly do personal projects and her work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

    She’s also known for her upbeat playlists, boundless energy and the remarkably high number of striped garments in her wardrobe.

  • Elena Helfrecht

    Elena Helfrecht

    Elena Helfrecht was born in Germany and is based in London.

    In 2014 she graduated in Art History and Book Science at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen and is enrolled in the Master’s Programme of Photography at the Royal College of Art from 2017 to 2019.

    Through photography she examines the human psyche. Her images are created from multiple layers of meaning, characterized by a visceral iconography.

    She is influenced by the folklore of her childhood in Bavaria and her active and continuous passion for Art History and Psychology.

  • Louise Prevert

    Louise Prevert

    I don’t remember when I got my first camera. Actually, I don’t remember much of my childhood except for all the photos my father took and that I inherited.
    Memory and filiation are at the core of my research - a self-exploration rather - questioning our familial inheritance, the idea of invisibility and the notion of language.
    I have long lived with a feeling of not belonging. The loss of my father, when I was sixteen, plays a big part in this feeling. Right after his passing, I experienced memory losses. I remember sitting in class during an exam, not being able to make sense of the questions written on the paper. It was as if the words were floating in the air, I watched them sail, unable to put them together.
    Photography first imposed itself, out of faithfulness to my father, maybe. Since then, my practice has evolved to include collages, drawings and texts.
    Text plays a big part in my work; I often draw mind maps at the beginning of a project.
    We did not talk much in my family. I even had periods of time when I did not talk at all without anybody noticing, it seems. I view words as something physical and images as language.
    I particularly like the three-dimensional aspect of the book form; I believe because of the idea of leaving a trace.

  • Rene Maurin

    Rene Maurin

    Rene Maurin (*1971) is a Slovene author born in ex-Yugoslavia, rightfully accused of roaming several mediums. He acquired his formal education in United States, Croatia and Slovenia. After graduation in theatre directing he filmed a series of documentaries for the Slovenian National Television and won the attention of audiences and critics with films such as "I saw Elvis!" (1999) and "Life, as from inside" (2000).

    He dedicates the next decade to the theatre and takes over Ptuj City Theatre. In this time he directs several performances that reap acclaim and selected awards in Slovenia and abroad. In 2012 he enrolled the master course in film directing at the AGRFT and directed his first fiction film “Bright Black” (2014). Among others, the film received the award for the best academic achievement of University in Ljubljana and toured several prestigious international film festivals.

    His photographic work serves as an expression contrasting the narrative treatment of cinematic storytelling and nests in photographic contraction of time and the capacity of uncompromised manifestation of intimate testimonies and visual langue. In 2013 he co-founded the photo-literary zine REBUS. He often writes — a common habit of directors and lectures at the Institute of Media Communication at the University of Maribor.

    He chiefly lives and works in Maribor, Slovenia.

  • Michael Floor

    Michael Floor

    Hello everyone, my name is Michael Floor and I'm a Amsterdam based documentary photographer. I have a tendency to work on projects with a darker side, but don't worry: I'm a happy person who's always looking for more light-hearted elements when it's getting too dark. Hope you enjoy!

  • Patricia Sofra

    Patricia Sofra

    Patricia Sofra is a Australian based documentary photographer whose work investigates the ever-evolving relationships between people and their surroundings. Influenced by her Mediterranean heritage, Patricia reviews the way in which culture becomes embedded in place, highlighting the gulf between modern life and tradition, as well as retrospectively dabbling with the contradiction between the desire of isolation and the curiosity of human connection.

    Patricia started fell in love with photography when she was just 15 years old, mostly focusing on street photography at the time. She graduated from the University of Melbourne (Victorian College of The Arts) of in Melbourne, Australia with a degree in Visual Art, Photography back in 2016.

    Patricia has spent a great deal of time in the last few years travelling throughout Australia, Europe and recently dabbling through the Middle East. In September of 2017, Patricia spent a month travelling throughout Turkey, producing a collection of landscape, portrait and street images. These photos have gone on to be featured by National Geographic and Qatar Airways inflight magazine Oryx.

  • Miranda Schmitz

    miranda schmitz

    Miranda Schmitz (°1969) studied Economics at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In daily life she works as an independent interim manager and consultant.
    Nevertheless she also caught the photography bug. In June 2017 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lier. In addition she followed several master classes by well-known photographers (e.g. Michael Ackerman and Klavdij Sluban).
    Miranda Schmitz strives to compile atmospheres, moods and feelings in her work. She prefers to use suggestive and ambiguous images that are often layered and which viewers may define themselves. It is the emotions and the visual poetry that provide an extra layer to her images.
    The enigmatic and cinematic portraits from her graduation work ‘IN BETWEEN’ received global praise with several awards and nominations. The portraits were frequently exhibited in galleries and photo festivals across Europe and the United States.

  • Christa Sturm

    Christa Sturm

  • Jonathan Bensimon

    Jonathan Bensimon

  • Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet

    Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet

    Born in 1992 in Bangkok, Jutharat (known as Poupay) found her passion in photography during high school and kept on shooting since then. She is a quiet observer who likes to capture unexpected moments in ordinary places. Her eyes look for peculiar traces of humanity everywhere she goes. In her photography, she loves to leave my viewer with a mystery. Poupay has just graduated from the International Center of Photography (ICP) in 2017. She is currently living in New York City as a freelance photographer.

  • Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and moved to Scotland in 2007 to attend the University of St. Andrews. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in business and international relations, but realised she wanted to do something more creative so in 2012 attended the London College of Communication where she received her postgraduate diploma in photography. A year later, Laura began at the Glasgow School of Art where she received her Masters in Communication Design. She currently lives in Glasgow.

  • Lucy Ridgard

    Lucy Ridgard

    Lucy Ridgard is a portrait photographer interested in capturing people (often teens and the elderly) whose identities are interwoven with their sense of fashion and style, that she frames against unexpected environments. Her juxtaposition of self-consciously constructed styles with disordered settings produces statements about worlds colliding.

    For example, Lucy’s project ‘Children of the corn’ portrays ‘indie’ teenagers sprawled across the canvass of the Suffolk countryside, evoking natural beauty versus the stylised posturing of teenagers; the timelessness of the natural world against youth and ageing: images that recall Lucy’s colourful experience of growing up in 80s-90s’ Suffolk.

    Her project on teenagers in Marrakech represents the global expression of teenage identity through Western fashions, from boys sporting Adidas and Converse, to James Dean-denim style, contrasted against the earthy hues and materials of northern Africa. She was awarded Winner, ‘Best Single Image’ Renaissance Photographer Prize (2015) for one of the portraits in this project, ‘From Marrakech Head North’.

    Lucy is heavily influenced by documentary photography and blends it with portraiture and fashion photography. Recently, her work has become more choreographed and directed, whilst still making social commentary.

    Her photographs have been featured in The Guardian, The Financial Times, Dazed Digital, i-D, Vice, GirlGaze, and magazines such as Positive, Something About, Rodeo, Used, Hunger and EyeEm. She has exhibited her work in London, New York and Switzerland. As well as winning the ‘Best Single Image’ Renaissance Photographer Prize (2015) she was shortlisted for the IPF photography prize 2017, selected as one of the Labs New Artists 2017 and exhibited at the Biel/Bienne festival of Photography 2018 and at PhotoEast photography festival 2018

    Lucy works on film using a medium format camera.

  • Maarten Kinet

    Maarten Kinet

  • Baptiste De Ville d'Avray

    Baptiste de Ville d'Avray

    Photographer, since 2005. Lives and works between Europe and Africa.

    Baptiste de Ville d’Avray’s photography is orientated towards a cinematographic, latent and contemplative vision of the landscape and portraiture. Since 2009, he has been working on a project based on the transformations of Mediterranean landscapes, particularly in Morocco. His images seek to construct mini photographic fictions based on a real territory that becomes a character in its own right and on anodyne moments from daily life, by flirting with the boundaries of documentary photography and poetry. They express the contradiction between a perpetual movement and the immobility of bodies, thus presenting an X-ray view of the inner workings of a country and its inhabitants.

    Baptiste is a member of Hans Lucas Agency.

    In 2017, his work "So far away, yet so close" has been shown in several exhibition in France and Morocco and featured on several online magazine.

  • Josip Miskovic

    Josip Miskovic

    Hi, my name is Josip Miskovic. I do photography but not for such a long time. The first shots that led me to think of photography as a means of communication, have been made with a poor quality cell phone, received as a gift from my friend. I live in Italy for the past several years and i started taking photos a bit 'more seriously after a friend of mine gave me a Canon 40D. In this moment i work like the audio - video technician and most of the photos taken, were made during work or some coffee break. I can say that i explore "the frames" in all kinds of everyday’s life. I also won some competition and this gave me a lot of motivation to search for the refinement of my own personal style.

  • Thomas Belmas

    Thomas Belmas

    I m a French Photographer based in south of France. I have started photography when I was a sailor, carrying my camera around the world but without really having time to develop my skills . Maybe my big DSLR wasn't the right tool for what I wanted to do. Now that I'm using an analog rangefinder all my perceptions have changed. Since Feb 2017 my work is mainly focus on Street photography.

  • Giuditta Matarrese

    Giuditta Matarrese

  • Yona Elig

    Yona Elig

    I love the intimacy of the cafes, their "decors". That amazing light and of course all those anonymous actors who, each in their own way, occupy their space and tell a story, inspire me and thanks to the Leica I got the atmosphere I desired.

    The fact of traveling helped me in discovering other cultures, baristas, interiors, colors and so much more... And walking in the streets made me thirsty and curious.

    As a graphic designer I always liked mixing photography with another form of art even with typography. Secondly, I love technologies. I am very curious about new applications and objects that constantly give us a chance to discover and use new technology. I have to admit that I am very Apple driven... From the moment the iPad Pro came out with the pen, I knew, that I would find a way and application that would give me a chance to do what I wanted for a long time. And you described it so well it became "Photography meets Painting".

  • Joel Van Audenhaege

    Joel Van Audenhaege

  • Beniamino Pisati

    Beniamino Pisati

    Beniamino Pisati, born in Milan in 1977, lives in Sondrio, Lombardy. Professional freelance photographer, he is specialized in geographic reportage, he is actively working with international travel magazine and agencies.

  • Simonluca Fraioli

    simonluca fraioli

    Simonluca is a photographer based in London, he has a BA degree in Film Studies and works as a Cinematographer on narrative and commercials. He draws his inspiration from the world of cinema but also from many old and contemporary photographers, although reality is what inspires him the most. Having traveled extensively around the world, always with a camera in his hands, he is constantly developing his own personal style, trying to refine his own unique voice. He prefer film over digital as it allows him to be completely present in the moment.

  • Deepali Malde

    Deepali Malde

    I was born in Kenya, Nairobi. I moved to Cape Town in 2014 to study at the Cape Town School of Photography. Thereafter, I pursued a BA degree in Film and Sociology at the University of Cape Town.
    Photography to me is a way of expressing myself and capturing moments that have the potential to remain for a lifetime. it is an art form that is based on observation, the camera, my third eye. The medium allows me to access my thoughts and feelings whilst attempting to connect with and understand my subject matter. A camera provides a photographer with the tool to freeze time and narrate a story.

  • Giuseppe Cardoni

    Giuseppe Cardoni

    Lives in Umbria,Italy. Engineer. His main interest has been B/W reportage. He coauthored, with the RAI journalist Luca Cardinalini, the photographic book “STTL La terra ti sia lieve” (Ed. DeriveApprodi/Roma, 2006). With Luigi Loretoni, he published in 2008 the photographic book “Miserere” (Ed. L’ArteGrafica), in 2011 “Gubbio, I Ceri” (Ed. L’Arte Grafica) and in 2014 “Kovilj” (Ed. L’ArteGrafica); he is coauthor of the book “I colori del Jazz” (Federico Motta Editore, 2010). In 2014 he published "Boxing Notes"(Edizionibam). Additionally, in 2019, he has published the photobook "Jazz Notes" (BAM Stampa Fine Art by Antonio Manta). He has been awarded or has been a finalist in many national and international competitions.
    I seek moments of life to be interpreted and told through a strong personal connotation driven by my emotions, my sensitivity and my intuition.
    Photography helps me to live the different dimensions of reality in balance between life that flowing (time) and abstraction (thought).
    I am interested in making photographs with a strong personal connotation to synthesize some of the possible faces of reality.
    I look for instant of life to impress after having correlated myself to these moments.

  • Luca Antonio Corvino

    Luca Antonio Corvino

  • Rob Becker

    Rob Becker

  • Michael Meissner

    Michael Meissner

    Michael Meissner lives and works in Cologne as Creative Director in an advertising agency. For over 20 years he has been mesmerized by the idea of freezing moments and scenes to brand them with a unique, personal view.

    He believes that fascination can be found within the ordinary, and that most stories of life taste their best when served raw. Therefore he seeks to find visual thrills, unsuspected beauty and true soul in his close surroundings as well as on travels.

  • Tal Chikurel

    tal chikurel

    A woman with a vision.
    I love and appreciate the simplicity in all things. Aesthetic and stepping out of line in it. The beauty and symmetry of shapes and faces, and body posture. The expression and gaze caught in a moment in time, with a slight, or no awareness of the photographed, can sometimes keeps me in front of an image, examine this moment in time, when everything stops.
    I feel that as time goes by and more of me is becoming aware of me, life and things around, the way i communicate through photos is becoming more and more whole.
    Recently, i have decided to stop working as a photographer and dedicate my time for exploring more of the art in photography.

  • Alexandra Hubinska

  • Jphilip Naim

    jphilip naim

  • Christopher Horne

    Christopher Horne

    Photography student from Cologne, Germany with focus on reportage, documentary and travel photography.

  • Benedict Scheuer

    Benedict Scheuer

    Benedict Scheuer (b. 1992, MN)
    Formerly, Leo Serpens
    Currently Located in Columbus, Ohio

    Benedict is an artist interested in identity and self portraiture as they relate to the photographic image both materially and conceptually. He examines wildness and queerness as threads of self which are embodied through and within the human body.

  • Tara Milenkovic

    Tara Milenkovic

    Over the last three years of my BFA in photography, my creative process has oscillated between photographic self-portraiture, video and installation practice, with a strong focus on the exploration of the 'gaze'.
    My earlier self-portrait photographs explored tropes of traditional gender roles in the age of social media, and the parallels between the domestic family photo album, Instagram and selfie culture. However, my recent interest has focused more on female experiences from the perspective of the female-gaze, examining the interaction and connection between the female body and natural landscape.

  • Danilo Buonsenso

    danilo buonsenso

    I'm a pediatrician, specialized in emergency and infectious diseases.
    Travelling mostly for job or for my no profit org, I recently started making some random pics around with my entry mirrorless.

  • Caterina Gradi

    Caterina Gradi

    Caterina Gradi is a young Italian artist born in Florence. She studied photography and visual art in Milan.
    After finishing her studies she moved north, choosing Amsterdam as her destination, where she’s been living for more than one year.
    Caterina uses photography to represent stories of surreal dark poetry, such as life, death, dreams and subconscious feelings.She doesn’t like what is usually perceived as beautiful, she prefers to look for the aesthetic features that make the dark and the macabre attractive.

  • Jean Francois Portelance

    Jean Francois Portelance

    I'm a photographer who as been inspired by Guy Bourdin and David Lachapelle. I do pop art and I want to bring colour into this world that has sometimes too much darkness and negativity. I want to make people react.

  • Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel

    Stefano Gardel, born in Milan Italy in 1980, is an award winning fine art photographer based in Lugano, Switzerland.
    His mysterious and fascinating photographs often depict lonely landscapes and gloomy urban scenes, where common and familiar sights take a unique perspective, acquiring an out of worldly and symbolic dimension.
    Collaborating with different art galleries, Stefano Gardel travels the globe extensively to capture the magic through a camera lens.

  • Pamela Oliveras

    Pamela Oliveras

  • Ryan Koopmans

    Ryan Koopmans

    I am Ryan Koopmans (BA, MFA) a photographer driven by the interdisciplinary practices of geography, art history, and psychology.

    Born in Amsterdam (1986) I was raised on Vancouver Island Canada, completed my undergraduate education at UBC in Vancouver, and in 2012 received a Masters of Fine Art Photography & Video at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

    I am primarily interested in photographing the points of intersection where the natural and manmade converge.

    I'm drawn to surreal structures in our world's megacities and urban landscapes.

    Formal aesthetic qualities in their geometry, repetition and saturation help me illustrate the poetry of form in these fantastical locations.

    Based in Amsterdam, I work on assigned and independent photography projects around the world.

    I also shoot with commercial clients as well as architects, magazines, and other publications.

    For my advertising work, visit www.sirencreatives.com where I am the head of photography

  • Brittain McJunkin

    Brittain McJunkin

  • Massimiliano Balo'

    Massimiliano Balo'

    Massimiliano Balo' was born in Italy. He works and lives in UK. He is a self-taught photography artist and his passion dates back since he was young. He has begun to make digital art in 2013 when he received his first Honorable Mention at the 3rd Annual Mobile Photography Awards. From then on his works have been appreciated artistically by international expert juries winning important photographic competitions including the Sony World Photography Awards as a shortlisted in 2017. For his way of creating art he recently exhibited in Italy for an exhibition entitled Face 2.0 at "The BID" gallery.
    His photos create a sense of mood, atmosphere,dream like and drama scenario. The designs lead the eye up, down, and throughout the frame in a way that makes the viewer feel as though they may have walked by these scenes and not noticed them. His photos blur the line between art photography, painting, and historical photos from the pictorialist movement.
    His visual observations are clearly important characters in his stories. He ask that the viewer be sensitive enough to look deeply at his images, to see the details he has included in the frame and to consider the how the haunting environments relate to the size and texture of the organic forms. Most of his compositions are abstract. They focus on shapes with little indications of scale and orientation. They are full of observations and questions about inner life and mystery!

  • Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz are a German/ Austrian photographer duo based in London (UK). Their work blurs the lines between portraiture and still life and is often humorous with an unexpected twist. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo work on editorial and commercial commissions in the UK and abroad.

  • Rochelle Marmorek

    Rochelle Marmorek

  • David Obermeyer

    David Obermeyer

  • Ronald Patrick

    Ronald Patrick

    Ronald Patrick (1979) was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. After completing his studies on Business and Economics, and working in the corporate world in San Francisco for 3 years, he decided to fully engage for his passion for photography to shed light on untold human experiences.
    Since 2008, he has been working in the photo-documentary field as well as in corporate photography. He has worked on personal projects and commissioned work all over the world.

  • Frank Alexander Rümmele

    Frank Alexander Rümmele

  • Brian Deignan

    Brian Deignan

    My approach to photography is essentially an extension of my approach to life: to observe, absorb and reflect. As a child, I experienced the world with wonder and fascination and with a keen sense of communion with both the people and the things, animate and inanimate, that comprise our world.
    No less true today with or without a camera as my lens although now everything is inevitably filtered through the billions of bits and bytes of images, information, opinions, and impressions stored in my brain.

    People, places and things are what I photograph; memory, imagination and wonder are how. I try to recognize the unfamiliar and be surprised by the familiar with an idea of what I’m looking for but not blind to what I see. These images celebrate light, colour, motion and stillness shot and processed through the filter of billions of bits of memory and mood. Quotidian, curious, sublime. I rely on and trust in the congruence between the digital algorithms and my mental synapses to create a hybrid image, part depiction, part memory, part imagination. I am most pleased with a photo when it evokes both recognition and surprise.

    In 2002, when I picked up a camera for the first time in twenty odd years, I hoped to both record and interpret the world around me. Now, I realize, my best work celebrates it.

    I remain delighted and inspired by the great Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) who said: "My photographs are all self-portraits, done with compassion and a bit of mockery and the secret hope of setting the established order of things slightly askew.”

  • Ricardo Beron

    Ricardo Beron

    Ricardo Berón - grew up in Cali, Colombia, studied French in Aix-en-Provence and graduated with a degree in graphic design from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia.

    He cofounded a small advertising agency (MEDIUM), which specialized in printed materials. Within two years, MEDIUM's client base more than doubled, allowing Beron to head graphic design projects with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Peat Marwick, Colombian Flower Federation, and Monsanto.

    Beron moved to the US in 1997 and founded RICARDO BERON continuing freelance graphic design projects in Hackettstown, NJ. Currently, Beron resides in Nashville, Tennessee and works with a variety of top local clients, including METROPARKS of Nashville, The Conservancy, Conexión Américas and many new clients. He has also contributed with his photography at the www.lindenwaldorf.com school in Nashville, TN. After finishing a course of professional photography from the New York Institute of Photography, he has expanded his experimentation in these two fields.

    Recently, he was elected to exhibit at The Studio 208 in Nashville, TN. In the same year, he was invited to participate at the National Photography Exhibition Award “Best of Camera 2018” Show in Naples, FL by the Naples Art Association. Most recently, he was selected to participate at the RAW Nashville connect show for the fall opening and now at Dab Art/ H gallery in Ventura, CA.

  • Kaylee Mellor

    Kaylee Mellor

    I received my very first dslr camera when I was 16 years old and ever since then I couldn't stop playing around and taking pictures. I took art at school which developed into my love for photography with my creative artistic eye. After school I studied 3 years in Photography doing what I love and started doing photoshoots. I then decided to apply for a job where I get to Travel and take pictures of amazing places all over the world! Currently building up a portfolio and loving traveling around the globe doing what I do best!

  • Lucas Ziegler

    Lucas Ziegler

    Lucas Ziegler, born 1978, is a swiss-based photographer, who has recently finished the art school ZHdK in Zurich. During his studies he started to pursuit his own long-term projects. Also he has started to photograph for several indie magazines. In his work, he focuses on faces but also objects, such as empty paperback-boxes in the city's streets and lumps of dirty snow underneath travel buses. What has started as a childish game with every day objects or empty places, reveals a close look at habits and behaviours – a look into how we consume, love and move forward. Faces, materials, interactions, that’s what catches Lucas Zieglers interest and lets him study topics and things over a long period of time, until he is satisfied with the examination of those objects, or gets bored.

  • Wednesday Aja

    Wednesday Aja

    LA-based photographer/graphic artist Wednesday Aja is known for documenting modern day subcultures and exploring themes of custom, costume, and community. Reverberating with the inherent human need for escape and play, Aja’s images invite the viewer into an inverted Land of Oz, one where the imagination ignites in black and white, in the space between light and shadow.

  • Annabella Schwagten

    Annabella Schwagten

    I am 27 years old and live in Brussels, Belgium. I like to photograph anything in my surroundings as long as it makes me feel something. I love letting my intuition guide me and letting the world unfold before my eyes.
    It is the small scale things of life, the human connections and intimate meetings between
    people that I am always looking for. I cherish the ordinary moments in life that we so easily
    take for granted.
    I work in the analog medium (often with disposable cameras), as I am very attracted to the

  • Federico Borella

    Federico Borella

    Federico Borella is a photojournalist working for QN (Quotidiano Nazionale ), national newspaper in Bologna, Italy. Since 2009 to date—he has also contributed to La Repubblica and L'Espresso Group.

    Internationally published , Federico has more than nine years of experience as a news photographer and reportage working for both national and foreign magazines, agencies and publications, including Time Magazine, National Geographic USA and National Geographic Italia, Alpha magazine, Magazinet Norway, Dagens Nyether, Corriere della Sera, Quotidiano Nazionale, Panorama, L'Espresso Group, Parallelozero).

    In September 2017 he screened at Visa pour l'image two different projects: “The enduring life of a quad amputee veteran” and “Sheroes” and he was also a member of the jury of the Visa d'Or news section.

    Well versed in video making with advanced knowledge of storytelling, composition, lighting and post production—Federico is an educator in photography and photojournalism.

    Federico completed a degree in Classical Literature & MesoAmerican Arqueology at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in 2008. He then completed a Master in Photography Journalism at the Jhon Kaverdash Academy of Milan. From 2009-2015, he is a commissioned photographer for John Hopkins University in Bologna. He is also a contributing photographer for the International photojournalism agency Parallelozero.

    Winner of the Lensculture emerging talent award 2017
    Shortlisted at the Lumix photo festival 2018 in Hannover

  • Magdalena Jooss

    Magdalena Jooss

    Freischaffende Fotografin und Organisatorin / Kuratorin der Zwischennutzung DISMantle aus München.

  • Deby Sucha

    Deby Sucha

    Hi! My name is Deby Sucha, I am a photographer, visual storyteller and creative director from Jakarta, Indonesia currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

    With a self-taught photography skill, I was shortlisted for some international contests and awarded for an international amateur photography contest that brought me to Japan for the first time as a grant ( 2007 ). As I continued my university life, I was actively involved in voluntary programs with non-profit and non-governments organizations.

    I began my photography career being a photographer's assistant ( 2009 ) and worked in a lifestyle media industry as a photographer. My enthusiasm for travel to go somewhere new has moved me to Japan in 2013. I continue working as an independent photographer for commercial, editorial, creative directions, and my personal documentary projects.

    Photography for me is a media to express something and as a self-therapy that I keen to share. But the most important part is to build a relationship with the people and the surroundings

  • Chris Chucas

    Chris Chucas

    I'm a photographer based in the UK. I shot all kinds of genres as well as produce film projects.

  • Andrea Santi

    Andrea Santi

  • Alex P. Berri

    Alex P. Berri

    Alex P. Berri was born in 1990 in the city of Montreal. He began taking photographs as a teenager in Toronto to document his lifestyle, friends and art with point and shoot cameras. When he was 23 year old his grandfather who helped spark his interest in photography passed away. He decided to move back to Montreal and take care of his grandmother who was grieving the loss of her husband. In his grandfathers room he found various SLR cameras and began practicing the art of manual film photography.

  • Jeroen Bruggenwirth

    Jeroen Bruggenwirth

    Every time I step into a new landscape, I feel as I imagine early explorers felt as they first arrived in unknown lands: feasting their eyes on the new world and looking at how civilizations have adapted to the environment around them. From the bustling streets of New York to the Swiss Alps and Dutch flatlands, every place is a wonderous world with its own story to tell.

    My work focuses on the intersection of the natural and built environment, intertwining and layering naturally present and manmade subjects. I look for the marks left by humanity on our world, I seek out sites and regions that show how we “conquered” territories.

    I am often drawn to the ordinary and even mundane: the grey matter between the visual planes. To compensate, I use large format photography and scale to highlight the glory and romance of a landscape. My photos are taken at dawn or dusk, when the light is gentle enough to highlight the otherwise forgotten details.

    I take a neutral perspective in my images, creating geospatial visualizations without deciding what is allowed or supposed to be beautiful and what is not. I leave that decision up to the viewer.

  • Francesco Canova

    Francesco Canova

    Francesco Canova (1992) is an italian screenwriter, director and photographer based in Rome and Venice. He graduated from the University of Padua with a Philosophy BA in 2015. Since then he has been working as an assistant director and a screenwriter for several short and medium films. In particularly, "Under the Ground" and "The Way Home" by Federico Olivetti gained more than 50 official selections in festivals around the world. In 2017 he has worked as a screenwriter for a feature film that will be produced in 2019.
    He has practiced photography since he was 16 and his work has gained several recognizements including Premio Combat and Urban Photo Awards. He is interested in the relationship between human beings and the spaces in which they live, exploring the multiple connections that bond them.

  • Holly Bell

    Holly Bell

    ‘Once upon a dark day
    I heard the Universe say
    Grab a camera from the shelf
    And capture what’s reflected in your self’ ~ me
    (In 2011, during a time when my world unraveled, I bought a point and shoot camera from Target, and used it to cope with the darkness of my reality. I used that little camera to capture ‘how I felt.’ I’ve since progressed to a full frame DSLR and am always pushing myself out of my comfort zone. When I’m not looking through my camera lens, I’m a social worker; seeing the world through the eyes of others.

  • Inge Elewaut

    inge Elewaut

    Photography is a means to see a place in another way. For me even in a more beautiful way. i love to travel and explore the world, and my camera is my best company. Because of my passion for photography and travel, it made me more curios to know my camera better and to learn more technical

  • Riviera Kris


  • Luna Amato

    Luna Amato

    She graduated at Academy of art.
    She works with Photography, Video, Sound, installation, Music, Writing and Poetry.
    Since 2003 her works are in Festivals and Exhibitions.

  • Szabolcs Ivan

    Ivan Szabolcs

    I am a travel and documentary photographer. I was born in Serbia and completed my studies in Hungary and Finland, gaining a degree in journalism and photography.

    Having travelled the globe, my continuing passion is to photograph extraordinary people. I visually document their stories, by capturing everyday life whilst delivering an intimate perspective drawing in the outside observer. I do this by immersing myself in the customs and surrounding environment, which allows me to document a true and personal insight into these cultures.

    I am currently based in the UK and working on a number of exciting long-term personal projects.

  • Amy DiMare

    Amy DiMare

    I grew up in a place where most people come to vacation. A small corner of Utah's south east desert, Moab. A high aired desert filled with endless adventure, possibilities, and opportunities. I'm one of those people who always returns to my home town, but it's hard not to when home is a such a beautiful place. I make a lot of art about where I'm from but I also like to incorporate my home into art about my travels. Having an amazing home base to always come back to makes it easy to travel but never a pain to come home. My photography is a blend of landscape, city-scape, and an eclectic blend of collage.

  • Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand studied Fine Art Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid under, among others, Elger Esser, Joan Fontcuberta, and Martin Parr. His works have been exhibited internationally and honored with awards such as the European Architectural Prize. Hildebrand lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin.

    The photobook "Wild West" by Joachim Hildebrand has been released in May 2018. It is published by KEHRER-Verlag, Heidelberg and includes essays by Celina Lunsford and Manfred Berg.
    ISBN 978-3-86828-866-7

  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson (b 1977 UK), graduated with a H.N.D. in photography from the Newcastle Art & Design College in 1999 and opened his London studio in 2005 after assisting leading advertising photographers.

    Since opening his studio, Thompson has been recognised and honoured by leading institutions. Thompson has received both a Gold and Silver award from the Association of Photographers, two Silver and one Bronze award from Creative Circle, a yellow pencil at D&AD. He was also shortlisted in the Terry O’Neill Photography Award.

    Thompson has exhibited three times at the National Portrait Gallery – London. In addition, he has shown work at The Strand Art Gallery, Design Week’s Awards exhibition, as well as at Creative Review’s Photography Annual. Thompson has appeared twice in the D&AD book, and he’s had work featured in national and international print and online publications.

    While continuing to build an extensive commercial portfolio, Thompson has devoted recent years to a collection of ongoing, interconnected bodies of fine art work. His minimal, abstract photographs are often (but not always) made on the coast, usually late into the night, using a large-format film camera. Instead of adding artificial elements, Thompson subtracts them, stripping his compositions down to their most essential features.

    In Thompson’s world, art is about sacrifice and dedication, and it shows in the work. In engaging with a rich and layered history of photography and visual art in general, his work also raises questions about the future of our world– the land and the sea– and mankind’s ever-shifting place within it.

  • Ryota Kajita

    Ryota Kajita

    Ryota Kaji Kajita is originally from Japan, completed his MFA degree in photography at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, worked at the University of Alaska Museum of the North as a collection photographer, and taught at the Joshibi University of Art and Design in Japan.

    His photographs have been exhibited in the Japan Professional Photographers Society Exhibition (2011), Alaska’s Rarefied Light (2012, 2013 & 2015), The Aesthetica Art Prize (2012 & 2013), Aperture Summer Open (2014), Geo-Cosmos Content Contest (2014) of The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, FotoFilmic17 Winter Shortlist Show (2017) , FotoFilmic SOLO IV Winner Exhibition (2018) and other shows.

    His photography series of “Ice Formation” is featured in the magazine “Photo Technique” (November/December 2012), “LENSCRATCH.com”(May 2015), “WIRED.com“ (August 2015), “城市画報 -CITY ZINE-“ (January/Februray 2016), and is represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach, California.

    His work became part of the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affaires and The Alaska Contemporary Art Bank in 2013.

    He was selected for Blue Sky 2013 & 2018 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers Program (“Drawers”) of the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, and won the Grand Prize in ONWARD Compe ’13 International Photography Competition, the Student Abstract Category Award in 2013 American Aperture Awards (AX3), Juror’s Selection / Director’s Honorable Mention / Livebooks Website Award in Natural World 2014 Nation Wide Juried Photography Competition of The Center for Fine Art Photography. He was chosen for a finalist of Lens Culture’s Earth Awards 2015 and CENTER Project Launch Grant Juror’s Choice recipient 2017.

    His video documentary “Losing Ground” about Shishmaref Island’s severe erosion due to climate change, achieved the Cinema Committee Choice Award in Fairbanks Film Festival (2007), and was broadcast on the Alaska Shorts Program of Alaska One television (2012).

    He has traveled to more than 50 remote Alaska villages by a two-seat, light aircraft and snowmobile for scientific research. He loves travelling, backpacking and cross-country skiing with a medium format film camera and always responds to the beauty of nature.

  • John House

    John House

    I am a contemporary artistic photographer, artist, curator, collector of curiosities and occasional film maker. I have a BA (Hons) in Editorial Photography from the University of Brighton and work in art education alongside pursuing my practice.

    My work is mostly in the form of Photography and is concerned with how people interact with the environment around them and how the landscape we live and work in, is shaped by us and what this can say about cultural identities.

    I am fascinated with the overlooked beauty that can be found in the seemingly mundane and try to capture the latent poetry from everyday objects and situations.

    In 2014, I worked on my first curatorial project, The Shot I Never Forgot, receiving Arts Council funding to hold an exhibition and produce a publication as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe. I have exhibited as part of the Fringe before, most notably with a project entitled ‘Being Nobody, Going Nowhere’ which was exhibited as huge panels in the windows of the Old Co-op Building as a 24 hour outdoor exhibition. The images in this series attempted to use the camera’s ability to freeze time in order to examine the profound hidden amongst the commonplace and to pay tribute to the fleeting glances and snapshots we encounter through everyday life. The exhibition was nominated for the Danny Wilson Memorial Award 2012.

    I regular exhibit my work and am interested in collaborative projects and opportunities.

  • Lili Rogoz

    Lili Rogoz

  • L'aura I'onescu

  • James Abell

    James Abell

  • Misia O' O'

  • Laurent Nicourt

    Laurent Nicourt

  • Cat Wilson

    Cat Wilson

    Cat Wilson lives between South East Coast Australia and Casablanca, Morocco. You would be hard pressed to find two places further apart, either geographically or culturally.
    Her desire for broad and varied experience is also evident in the history of her practice. She began her creative life in the theatre working as a freelance director and dramaturg. In the last ten years she has shifted from live performance into video and new media work. In even more recent times she has begun working with traditional alternative photography techniques, creating prints using cyanotype chemistry with hand drawn negatives.

  • Stella Pirrò

    Stella Pirrò

    Born in Naples in 1988. currently studies philosophy. She is an amateur photographer and in 2015 starts working on his own. Focus of her work lies an exploration of her soul trough a places, faces, colors, landscapes.

  • Steven Manolakis

    Steven Manolakis

    STEVEN MANOLAKIS is an American-born, Sydney-based fine art photographer. He first discovered his love for photography after moving to Australia at the young age of 18, where he began to develop and refine his own distinctive artistic style.

    The intent of his artwork is to stimulate the affective components of his audience by permitting them to attribute personal meaning to each image. He believes art speaks to each person on an individual level, and does not wish to ascribe his own bias to his work.

    Steven’s most recent creative compositions are concerned with the aesthetics of topography, particularly from an aerial viewpoint. The spontaneous and evolutionary arrangement of contours and hues which comprise earth’s geographical framework constitute the essence of his subject matter, and form the most mesmeric abstract illustrations.

    An adventure seeker attracted to the outdoors, he is always on the lookout for the world's most beautiful landscapes. His passions for travel have already taken him through the great Himalayas in Nepal, the Sahara Desert in Morocco, and to other great places such as Jordan, Israel, Iceland, Spain, UAE, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Céline Pannetier

    Céline Pannetier

    Born and raised in Paris, I'm living now in Barcelona.
    Photography has always been part of my life, as an occasional and accidental shooter. I however decided a few years back to dedicate and explore story telling; Phone photography is one side of my work while on the other hand I investigate more thoroughly and create out of the shadow's realm.
    Presently working on an on going project titled The Straw Conspiracy.

  • Anna Fabres

    Anna Fabres

  • Marc Philip Seidel

    Marc Philip Seidel

    Marc Philip Seidel, a swiss artist, creative director, publisher and art historian, is founder and owner of his design agency dreamis, founder and president of the publishing house VISSIVIVO and the imprint ISLANDBOOKS. He has been awarded by the swiss national fonds, the PR picture award and others. He was curator of the renowned art DU Art Magazin and of several arts exhibitions and culture festivals in switzerland and abroad.

  • Panos Skouloudis

    Panos Skouloudis

    Skouloudis Panos is a Visual Artist a Photographer and a Curator who is currently based in Athens.
    He has curated and organized three major group exhibitions in Athens and he has participate in many others.
    He has won Prizes and Scholarships.

  • Matthew Portch

    Matthew Portch

    I was born in Bristol, England and now live in Melbourne, Australia.

    As a child I was a keen illustrator spending hours pouring over the minutia of detail of each subject matter.

    I grew up through the seventies in the UK on a steady diet of North American culture via TV and Film. In the backdrop of this media was an exotic and colourful landscape that became an immediate antidote to the English, every-day life.

    I studied Graphic Design and Photography in Bristol and pursued a successful career in Graphic Design.

    In the millennium, the digital revolution of photography spurred my interest once more. Yet, ironically it was the North American large format colour film photographers of the sixties and seventies who inspired me. I was fascinated by the seemingly ordinary street scenes and vistas that were captured with fastidious detail.

    I discovered a more modern and practical process in the form of a technical camera, digital back, and precision optics, then proceeded to cast my own journey.

    When I photograph a scene, I capture everything across the frame in complete focus. Given the theme is so sedate, the detail of the picture is just as important to me as the subject matter and becomes a character of the image in itself.

    I use the full-size of the sensor and never crop. I like to restrict myself to these disciplines as the one austere part of the image process – a digital reverence to the era of large format film if you will.

    My creative vision is to capture a calm and austere disposition in the landscape and create a scene of discernible simplicity to evoke an emotional response from within.

  • Gary Gerardy

    Gary Gerardy

  • Cyrus Cornut

    Cyrus Cornut

    Cyrus Cornut (France, b.1977) is a photographer and artist with an academic background in architecture. With architecture as his template he came to the world of photography through cities, paving a photographic path within the urban jungle, in search of the « poetry of fatalism in these cities, by always setting the human scale in this eternal urban palimpsest ». He has been working on capturing architectural form through light, and looks into the human hive of activity and social organisation. With a keen interest and sensitivity towards the urban or symbolic problems faced by the places he travels through, he questions the whys and wherefores of all that is built and environmental and social impact, through his photography.

  • Andreina Duven

    Andreina Duven

  • Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson

    Robert S Johnson is a freelance photographer. He is an accomplished Lightroom and Photography teacher. APA|NY awarded him the B&H and Phase One prizes in the category of landscape/architecture in 2015. He has self-published four books and appeared in numerous group shows most recently at The Griffin Museum of Photography, PCPA, PH21 and The Salmagundi Art Club.

    Raised on the grounds of the Boston State Hospital, he returned to work on several locked wards during the summers while attending college. He received an MFA in Theater from UC San Diego and moved to New York City where he worked in Off-off Broadway for a decade. He worked in the hotel audiovisual business and became a regional vice president. In 2008 he decided to devote himself to photography full-time.

  • James Pain

    James Pain

  • Jeremy Stebens

    Jeremy Stebens

    Jeremy Stebens is suburban California ex-pat, who now lives and works in New York. His photographic work, has primarily centered on where his every-day life and travels have encountered the uncanny and spans a wide array of locations and subjects. He began photographing in high school as a filmmaker without means to make a film, and soon grew to love the medium for its ability to show others what he has seen - moments and real life backdrops to an unmade movie that lie just beyond our contemporary world. He developed his eye as he studied film at New York University with an emphasis on directing and production design, and since his graduation from Tisch in 2016 has made the push to bring his work to a larger audience.

  • Jesús Andres

    Jesús Andres

  • Bernadette Keys

    Bernadette Keys

  • Miguel Salas

    Miguel Salas

    Proud Puerto Rican and Visual Storyteller living in Miami, Florida.

  • Jo Kalinowski

    Jo Kalinowski

  • Natalya Saprunova

    Natalya Saprunova

  • Tomas Predajna

    Tomas Predajna

    I was 16 years-old when got my first camera from my father - coming from the socialistic Slovakia at that time, camera Zenit TTL was the best you can take your pictures with. I remember to always held my breath before releasing the shutter button.. and I still do that today. The first film I developed together with my father but unfortunately, no single photo was good enough. I learned through the time that photography needs lots of patience, energy and emotions. Stories to capture are everywhere around us, you just have to look carefully. But who doesn't feel it, doesn't see it.

  • Brian Joseph

    Brian Joseph

  • Kunal Kohli

    Kunal Kohli

    Kunal Kohli is an Indian - Norwegian photographer who was born in Oslo, Norway. He received his Foundations degree from Nordic School of Photography from Oslo, Norway in 2015. Kunal continued to study photography at the International Center of Photography in New York where he graduated in 2016. Kunal has exhibited in the US and abroad including shows at the ICP in New York, Sovn in Cape Town and Cyan folio in Oslo. His work has been featured in Vulkan magazine, Rangefinder, PDN, Lensculture and photovogue for Vogue Italia.

    "I like to tell stories through photography, that is what I know and that is who I am. I have models and people in my images because I want the human emotion to connect with the story. The location, the garments, the light and the composition are all elements that need to be set right in order to tell the narrative. I have to feel the story and what I am doing otherwise I know people can not relate to it. Further, my goal is to make the viewer feel and see what I am telling through my photography."

  • Bobby Grubic

    Bobby Grubic

    BOBBY BOSKO GRUBIC (a.k.a. Bobby G) is a Croatian American Emmy Award winning director, artist, and independent music, film and TV producer. He studied digital and traditional wet photography under the mentorship of TIME’s photojournalist and Professor, CHRISTOPHER R HARRIS and Studio Photography by Curator of Baldwin Gallery, THOMAS JIMISON. Bobby’s European background and American influence make his art productions a diversified and unique blend that is universally appealing, attention-grabbing, and emotionally moving.

  • Leroy Skalstad

    Leroy Skalstad

  • Vera Saltzman

    Vera Saltzman

    Photography has long been a “back burner” interest for me, but I didn't become serious about it until I moved from Nova Scotia to the Canadian Arctic. Struggling to fit in, I turned to photography to build a bridge between myself and the Inuit, creating a friendship of sorts with a visual record of an intangible exchange. After leaving the North, I left my business career behind to study photography full time at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO). Here I learned the importance of vision, content and craft in creating art.

    I always seem to be looking for home and consequently where I live inspires my work. Since moving to Saskatchewan, I am influenced by a profound longing for the east coast and a desire to feel a sense of belonging on the Prairies. I believe landscape is more than the physical place but that there is also an invisible landscape of memories, meanings and associations. Therefore, I do not set out to document but I often make work using the local iconography or the portraits of people of the place as a means to cultivate human attachment and belonging. Researchers refer to this attachment to somewhere by different terms including “place attachment,” and “environmental identity.” I like “sense of place” which captures the idea of location along with the notion it involves a feeling. Memory, place, identity are three words I use as touchstones in my work.

    I make use of numerous genres in my work including landscape, architecture, portraiture and self-portraiture. Though I primarily work with film, I also enjoy incorporating various techniques and cameras into my practice, taking advantage of all photography has to offer in the creative process. I tend to work intuitively often starting a project with a question rather than an answer.

    I am more interested in the semblance of emotion than I am in seeking truth through photography. For me photography is about personal interpretation, rather than straight documentation. Being a photographer enables me to express what is in my mind and heart. Since I try to infuse a bit of myself into each photograph, if a viewer recognizes an undercurrent of emotion in my work I believe they will know me better. Perhaps a shared history of common experience will emerge or a kind of kinship will form. It is this engagement that I welcome.

  • Streetmax 21

    Streetmax 21

    Born Dundee, Scotland.
    Formerly, architectural and sometime press photographer.
    Latterly, small business owner and street photographer.


    Finalist, LensCulture Street Photography Awards.

    Finalist, Best Series, Streetfoto, San Francisco.
    PDN 7th annual Exposure Award winner.
    Juror’s Pick, LensCulture Street Photography Awards.
    Series Winner, PHoS Athens.
    Finalist, Miami Street Photography Festival.
    Second place winner, Chromatic Photo Awards.

    Finalist, Italian Street Photography Festival, Rome.
    Dom Literatury, Lodz, Poland (UrbanPhotoAwards).
    Second prize winner, The Independent Photo Street Photography Awards.
    LensCulture Network Gallery.
    Honorary mention, "Street Life" theme, Life Framer.
    3 Honorable mentions, Chromatic Photo Awards.


    Urban Street Dive
    The Street Photographer Book Vol. 2
    Interview - Streethunters, PHoS Athens
    Chromatic Photo Awards Annual Book
    The Best of LensCulture, Volume 1

    The Best of LensCulture, Volume 2

  • Ziad Halub

    Ziad Halub

  • Katrin Braga

    Katrin Braga

    Photographer from Iceland living in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Jenny Powis

    Jenny Powis

  • Sumon Yusuf

    Sumon Yusuf

    Sumon Yusuf

    Bangladeshi, b. 1983

    Sumon Yusuf is a documentary photographer and artist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He studied photojournalism at Ateneo de Manila University in Philippines. He is assigned to cover visual stories for national and international projects in France, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    His work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Photography for him is a way to tell a story and evoke a feeling. He utilizes his camera as a tool to create imagery that is in both real and surreal, laced in fantasy. In his attempt to tell a story he combine his memories and observances of his surroundings. The story continues to grow as he relies on his conscious and subconscious to invent and transfer those thoughts to an image.

    He has been making since many years long term project that touches notions of memory, and transition, especially about social issues. On the border between documentary photography and artistic expression is his common approach. The images he creates give an unusual view of our society.

    Works Completed

    Nómadas (Nomads)

    Life, Struggle & Water
    Towards Peace - The Obstacles in Madrasha Education
    Mru: The Last Tribe


    2017: DESTERRADOS (Nomads of Bangladesh) Photography Exhibition, Bangladesh
    2016: November in Paris (2nd Solo Exhibition), Bangladesh
    2015: Climate State of Emergency photo exhibition, France
    2015: Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest exhibition, Russia
    2015: Phodar Biennial International Photography Festival, Bulgaria
    2014: World Water Day Photo Contest, Japan
    2014: Life & Struggle of Padma’ 1st Solo Exhibition, Bangladesh
    2013: Anti Corruption Youth Photo Contest Exhibition, Germany
    2013: Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap, Cmbodia
    2010: CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest Exhibition, USA


    Courrier International magazine, France

    Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest book, Russia

    One World Calendar & Almanac, Switzerland

    Smithsonian Magazine, USA

    After Image Online Magazine, USA

    Thomson Reuters Foundation, UK

    Ashahi Simbun Magazine, Japan


    DESTERRADOS (Nomads of Bangladesh) 2017
    Publisher: Cátedra Inditex, Spain


    1st Prize winner of Climate State of Emergency Photo Contest, France

    1st Prize winner of 10th Annual Photoshare Photo Contest, USA

    Honorable Mention Jury Award in Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, Russia

    Top Prize winner of IREX Photo Contest in Washington DC, USA

    3rd prize winner of Anti Corruption Youth Photo Contest of Transparency International, Germany

    Winner of The 73rd International Photographic Salon of Japan, Asahi Simbun

    Winner of CGAP Microfinance Photo Contest in USA,

    Winner of People & Planet Photo Contest in Australia

    Finalist of Nikon International Photo Contest, Japan

    Finalist of Health Worker’s Count Photo Contest of WHO, Bangladesh

    Nomination for the Joop Swart Masterclass, World Press Photo Foundation, Netherlands.

  • Tim Coad

    Tim Coad

    Tim Coad is a Tasmanian emerging artist, and graduate of the Tasmanian School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania. Tim creates large scale photographs, with a focus on portraits, to evoke an immersive, intimate environment. Tim’s work holds national recognition, and has been exhibited with the National Photographic Portraiture Prize, the IRIS International Portrait Award, and the prestigious Hutchins Australian Contemporary Art Prize.
    Tim’s work explores the threshold and tenuous grip we have on life and deals with tensions of shifting self-identity and loss of place. An innovative process see’s Tim mixing cinematic lighting with real-world environments, while Tim’s recent work ‘The Still’ makes use of total natural lighting. Working outdoors, in the elements of nature, the aim is to further evoke the fragility of our existence, and the ephemerality of light and day.
    Ambiguity is an important aspect of the work, with an implied narrative across a series of images. These narratives are activated through the relationships that emerge between the images. What is hidden from the viewer becomes meaningful, and just as integral to the work as what is revealed.

  • Lieselot Dejonghe

    lieselot martina dejonghe

    I am a Belgian - amateur - photographer living in Switzerland. My work is limited and defined by the ordinary - or less ordinary - life I live with my three young children, and the activities I undertake with them. I try to focus on capturing honest moments, and raise the question 'What is ordinary?'
    For the biggest part of my life, I lived in a small town in Flanders, but also got the chance to live in hipster Ghent, cosmopolitan Shanghai, vibrant Hangzhou and now mondane Zurich.
    I come to the conclusion that humans differ a lot less than is generally asserted. As humans, we are all driven by the same needs - sleeping, eating, shelter - and emotions - fear, love, laughter, melancholy, anger - so I try capturing these to describe ‘the ordinary’.

    I took on photography in 2014 during the pregnancy of my third child, in an attempt to understand the jargon of the camera crews I worked together with in my job. Although my need to create visuals comes in waves - the aspiration to bring to light 'honest moments' through my photographs hasn’t left me since.

    Given my explorative nature, and the fact that I am always pursuing different arts at the same time, my photography is still very much in an experimental and learning phase - a phase where I seem to some degree to be addicted to.

  • Adrien Dubost

    Adrien Dubost

  • Ania Kopel-Hanna

    Ania Kopel-Hanna

  • Craig Proudford

    Craig Proudford

    Craig is a Sydney based photographer with a background as a print maker and graphic designer.

    After working in Design for a decade in Australia and the UK, Craig returned to an early love of photography
    and has been recognised for both his commercial and personal projects, with several accolades internationally and nationally and he has been exhibited internationally and nationally.

    Craig most enjoys the opportunity photography gives him to focus his attention on the smaller details giving them a new perspective. He documents the beautifully dirty, decayed, and hidden, the graphic, fun and unexpected among other things.

  • Michael Joseph

    Michael Joseph

    Michael Joseph is a street portrait and documentary photographer. Raised just outside of New York City, his inspirations are drawn from interactions with strangers on city streets and aims to afford his audience the same experience through his photographs. His portraits are made on the street, unplanned and up close to allow the viewer to explore the immediate and unseen.

    Michael’s project “Lost and Found” has been featured on Vice.com, CNN.com, AllAboutPhoto.com and published in magazines internationally. He has been exhibited nationally, notably at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, (New York, NY), the Aperture Gallery (New York, NY), Project Basho Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) as well as the Rayko Gallery (San Francisco, CA). He has lectured for Amy Arbus at the International Center of Photography (New York, NY) in portraiture classes at the New England School of Photography (Boston, MA) and taught at the Light Factory (Charlotte, NC).

    His portraits are held in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana and private collections. He is a 2016 Photolucida Top 50 winner, LensCulture Portrait Award Finalist and a recipient of the fellowship in photography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He is represented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York City.

  • Courtney Townsend

    Courtney Townsend

  • Jake Mein

    Jake Mein

    Jake Mein, born in Ngaio, Wellington, 1988, is a photographer based in New Zealand. He holds a BDes (Hons) in Photography from Massey University. His work explores the sense of belonging, home, and the deterioration of familiar places. His recent work has looked into his hometown, Christchurch, following the 2011 earthquake which destroyed the city. Jake’s work has been exhibited locally as well as in shows in London and Australia. His project Six for Gold was published by the independent publisher Bad News Books.

  • Joan Nicholson

    Joan Nicholson

    Photographing the handmade and the creatives I meet and work with along the way.
    I've always photographed and I've always made things, but I've never had the courage to let my work be seen. Fueled by curiosity, I started a creative business - Soul & Rhapsody to push myself to brave the creative wilderness, step into the arena and share my creations to the world. Inspired by cultural concepts, adventures across the globe and the art of thinking independently together, photography has become my interactive journal for creative living.

    Born in the chaotic but soulful Asian mega-city of Manila [Philippines], but currently based in the regional Australian town of Tamworth.

  • Elisa Tomaselli

    Elisa Tomaselli

    I was born and grew up in a small town in central Italy. After I had graduated, I moved to London for a while, then to Rome, where I currently live and work.
    I had always been deeply fascinated by visual languages, especially by photographic medium, when in 2009 I enrolled in a few training courses to learn its basic techniques. Afterwards, I left photography for a few years, getting back to it in 2016, while joining a collective project, which gave me an opportunity to understand deeply the expressive potential of photography.
    Since then, my works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad, published on magazines such as "Grain Magazine", "Eye Magazine" and "Eyeshot Magazine", awarded by Sony Photography, IPA, FAPA, FIIPA London Street Photography Festival and Umbria World Festival.

  • Snezhana Von Buedingen

    Snezhana von Buedingen

    Snezhana von Buedingen, born in 1983 in Perm, Russia, studied Photography at the Fotoakademie Cologne, finishing her Diploma in 2016. Characterized by her international background, Snezhana focuses on documentary and portrait photography.
    Snezhana lives and works as an independent photographer in Cologne/Germany.
    2018 Alfred Fried Photography Award 2018, Shortlist
    2018 Prix Virginia International photography prize for Woman 2018, Finalist
    2018 Kuala Lumpur International Portrait Photoawards 2018, Finalist
    2018 Life Framer Photo Award 2018, Winner
    2018 LensCulture Portrait Awards 2018, Finalist
    2018 August-Sander-Preis 2018, Shortlist
    2018 ZEISS Photography Award, Shortlist
    2018 PROFIFOTO „New Talent Award 2017“, Winner
    2017 Nikon Photo Award, Winner
    2017 Verzasca Foto Award 2017, Finalist
    2017 Sony World Photography Awards 2017,Kategorie „Professional Portraiture“, Shortlist

  • Susan Borowitz

    Susan Borowitz

    After a successful career as a television writer and published author, Susan Borowitz picked up a camera for the first time in 2011, immediately feeling both transported by and at home with a new medium by which she could tell stories. Although a devotee of travel street photography, Susan primarily works on conceptual narrative series, often employing self-portraiture. Her images have been exhibited in New York, Greenwich CT, Berlin and Barcelona and are in private collections in New York, New Jersey and California.

  • Natalia Diefenbach

    Natalia Diefenbach

    Artist-Photographer Natalia Diefenbach was born in Leningrad, now St.Petersburg. But today she lives in Frankfurt am Main. Natalia is the member of the professional artists society in Frankfurt-on-Main. In scenes of her photos - often being of surrealistic concept – one can identify in line with nostalgic tones certain deep emotional reflections and existential questions originated from subconsciousness. Objects of the scenes being tied together with nothing from the first sight after more thorough and intent contemplation looks like as they are in a very deep and tense internal dialogue, real landscapes are transforming to chthonic spaces with real images of people and items entwined to that environment immersing spectator to the irrational “into the looking glass world” of photo collage.
    Fixed by camera figures and motives are merging to the paradoxical metaphorical compositions building a kind of emotional Esperanto, some metaphysical language entraining the spectator and inviting to the cogitation. Games of light together with color peculiarity enhance a lot the expressiveness of art objects. Artist herself defines her creations as “emotional realism” where subliminal perception of the reality is reflected by symbolically assembled compositions. Among the artistic styles which gas impacted her creation Natalia mentions specifically art of Renaissance, Dutch still life, pre-Raphaelites art works, Russian pop-print of late 19 - early 20 century, post-Stalin non-conformism, aesthetic by Andrey Tarkovskiy. Something new seldom occurs in the art of photography and photos made by Natalia gives a serious claim for new and bright individuality. Definitely the right of final interpretation of photos is given to the spectator.

  • Nicolas Boulet

    Nicolas Boulet

    Born in France, I graduated in philosophy and started photography seven years ago, after a master's degree in photography and contemporary art at Paris Saint-Denis University (France).
    I then begin to work as a professional photographer assistant, for the French artist Christophe Beauregard, and as a photographer trainer. I actually animate workshops especially for children and people suffering from trisomy and autism.
    These professional activities have certainly influenced my artistic work together with the passion for depicting people, whatever their social and psychological background are.
    I also work as a independant photographer, specialized in portraits and photo report.

  • Karen Navarro

    Karen Navarro

    With a background in fashion design, Argentina-born artist, Karen Navarro, works with a highly stylized aesthetic on a diverse array of mediums that includes photography, collage, and sculpture. Her constructed portraits, as she describes it herself, are known for the use of color theory, surreal scenes and minimalist details. Navarro’s work expresses self-referential questions that connect in a much larger scale to ideas of construction of identity, societal expectations and the understanding of the being; prompting a discourse about the subconscious will to comply with the contemporary societies' canons when these are in fact misleading. Similarly, Navarro explores in her work femininity as a cultural construct.

    Navarro lives in Houston since 2014 where she completed the certificate program in photography at Houston Center for Photography. In 2018. Navarro has been awarded a scholarship at Glassell School of Art| The Museum of Fine Art Houston where she studied analog photography. Most recently Navarro has received the Artadia fellowship 2019. Her work has been exhibited in the US and abroad.

  • Barbara Traver

    Barbara Traver

    I was born in Madrid in 1992. Since I was nine years old I have lived in several places in Spain and abroad. In 2014 I came to Valencia to study at the school Espai d'art fotogràfic and finalized in 2017 with the Master in Photography: Creation and Production. At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I was residing in Madrid (Spain) to take the course "Creativity and strategies in contemporary photography" at the EFTI school, taught by Javier Vallhonrat. I currently reside in London.

    I have done collective exhibitions in the Gallery Cero (Spain, 2014) or in the gallery Officine Fotografiche (Rome, 2016). I won several competitions such as the Nikon Photo Contest (Japan, 2015) or the one of Photo Festival Benidorm Portrait (Spain, 2017). Finally, I published my first photo book "Portrait", won the EFTI's grant at the ArtPhotoBcn festival (Spain, 2017), I was invited as an artist in the work "A parallel world" (Spain, 2017) curated by Joan Fontcuberta and I have participated in several fairs such as Emerging Art # 3 + 1 or Photobook Festival (Spain, 2017).

    In my work I speak from my experiences and the trauma, being this intimate and suggested where the image goes beyond, leaving it to the free interpretation of the spectator. I pretend to show a reality that is hidden in our inner self, is a form of reflection and contained catharsis. The introspection is a source of inspiration for my work.

  • Ali Sahba

    Ali Sahba

  • Sara Al Lababidi

    Sara Al Lababidi

    I'm on a journey to pursue visual madness!
    In the mean while, I strive for honesty in my imagery manipulation!

    A young girl from Syria, Sara, reflecting her understanding of the human body where it's simply a copybook of all human body. Individual beauty. Each and every person.

    Portrayed in an unlighted matter that she lived in but still saw all the light deep-seated in the darkness.

  • Dana Korba

    Dana Korba

    Hi there, so glad to be here...My name is Dana and I am a wife and mother of four amazing kids. I have a background in Teaching and have recently taken the plunge to be a photographer full time. I have been taking pictures since the film days and have been upgrading my equipment and skills along the way. I love taking long walks with my crazy yellow lab Dixie and taking in the scenery along the way. I am a Child and Family Lifestyle photographer who loves all things family, nature and animals.

  • Ben Krueger

    Ben Krueger

  • Chris Carr

    Chris Carr

  • Halli Pratt

    Halli Pratt

  • Julien Rotterman

    Julien Rotterman

    French Ad Creative Director / Film Director / Scenarist & Street Photographer.

  • Irene Balmanoukian

    Irene Balmanoukian

  • Gavin Smart

    Gavin Smart

    I’m a freelance photographer and digital assistant based in Edinburgh. Alongside my professional activities I’m currently studying towards a BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College.

    I originally trained as a classical and jazz musician at London’s Guildhall School of Music, before moving to Paris as an artisan baker, working with leading French boulangerie Eric Kayser. My photographic work is as diverse as my background, bringing together many creative elements in my work. I draw particular inspiration from the art, design and photography that I was exposed to during my time in Paris.

    I enjoy working with clients and businesses from all walks of life, capturing their unique stories with authenticity, sensitivity and creative flair. I am comfortable working in many different photographic situations, with a strong interest in composite production and image manipulation, although portraiture and documentary remain close to my heart.

  • Sandro Di Camillo

    Sandro Di Camillo


    Sandro Di Camillo (n.1976) è un fotografo Italiano attento alle sperimentazioni ed alle possibilità espressive del linguaggio fotografico non come mezzo meramente descrittivo, ma come strumento creativo.

    Studia presso l'Accademia Di Belle Arti di Roma (1999-2004),nel 2007 si diploma presso l'Istituto Superiore di Fotografia e Comunicazione Integrata di Roma.

    Ha partecipato a varie mostre e le sue opere fotografie sono state riconosciute in vari premi.

    Vincitore ex-equo di Fotoesordio 2006, il suo lavoro viene esposto all'Aula Pietro Gismondi dell'Università di Tor Vergata di Roma

    Nel 2007 e nel 2008 partecipa a Fotografia - Festival Internazionale di Roma con due mostre collettive La città continua (di cui è anche curatore) e la finestra di fronte.

    E' finalista nella sezione di fotografia al Premio Celeste nel 2008, il suo lavoro viene esposto Fabbrica Borroni, Bollate Milano.

    Nel 2009 è finalista al Premio Terna, con l'opera fotografia 'STRUTTURA'.

    Sempre nel 2009 è finalista al premio G.Tabò, il suo lavoro 'Berlin Babylon' viene esposto presso all'Istituto Superiore Antincendi (I.S.A.) Roma

    Nel 2014 è vincitore del concorso fotografico indetto da “Il Mitte”.

    Sempre nel 2014 è vincitore di Off Site Art: un progetto d’arte pubblica dedicato a L’Aquila.

    Dal 2008 è impegnato da progetti molto personali e commissioni editoriali.

  • Dayana Sharon Marconi

    Dayana Sharon Marconi

    Born in Italy and based in Rome, Dayana S. Marconi has a BA in Intercultural Studies from University of Trieste (2005). In 2012, she moved to London and then to China and subsequently travelled across Asia, Europe and the USA exploring different cultures and embracing diversity. Currently, she is enrolled as MA Photography student at Falmouth University.

  • Elizabeth Adams

    Elizabeth Adams

  • Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster is a swiss-based photographer. He attended a self-taught photographer class and graduated in photography at the Swiss school of journalism. He is primarily working on long-term projects. His field of work are mainly subjects of public and urban space. In the last 15 years he traveled Asia extensively and spent a lot of time exploring major cities. Furthermore he is working on projects focusing on the balancing act between photography and painting.

  • Simon Beraud

    Simon Beraud

    (b.1993 in France; currently in Czechia) Partly self-taught, the camera has accompanied me since late childhood. I use it to keep a distance and at the same time exist with others in a social environment, discover new places, face the unknown, and to feel at home when - for short or long periods of time - I travel.
    In a context that I document and in more transposable ways, my work relies on other people's emotions and mine. I photograph both friends and strangers, in the intimacy of their homes and outside.

  • Kim Wild

    Kim Wild

    I see the world in photographs, if I don't have my camera on me, I am frustrated at all the images I have missed. I especially love traveling to different places and trying to capture the essence of a place, showing the land, the people, the culture, the truth...sometimes photographs can be incredibly moving, and it is such a gift as a photographer to have this tool in order to capture a moment in time and be able to share.

  • Yvonne Mak

    Yvonne Mak

    My name is Yvonne Mak, a Dutch installation and photography artist. I graduated at art school in Arnhem at ArtEZ (The Netherlands).

    To me, art is a mirror of the society. Art is meant to contemplate and to motivate you to start a discussion. My goal is to inspire people to act like a hero, to show people the beauty of the earth and to help the world continue to be a wonderful place.

    My work is characterized by frequent use of humor or surrealism, even on heavier topics. It is my belief that this makes people more susceptible to the message by allowing them to adopt an open mindset.

  • Upama Saha

    Upama Saha

  • Rudolf Sulgan

    Rudolf Sulgan

    My name is Rudolf Sulgan, I am a photographer and visual artist born in Slovakia.
    After I completed my studies, I moved to USA and I started working as an art restorer at Sotheby’s. Exposure to the artworks made a great impact how I sense and observe the light, letting it dictate the mood while trying to create soulful images.
    For the past ten years, my focus has been mainly on photographing stylish travel stories around the globe.

  • Rob Payne

    Rob Payne

    Rob grew up in sunny Dorset, United Kingdom where days at the beach and long walks in the countryside fuelled his love of natural landscapes. Rob wasn’t born with a camera round his neck, much to his mother’s relief, but started his photographic career in a foundation course at Bournemouth Arts University. Another degree and a lot of practice later, Rob started assisting in London. He was lucky enough to work and learn alongside some of the industry’s big hitters.

    Rob turns the ordinary into extraordinary. He takes everyday scenes, landscapes or objects and creates a unique atmosphere around them using light, colour and composition. This ‘atmosphere’ is hard to pinpoint. It has been described as ethereal and unearthly with an otherworldly feel about it. The atmosphere can of course change depending on the feelings that the picture is trying to evoke. Rob likes to think it’s something that people might easily overlook but once captured in a photograph has a permanence, palpability and quiet beauty for all to see.

  • Reea Aree

  • Samet Durgun

    Samet Durgun

    Samet Durgun is a Turkey-born artist and photographer of Abkhazian descent. His work explores the relationship between the concepts of beauty and toxic masculinity within historically excluded, oppressed communities such as female and queer. He is known for his finely detailed, saturated, high-contrast work. His photographic mission is to unearth and uplift the power of diverse communities with realistic and inclusive visual stories. For Samet, all a photographer needs is a character with a sense of personal beauty.
    He currently lives and thrives in Berlin.

  • Colmar Wocke

    Colmar Wocke

  • Mark Elzey

    Mark Elzey

    Portrait photographer thats very influenced by the renaissance era, but happily accepts the challenge of creating his own modern day renaissance through love and passion.

  • Mirène Schmitz

    Mirène Schmitz

    Mirène Schmitz was born 1974 in Offenbach am Main, Germany. For many years she has run her own business as a consultant in marketing and communications until she decided in 2014 to follow her true passion and study photography at the Fotoakademie Köln. Since then, her work has been exhibited in different countries all across Europe. In 2017 her work AFFENSCHAUKEL has been honoured with the NEW TALENT AWARD 1/2017. In 2018 her series AMSELFRAU has been honoured with the NEW TALENT AWARD 1/2018. Mirène lives in Bonn. She works as an independent photographer in her own atelier.

  • Livia Ferguson

    Livia Ferguson

  • Marcin Szprengiel

    Marcin Szprengiel

    Born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. Marcin Szprengiel’s unique perspective on beauty derives from the decaying architecture and life of communist Eastern Europe.

  • Jenny Ashley

    Jenny Ashley

    Jenny Ashley (b. 1975) is a fine art photographer from San Luis Obispo, CA. Ashley has a Masters and Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Studio Art from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she currently teaches composition & rhetoric courses centered on gender equality, racial justice and voices of resistance. In the Spring of 2019, the State Center for the Arts in Tijuana, Mexico will feature her work. Images from the same series have been included in invitational exhibitions curated by the San Luis Art Museum and are currently on display at H Gallery in Ventura, California. In August, some of Ashley's work from "The Lampshade Project" will be showcased at a feminist themed juried exhibition called "It's Time" at the Orange County Center of Contemporary Art in Southern California. To see the full series visit www.jennyashleyphotography.com or search #thelampshadeproject on Instagram.

  • Debbie Goodyer

  • Olga Urbanek

    Olga Urbanek

    photographer currently living and working in Iceland. She has majored in Art History at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw as well as Film and TV Production at the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. 

    Vogue (Italia), Fubiz (France), C-Heads Magazine ( Austria), DRECK Magazine, C41 Magazine (Italy) Phroom Magazine (Italy), Vice (Poland), i-D (Poland), K MAG (Poland)

    1st Prize Winner of The Independent Photographer´s Portrait Photography Award 2018
    1st Prize Winner of Chromatic Awards in Fine Art

    Represented by Syndikat Artists Hamburg

  • Lukasz Cyrus

    Lukasz Cyrus

    Split Photography

    I believe that photography is like instrumental music. It needs no words nor stories to tell to evoke emotions. Photography does not need to refer to anything we know to exist and make its way to our memory. To be honest, I believe that the more it separates from reality, the more we can appreciate it as it is since it no longer imitates anything. It splits from reality.

    Split photography can be endlessly interpreted as on its own it is incomplete. Split photography cannot be compared with its original subject matter as the subject matter comes from the world that split photography does not try to imitate. Facing split photography, words lose their power. Therefore, there is no way to describe split photography. It must be experienced.

    Split photography comes from the realm of emotions and imagination. It should be sensed with emotions and imagination.

  • Marie Lukasiewicz

    Marie Lukasiewicz

    Marie Lukasiewicz (Paris, 1982) studied applied arts and visual communications at Estienne school followed by photography at Louis Lumière school. After graduation she worked as an assistant in Canada and on her return to Europe she moves to Germany and joins the collective ParisBerlin Fotogroup. She collaborates on many projects with other artists in France and Germany.
    Her artistic practice focuses on environmental issues and pollution. Very concerned by ecology she deepens her work in combining it with a strong scientific support. The border between reality and fiction is always vague in her photographic projects and derision also plays an important role.
    She has participated in several group exhibitions, Noorderlicht Fotofestival, 2017, Boutographies 2016, Rip Off Arles 2014-2017, Goethe Institute (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse), 2015-2017.
    Back in France today she reinforces her approach with a closer collaboration with the scientific world. In 2018 she was selected to participate in the Parallel Platform program and develops a project on corals and their bleaching.

  • Arthur Bauer

    Arthur Bauer

    Mannheim [Germany] based photographer, originally from Kazakhstan. Initially devoted to street photography, with a growing interest in photojournalism in recent years.

  • Pippa Scott

    Pippa Scott

    Pippa was born in Canada and spent her formative years at a Hogwarts-like boarding school in England. After attending The University of Manchester she re-located to London, NYC and Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry for a decade and trained in musical theatre on Broadway. She is now based in her home town of Vancouver.
    It is probably fitting that she worked in the entertainment industry for so long as her friends describe her as intense, dramatic and empathetic, all qualities that inform her artistic voice. Her guiding principle in documentary photography is trust. She seeks always to earn the trust of her subjects and so produces images that are sensitive, vulnerable and honest. Just as she learnt from her time studying theatre, there is no greater beauty than when we are truly our authentic selves. The desire to capture this authenticity drives her decision-making as she documents through photography.

  • Gionata Nicotra

    Gionata Nicotra


  • Umberto Sannino

    Umberto Sannino

    Traveler, mind consultant, part time hero & problem solver.

  • Leonardo Iacobucci


    I was born in 1981 and I am based in a small town in central Italy (Chieti). I studied law and I didn't start to get into photography until I was "old", because I have only started to practice in 2018. Actually I am not a photographer ... for me photography is a way to channel everything that cannot be expressed verbally, my way to say "Hey, I'm here! Can you hear me?"

  • Vivian Keulards

    Vivian Keulards

    I was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated as a portrait photographer at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. In the past I also gained a master’s Degree in communication science. My fascination for images and photography started at an early age, but I decided to become a professional photographer when I turned 35 years old.

    Children, young people and particularly vulnerable groups are often recurring subjects within my photography projects. In documentary or in creative, fictional form. My portraits have been published, exhibited and rewarded internationally.

  • Alana Perino

    Alana Perino

    Alana Perino was born in 1988 and led a split childhood between New York City, the North Fork of Long Island, and the stretch of highway between the two. She studied European Intellectual History and Photography at Wesleyan University, where her questions concerning the nature of belonging were only further complicated. After working as a photojournalist in the Israeli-Palestinian territories, skeptical of the privileged nature of her stay, Alana returned to the United States. Continually drawn to issues of land-ownership identity, she has been completing several road trips across the country to photograph “American” heritage sites. Alana resides in Oakland, California, where she works as a lighting technician, a photographer, and when time allows, as an artist.

  • Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos was born in 1981 in Davleia, Greece, where he lives until now. He has studied architecture in the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece) and photography in the Leica Academy (Athens, Greece). He is a freelance photographer. His professional work focuses in architectural photography. His personal work is mainly characterized by the depiction of the transformation of natural, agricultural and urban landscape.

  • Patricia M

    Patricia M

  • Leng Ung

    Leng Ung

    I am a French photographer...well it is more complicated than that...I am actually a Chinese Cambodian French man living in the US...I told you, it is complicated. My family is originated from China and migrated to Cambodia because of the insanity of one human being (watch the « Killing Field » or « First they killed my father » and you’ll understand what I mean). We migrated safely to France in 1979 (thanks Dad for keeping us safe during our exodus and our stay in this dangerous indo-chinese jungle!).
    I think this multicultural part of me keep me curious and open minded, which for me it is a corner stone of creativity.
    I started photography very late, around 25 I’d say in France, in a photo club where I learned a lot with some tremendous artists, people who were still using black and white film - at a period where digital photography begun to be the only option for the millenials - and these friends of mine were so keen to share their craftsmanship for the dark room and the enlarger! My passion of black and white came from here for sure, it was so magical to see and understand how light can be manipulated with hand manipulation to dodge or burn to interpret your picture in an Photoshop predominant era. I must admit the smell of the chemistry miss me even now!

  • Vanessa Letts


    I'm just a dabbler. I've always had a camera in my hand since I was about 4 years old and I love stopping and capturing the moment. I'm a fan of landscape photography and have recently started taking photos of street art. All my photos are unedited (except for a few tweaks with the colours) but I hope to learn more about photography and creating epic pictures in the future.

  • Henry Butterworth

    Henry Butterworth

    21 years old, born in Sydney. Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW Art and Design. I have been taking photos from a young age, learning the basics and more from my father who is a photographer. I like to shoot from an observational perspective, capturing something most people would overlook. The current series I am working on is called 'Slacks Track' and it's a documentary style series on the suburb Mount Gravatt East in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Robert Romano

    Robert Romano

    Photography is my second career. For 45 years, I was an attorney on Wall Street -- either prosecuting or defending insider trading and such. Photography was my hobby for the last 25 years or so. My photography business is in its infancy.

    In recent years, the medical profession has studied and embraced the beneficial effects of including art as part of cancer therapy – both by having the patient express difficult feelings and emotions artistically and by making available soothing artistic images to address the difficult experiences cancer patients face.
    Both my wife and I are cancer patients at hospitals in New York City and elsewhere. She and I have spent many hours at these hospitals in treatment and in their waiting rooms. We have often observed how dreary many of these facilities can be and how the available “art work” could use an upgrade. We think it would make the patients and the family/friends who accompany them somehow feel better about the experience – or at least get their minds off what they are going through. A principal goal of my new business is to see if my images have a place in cancer hospitals as part of the treatment process. If so, I intend to donate images that these hospitals deem appropriate (including the cost of framing). To realize this goal, I have approached several nationally-recognized cancer hospitals and am in discussions with three currently.

  • Rémi Moreau

    Rémi Moreau

    I was born in France in 1992. I’m graduated from a two year degree in digital graphic design (Paris-2014) and a two year higher degree in fashion image, media and editorial (Paris-2016). I currently live and work in Montreal.

    My work is the development of a magical universe where the visible and the invisible encounter. I want to offer my own perspective - phantasmagoria. To depict a supernatural universe gives me the chance to step away from reality and speak about it from a different point of view.   

  • Ye Fan

    Ye Fan

    Artist and Photographer based in New York, orignally from Shanghai, China

  • Carla Fosalba

    Carla Fosalba

    Visual artist from Barcelona who's work is centered on the arts of portrait, comercial and documentary photography.

  • Laura Dell'Aquila

    Laura Dell'Aquila

  • David Czernobilsky

    David Czernobilsky

  • Francesco Favalesi

    Francesco Favalesi

  • Elizabeth Smarz

    Elizabeth Smarz

    Elizabeth Smarz (b. 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist born, raised, and currently based in Chicago, IL. Elizabeth received Bachelor's degrees in both Contemplative Psychology and Fine Arts from Naropa University in 2014. Elizabeth is intrigued and inspired by nature, Earth-based rituals, consciousness, and spirituality. Elizabeth's work primarily exists as drawings, paintings, and film photography, focusing on a sense of balance, beauty, and drala.

  • Alyson Belcher

    Alyson Belcher

    All of my work is united by my obsession with the two most basic elements of photography: light and time. My projects have ranged from self-portraits to abstract landscapes. I have worked with many photographic processes, ranging from the earliest type of camera (pinhole) to the latest in digital technology. New projects are born out of a need to communicate something internally and curiosity about different ways to work with the medium. I look for the relationships between darkness and light, stillness and movement. My subjects usually demonstrate changes that take place slowly over time, whether it’s in nature or the human body.

  • Cletus Nelson Nwadike

    Cletus Nelson Nwadike

    My name is Cletus Nelson Nwadike. I am from Nigeria but I live in Sweden. I am a poet and a photographer. I was born in Nigeria. I studied photography as a visual communication at Jönköping University in Sweden. I graduated in 2011.
    I have published 33 pictures in the National "Geographic daily dosen," and in 2015 I had an exhibition in Fotografiska Stockholm "Höst Salongen."
    I have also been published in both the International and the nordic versions of National Geographic.
    Had one small exhibition in Gallery contrast in Stockholm in May 2017 with other photographers in my class. One is coming up soon in the same gallery with other photographers and that one is called " FotosidanMaster" June 14/6 2017.

    August 2017 I won the Alfred Fried International photo competition on the theme of Peace...

  • Nicolas Rybarczyk

    Nicolas Rybarczyk

  • Marloes Der Kinderen

    Marloes Der Kinderen

  • Turid Bjørnsen

    Turid Bjørnsen

  • Killa Schuetze

    Killa Schuetze

    Killa Schuetze is a Peruvian-German artist born 1978 in Frankfurt am Main. Her early works combined autobiographical elements with general reflections on identity in the area of conflict between different cultural narrations and realities.

    During many years of traveling she developed an aesthetics which documents her artistic encounter with the unknown which formed the basis for her later works such as several series of artist portraits.
    Since 2016 she studies photography at Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen/ Germany where she sets her artistic practice in dialogue with an academic perspective. Exploring the Spatial Qualities of modern photography and sculpture her work focusses on contemporary narratives.
    A main point of reference are parallel worlds, which form a red line in her work. Codes of society and exclusion, digitalization and ancestral transmissions are the main topics that drive her today.

  • Clare Pettigrew

    Clare Pettigrew

  • Narelle Carter

    Narelle Carter

    Narelle is a former Press Photographer with 12 years experience on assignment producing News Images for publication and extensive experience shooting live Band/Rock photography on film and digital.

    She has now found her passion has turned to Impressionist imagery through the use of in camera techniques and blending of multiple images together to form meaningful art statements.

  • Liam Dobbin

    liam dobbin

  • Katarzyna Heeringa

    Katarzyna Heeringa

    Katarzyna Heeringa (b. 1969) is a photographer of Polish descent. Upon completing her studies she moved to the Netherlands. At the age of forty-five, after a long career in a different branch, it was time for a change. She decided to enrol at the Amsterdam Academy of Photography (Fotoacademie Amsterdam). This rigorous three-year programme allowed her to fully develop herself as a photographer, to choose the right path and to be where she is now.
    She lives in Woerden.

  • Megan Rippner

    Megan Rippner

    I lose keys

  • Nikos Fysilanis

    Nikos Fysilanis

  • Tori Delecca

    Tori Delecca

  • Carolina Martins

    Carolina Martins

    Self-taught amateur.
    Contemporary dance producer.
    PhD Candidate.

  • Susan Wittenberg

    Susan Wittenberg

  • Suzanne O'Connell

    Suzanne O'Connell

    Suzanne O'Connell works as an art dealer of the finest Indigenous works to global collectors and institutions since 2001. Based in Brisbane, the Suzanne O'Connell Gallery has launched and nurtured many careers, and recently has branched into other mediums and schools featuring non-Indigenous artists.

    An established art dealer, former singer and cabarèt performer, creativity has always been part of Suzanne's life in some way. Now, after having gained a wealth of experience and inspiration, Suzanne is venturing into producing her own art. Photography- most especially black & white- has long been a passion of hers since as a girl she became hooked on the silver screen and was captivated by the Golden Era of film.

    As a self-trained photographer, Suzanne is inspired by the creativity of more contemporary art-house and film noir cinematography as well as architectural cityscapes and sparse landscapes.

    This exhibition is made up of a collection of some of the artists' favourite and most stunning photographs. Shot on iPhone and Leica, these images showcase the artists' travels and shines a light on the "other side" of life as a global gallerist. The works in this exhibition are deeply personal as they are reflective: they are tableaux of sorts, documenting moments of brief stillness and beauty.

    Leading a busy life with much lengthy travel, these works are predominantly shot on the road to destinations near and far and capture sites & circumstances so easily unnoticed by so many traversing busy cities and outback roads.



  • Tara Fallaux

    Tara Fallaux

    Photography and film give me an opportunity to fulfill my curiosity for the mysteries of everyday encounters. I am always interested in people’s vitality and fate, how we shape the world around us, and vice versa.

    On an emotional and narrative level, I am interested in looking at human bonds and at people’s being, both physical and mental: love relationships, family, friendship, childhood, aging, physical fragility, sensuality, courage, desire and hope. I recognize that these are very broad themes. But it’s this universality that creates a bond, touches us as we recognize common existential questions and feelings. The stories I tell through my photographs or films don’t provide answers to these questions. Hopefully, they act as moments of contemplation and recognition. This open humanist focus is the common strand between my personal projects and my commissioned work. Whether I am photographing and filming on assignment or for personal work, my drive is to tell stories that touch and inspire people.

    On a technical level I like my images to have a sense of peace and quietness. Even if I capture a busy scene I find it important that the image is clear. A combination of real life stolen moments and carefully arranged framing, light and color composition. Whether it’s an assignment with a large crew behind me, or a documentary portrait just by myself I have the same approach.

  • Iness Rychlik

    Iness Rychlik

    I am a photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in historical drama.

  • Matei Focseneanu

    Matei Focseneanu


    2019-7 "Home Made Empire", Collective exhibition, Espace Forêt 11, Flon, Lausanne, Curator: Magali Dougoud

    2019-4 "Month of Photography Los Angeles", Collective exhibition, Santa Monica Art Studios, Arena 1 Gallery

    2018-7 "A handful of strange", diploma collective exhibition, Espace Doret, CEPV, Vevey, Switzerland. Curators: Virginie Otth

    2017-7 "Des mondes meilleurs", collective exhibition, Espace Nonante-neuf, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France, Curators: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Virginie Otth

    2017-2 "Évidences du réel. La photographie face à ses lacunes", collective exhibition, Musée d’art de Pully, Pully, Switzerland, Curators: Stefan Burger, Patrick Hari

    2016-9 "Des mondes meilleurs", collective exhibition, Festival Images, Vevey, Switzerland, Curators: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Virginie Otth

    2015-9 "Sehnsucht", collective exhibition, Vitrines du Rivage, Vevey, Switzerland, Curators: Reiner Riedler, Publications


    2019-6 Paris PX3, Gold prize. Press, fashion category, for the work "Ici c’est l’aquarium, dehors c’est l’océan"
    2019-5 Moscow International Foto Awards, 1st place (golden winner). Fashion editorial category, for the work "Ici c’est l’aquarium, dehors c’est l’océan"
    2019-5 London International Creative Competition, Honorable mention. Student category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2019-1 Tokyo International Foto Awards, 2nd place (silver winner). Fashion editorial category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2018-10 New York IPA, International Photography Awards, 2nd place. Political editorial category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2018-10 PhotogrVphy Magazine. Nominated to Photography Grant for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"


    2017-7 "The Fallen", collective publication, Vision Magazine, #169, Beijing, China, Art director: Eric Nehr, Stylist: Elin Björsell

    2016-9 "Album 06", Théâtre de l'Arsenic, collective publication, Lausanne, Switzerland, Directed by: Sandrine Kuster, Giorgio Pesce, Virginie Otth


    2015 - 2018 The Higher School of Photography, CEPV, Vevey, Switzerland, Diploma in Visual Communication Design

    Workshops with Balmer Hählen, Valérie Belin, Philippe Brault, Adam Broomberg, Bureau A, Stefan Burger & Patrick Hari, Asger Carlsen, André Cepeda, Donigan Cumming, Petros Efstathiadis, Gilbert Fasteneakens, Claus Goedicke, Anne Golaz, Geert Goiris, Roberto Greco, Stanley Greene, Yann Gross, Guillaume Herbaut, Bogdan Konopka, Eva Leitolf, Laura Lewinsky, Helen Van Meene, Awoiska van der Molen, Eric Nehr, Christian Patterson, Reiner Riedler

  • Irene Grazi

    Irene Grazi

    About Irene Grazi

    Irene Grazi was born in Ferrara, Italy, on 14/12/1975.


    1994 She received the diploma of applied arts at the Institute d'Art Dosso Dossi in Ferrara.
    1996 She received the title of Technical Designer with address attending the course in Visual Arts Professional Training EEC for the visual arts curated by Gilberto Pellizzola and Maurizio Camerani.
    2000 She received the Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
    2007 She qualified as a teacher in Humanities Pictorial attending the two-year specialization Cobaslid at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

    She also published:

    “LAB: A.A.V.V. AMORE, I grandi temi della poesia”, Edizione Giulio Perrone Editore, in February 2008. ”LAB: A.A.V.V. TEMPO, I grandi temi della poesia”, Edizione Giulio Perrone Editore, in February 2008.
    "Dal mio Corpo" necklace "Domna new entries", Edizioni Il Filo, in March 2008.
    "Pronto Soccorso" Series "The emerging-Fiction", Aletti Editore, in November 2009.
    “Visione e tempo, la metamorfosi e il tempo nell’arte”, Casa Editrice Galassia Arte, 2013.


    Solo Exhibitions
    1999 "Berlino, Londra, Bologna", Sesto Senso, Bologna.
    2007 "Berlino, Londra, Bologna", La Piola, Codrea, Ferrara.
    2011 "Berlino, Londra, Bologna", Circolo Arci Bolognesi, Ferrara.
    2014 “Le piccole cose”,Pacthanka, Pontelagoscuro, Ferrara.

    Group Exhibitions

    End & Over, the art at the end of the millennium, edited by Adriano Baccilieri, Fiera di Bologna.
    Progetto in spazio, edited by Claudio Rosi, Rocca di Bentivoglio, Bologna.
    Primo Tempo, Galleria Estense and Galleria Tortora, Ferrara.
    Sulla punta della lingua, by Claudio Rosi,Studio Cavallieri, Bologna.
    17, edited by Gilberto Pellizzola Gallery, Dosso Dossi, Ferrara.
    Distillerie, contemporary art events, curated by Federica Mongardi,Distillerie Mara, Ferrara.
    Distanze, edited by Federica Mongardi, Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara.
    Tessere, by Gilberto Pellizzola, Church of St. Romano Ferrara.
    Crocevia, edited by Tommaso Occari, Grotte Boldini, Ferrara.
    Differenze, edited by Tommaso Occari, the Church of St. John the Baptist, Ferrara.
    Inter / Land / Scape, edited by Stefano Gualdi and Alessandra Vaccari, the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia.
    Arti Visive 2, edited by Matteo Fochessati, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa.
    Quotidiana, edited by Virginia Baradel and Renato Petrucci, Civic Galleria Cavour, Padua.
    Tabù, the international exhibition of 'contemporary photographic art, edited by Betta Frigeri, Municipal Gallery of' Modern Art and Cultural Center 1 Paggeria, Sassuolo, Modena.
    Sulla punta della lingua, edited by Claudio Rosi, a critical essay by Silvia Evangelisti, Smart dealership Mercedes), Bologna.
    Exit, Sesto Senso, Bologna.
    Biennale del Mediterraneo,Ex Mattatoio, Rome.
    Giochi di Luce, edited by Gilberto Pellizzola, critical text by Silvio Wolf, cloister of St.M. of Grace, Ferrara.
    Esposizione temporanea, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice.
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    Occhi Rossi Festival photography independent, self-managed project with photographic projection Llorenç Rosanes, Benoit Chailleux and Jesse Morgan.Prenestino Forte, Rome.
    Italian Street Photography, Trieste Photo Days 2015, Aeroporto FVG di Ronchi dei Legionari (GO), Trieste.
    Vincitrice del terzo premio al 4° Concorso “Giovani Talenti Per Ferrara”, Premio dedicato a Michelangelo Antonioni, con mostra dei finalisti presso Lo Spazio D’arte L’Altrove dell’ Associazione culturale Olimpia Morata di Ferrara, Via De Romei 38, Ferrara.
    The city out my window, edited by Silvia Bigi, Lilith Studio Gallery, via di Roma 82Y, Ravenna.
    EgosuperEgoalterEgo, Volto e Corpo Contemporaneo dell’Arte, Macro Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma.
    I luoghi del silenzio, Circuiti Dinamici, Via Giovanola 21/c, Milano.
    Electricpdf | Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, autori vari, in contemporanea con la mostra di Doug Aitken, Electri Earth, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas.

    Sue fotografie sono state pubblicate nei siti di Photovogue, SaatchiArt, ItalianStreetPhotography, F-stop magazine e altri.

    Irene Grazi
    Irene Grazi è nata a Ferrara, in Italia, il 14/12/1975.


    1994 Ha conseguito il diploma di arti applicate presso l'Istituto d'arte Dosso Dossi di Ferrara.
    1996 Ha ricevuto il titolo di Technical Designer con indirizzo al corso in Arti Visive Formazione professionale CEE per le arti visive a cura di Gilberto Pellizzola e Maurizio Camerani.
    2000 Ha conseguito il Diploma all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.
    Nel 2007 ha conseguito la qualifica di insegnante in discipline umanistiche pittoriche frequentando la specializzazione biennale Cobaslid all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.


    Ha pubblicato anche:
    "LAB: AAVV AMORE, I grandi temi della poesia", Edizione Giulio Perrone Editore, nel febbraio 2008. "LAB: AAVV TEMPO, I grandi temi della poesia", Edizione Giulio Perrone Editore, nel febbraio 2008.
    Collana "Dal mio Corpo" "Domna new entries", Edizioni Il Filo, nel marzo 2008.
    Serie "Pronto Soccorso" "The emerging-Fiction", Aletti Editore, nel novembre 2009.
    "Visione e tempo, la metamorfosi e il tempo nell'arte ", Casa Editrice Galassia Arte, 2013. Meno


    Mostre personali

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    2007 "Berlino, Londra, Bologna", La Piola, Codrea, Ferrara.
    2011 "Berlino, Londra, Bologna", Circolo Arci Bolognesi, Ferrara.
    2014 "Le piccole cose", Pathanka, Pontelagoscuro, Ferrara.
    Group Exhibitions
    End & Over, l'arte alla fine del millennio, a cura di Adriano Baccilieri, Fiera di Bologna.
    Progetto in spazio, a cura di Claudio Rosi, Rocca di Bentivoglio, Bologna.
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    italiana Street photography, Trieste Foto Days 2015, Aeroporto FVG di Ronchi dei Legionari (GO), Trieste .
    Vincitrice del terzo premio al 4 ° Concorso “Giovani Talenti Per Ferrara”, Premio Dedicato a Michelangelo Antonioni, con Mostra dei finalisti Presso Lo Spazio D'arte L'Altrove dell' Associazione culturale Olimpia Morata di Ferrara, Via De Romei 38, Ferrara.
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    Electricpdf | Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, autori vari, in contemporanea con la mostra di Doug Aitken, Electri Earth, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas.

    Sue fotografie sono state pubblicate nei siti di Photovogue, SaatchiArt, ItalianStreetPhotography, F-stop magazine e altri.

  • Jet Van Gaal

    Jet van Gaal

    My name is Jet van Gaal, I’m a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. From my point of view, we live nowadays in a world in which we strive for as many perfections as possible.

    In my portraits I am looking for vulnerability, the real person. And focus on our outer perfections, or rather our imperfection, especially on the skin.

  • Yuliya Belevskaya

    Yuliya Belevskaya

    I live and work in Siberia. Russia.

  • Markus Wimmer

    Markus Wimmer

    Markus Wimmer is a multidisciplinary artist. He had developed a great interest in images and their artistic composition even prior to his university studies as a graduate designer. Since he first dealt neither stylistically nor historically with art, he was a self-taught painter and therefore independent of current trends and tendencies. During his studies of communication design at "Hochschule Augsburg" he focussed on photography.

  • Isabela Nobell

    Isabela Nobell

    Isa is a Brazilian art director with 15 years experience. She currently lives in Southern California and found her passion as a life style photographer focusing on portraits, nature, children, pets and the beach life style.

  • Valentin Zhmodikov

    Valentin Zhmodikov

  • Cara Louwman

    Cara Louwman

    Cara Louwman (The Netherlands, 1967) is a contemporary fine art photographer specialized in creating images that tells a story. She uses photography as a mean to stage an idea and to present new perspectives on contemporary subjects. Het photographs are characterized by the use of multiple layers. She creates images that are often different from a direct representation of reality. At this moment, Cara is particular interested in portraying the interface between art and science.
    In July 2017, she has completed her study Photographic Design at the University of Applied Photography. Cara's photographs have been exhibited at BredaPhoto Festival (September-October 2018), ZomerExpo in Museum de Fundatie (May-August 2017) and Kamp Amersfoort (from April 2015 onwards).

  • Daniela Muttini

    Daniela Muttini

  • Valentina De Rosa

    Valentina de Rosa

    Valentina De Rosa was born in Naples in 1984 after studying painting, she specialized in photography as language of art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.
    Exposed in some exhibitions including: Second Biennial of Young Photographers, Bibbiena; IX National Prize of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera; Fotoconfronti OFF 2015, Bibbiena; The Darkroom Project Exibition 5, Tevere art gallery, Roma; Smart up optima premio di arte contemporanea, Napoli; Art Prize 15.16, Arsenale, Venezia; VI ed. Expo arte contemporanea di Marche Centro d’Arte, San Bendetto del Tronto; Doni–Authors from Campania, Museo Madre, Napoli; Epifanie, SMMAVE centro per l'arte contemporanea, Napoli; Epifanie 02, Galleria del Cembalo, Roma; Premio Combat Prize 2017, Museo Civico G. Fattori, Livorno; Yicca 2017 - International Contemporary art competition, Museo Crocetti Foundation, Rome; 18 ^ Potfolio Italy, Bibbiena; Epiphany 02, Bottega Cece 'Casile, Milano; Photofestival RIAPERTURE, Ferrara; TiefKollektiv / ProfondoCollettivo, Glorenza. Finalist among the 15 photographers of the Ponchielli Award 2017. Personal exhibitions: Mono no aware, Centro per la fotografia Vivian Maier, Campobasso. Today she attended the studio of the photographer Antonio Biasiucci where she is engaged in deepening the Search Method Personal Photographic.

  • Leeza Kane

    Leeza Kane

    My name is Leeza Kane and I have been a photographer for over 15 years, particularly working in portraiture and landscape. In recent times I returned to education to pursue a project based on a particular experience I have had and included other individuals and their experience of this. I have been using unusual medical equipment and cameras to create a different type of portrait and imagery. To further this work, I am interested in visual hallucinations and their possible connection to religion and mythology and how they sometimes manifest as stereotypical characteristics of a particular nation or culture.

    Separately, I have another type of output that differs from the singularity of the above work called ART on the DART. Both ways inform each other, include crossover and run parallel but also work in their own right. For more information see www.artonthedart.ie

    Fine art Photographer form Bray, Co.Wicklow, Higher National Diploma in Photography from IADT and Master in Fine Art with Photography from Ulster University

  • Nour Samir Abu Ghaida

    nour Samir Abu Ghaida

    Palestinian artist born in Kuwait in 1984, moved to Dubai in 2006. Has always been passionate about art, complete my studies in this field. In 2015 was awarded a Diploma in Art Market Introduction from Art Experts Plus Dubai, and in October 2016 she completed my Master degree in Art and Culture Management from Rome Business School Italy. Captivated by abstract and figurative art, and enjoys mixing colours and using different materials such as masks, mirrors, crushed glass, shells, wood, feather, and other objects to creatively capture the final image on canvas.
    • Colours of Spring, Art Hub Gallery D3, April 2018
    • Index Exhibition, Dubai world Trade Center, May 2017
    • International Women’s Day Exhibition, Arab Cultural Center, March 2017
    • Ramadan Exhibition, Gallery 76 Dubai International Art Center, July 2016
    • Ramadan Exhibition, 76 Gallery, Dubai International Art Center, July 2016
    • Art Market Borgo Vecchio Al Manzil Downtown, February 2016
    • Art in Secret, Showcase Gallery Al Serkal Avenue, January 2016
    • Arte Market, Times Square Mall, March 2015
    • Art of Alphabet, Gallery 76 Dubai International Art Center, March 2015
    • World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center, April 2015
    • FANN Exhibition, Deerfields Mall in Abu Dhabi, April 2015
    • Ramadan Exhibition, Gallery 76 at Dubai International Art Center, June 2015
    • Annual Members’ exhibition, Gallery 76 Dubai International Art Center, November 2015
    • Interior Design consultation and Artworks provided to Chemisty Business Lounge in Jordan
    • Corporate painting provided to Boxpark management office in Dubai
    • Corporate painting provided for a holding company in Qatar
    • Corporate painting provided to Soul Art Center Dubai
    Shortlisted for the 4th International Emerging Artists Award 2016

  • Neda Rajabi

    Neda Rajabi

  • Loni Mjeshtri

    Loni Mjeshtri

    I am 21 years old, i grow up in Albania till 17 yo. Before getting 18 i left last year of high school to move to Italy with the hope of getting a better future with a possibility for studing art. I studied painting, sculture and art story but the most important think is i had the possibility to go on a lot of exhibition around italy and looking how the artist work can help people to understand manny things. I meet with the photography 2 years ago after i had as a gift a canon camera, to be honest on first months i wasn't in good relationship with it but, after i start moving around Rome were i live with my camera on my hands i understud that my camera was what i needed so far to bring out what i apriciate on life. Now everywhere i go my camera is with me, my eyes learned to see the perfection/imperfection (the life) thanks to the camera!

  • Oluwasegun Oladele-Ajose

    Oluwasegun Oladele-Ajose

    I am a conceptual photographer who challenges ideas of race, culture, home and socio-economical imbalances using history, portraiture, landscapes and props. I create work for Museums and Galleries and have had my work published in National Geographic and Lens Culture. I shoot on both digital and film cameras and work in studio and outdoors. I also have experience working on movie sets.

  • Anna Dolgikh

    Anna Dolgikh

  • Eddie Ryan

    Eddie Ryan

  • Nina Röder

    Nina Röder

    Nina Röder was born in 1983 in Germany and graduated with a Master of fine Arts from Bauhaus University Weimar with the focus on staged photography. Next to her artistic activities she is a PhD candidate with the research topic about performative strategies in contemporary photography.

    Nina's photographic work is exposing hidden structures of biographical stories in which she is combining aspects of the theatre, performance and stage with the timebased image space of photography. Her photographs have been shown in international exhibitions and photofestivals such as Voies Off Festival in Arles, the European Month of Photography in Berlin or the Goa Photo Festival in India.

    Nina lives and works in Berlin.

  • Alan Hale

    Alan Hale

  • Merle Büttner

    Merle Buettner

    Merle Büttner, born in 1995, grew up in Bremen, Germany. After finishing school in 2014 she moved to Hamburg to study photography.

    I see things in a strange way. Daily-life-stuff-kind-of-things. Like a place you walk past every day without noticing there is a beautiful shape, pattern or atmosphere around because you simply walk past it every day. I capture my very own view on places, abstract impressions of day-to-day-life using a camera.

    Fascinated by weird habits of people, strange cultural trends and unique atmospheres, Merle Büttner strolls through life. She is able to let you discover completely new sides of topics, places and objects you have known before, but you have not seen them the same way she has. Her curiosity, deep-seated visual abstraction plus the ability of sensing cultural and social vibes, merge into a unique symbioses you can find in her pictures.

  • Sandrine Arons

    sandrine arons

    I am French/American visual artist currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved back to the United States in 2009 from Paris, France where I was researching 20th century French writers for my dissertation on autobiography and personal writing. Before that I received an M.A. in Humanistic Psychology for which I studied Journal Writing and Self-Growth.

    My academic focus has been on identity, self-knowledge and self-understanding with a particular interest on identity fragmentation as regards gender and multiculturalism and how these issues are manifested and confronted in autobiography. I have continued this focus in my photographic work which now deals with many of the same issues from a personal perspective.

  • Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford is a London based director and photographer.

    A storyteller with work spanning across film, music videos, TV commercials and photography.

    Fern’s work combines clever concepts with beautifully bold aesthetics.

    She has a witty and distinctive visual style, often creating quirky characters that belong to the weird and wonderful worlds she constructs.

    Whatever the medium, film, TV or photography, Fern’s imagery is full of atmosphere and cinematic drama.

    Her work has been recognised across the industry picking up 2 British Arrows for her commercial work, a film funding prize from Ideas Tap, a nomination for the Young Directors Award at the Cannes Lions and her first film ‘Man Made’ was the winner of Best Film at the Women In Film Festival.

    Fern’s photography has also received numerous awards including D&AD, Creative Circle and the International Photography Awards in New York.

    Following on from the success of her short film "Fell", Fern is currently developing her first feature film and has plans for a solo photography exhibition to take place in 2019.

  • Mark Forbes

    Mark Forbes

    Mark Forbes is best known for his considered and atmospheric photography of street scenes, urban landscapes and structures. He employs film as his medium of choice for personal work - using both traditional 35mm and medium format cameras.
    Mark's approach to photography comes from an underlying fascination with people and their interaction with the environment. He has an uncanny knack of capturing the layers of beauty that exist everywhere around us. "I am an avid people watcher. When I'm out in the street, or even just day to day, I'm constantly seeing beautiful and interesting images and stories in my head.”
    Mark has been a semi finalist in the Moran Prize and was recently the winner of Capture Magazine's "Australasian Top Emerging Photographer Award 2018" in the Travel category.

  • Pauline Van Aelst

    Pauline Van Aelst

    I am a photographer (°1995) based in Antwerp, Belgium. Currently I am in my final year of Photography studies at Karel De Grote University Antwerp. I would say my photography is my personal search for what is honest, pure, intimate and real.

  • Zoe Barker

    Zoe Barker

    Zoe Barker often shoots in locations that have been abandoned or are on the verge of major change, and there is a poignancy to these projects that reminds us of the transience of things and the fragility of life. She has always been particularly drawn to domestic settings. Her images are full of stillness and yet also filled with life, the everyday details she captures resonating with the lives of those who have occupied these spaces - portraits in absentia. Seeking out the 'extraordinary in the ordinary,' she believes if you take the time to look you can find beauty anywhere. It could be something as mundane as an old chair, a door handle, a light switch - the beauty is always in the details.

    Zoe has a passion for the qualities of film and shoots on 120 roll film on two very different cameras -  a Mamiya RZ67 and a Holga.

    Zoe is a contributor to Millennium Picture Library. Selected exhibitions include:

    - Honourable Mention in Documentary Category, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2019
    - QuayCrafts 'Out of the Box' - Carisbrooke Castle, Newport, 16 Feb - 3 Nov 2019
    - 'RetroSpective' - Solo exhibition at Space5 Gallery, East Cowes, 4 - 28 Oct 2018
    - Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries London - 2017 & 2018
    - Visual Arts Open Finalist - November 2017
    - QuayCrafts 'Out of the Shadows' - Dimbola Museum & Galleries, Freshwater, Oct - Dec 2017
    - 'Out of the Ordinary' (collaboration with Paul Waite) - Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich, 7-28 Nov 2015
    - QuayCrafts 'Beyond the Red Rope' Convalescent Home for Officers - Osborne House, 7 Sept - 1 Nov 2015
    - 'Saba - Rust of Time' - Solo exhibition at Dimbola Museum & Galleries, Freshwater, July - Oct 2016
    - Winner Documentary Category British Life Photography Awards, 2015 (Mall Galleries, London) -
    'House of Two Sisters'
    - 'Relative Spaces' - Solo exhibition - Geffrye Museum, London, Oct 2009 - Jun 2010

  • Mia Collis

    Mia Collis

    I'm a professional photographer based out of Nairobi. My latest body of work includes a celebrated coffee table book, The Unsung Heroes commissioned by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Sunday Best at Weekend Studio featured above. I was born in Kenya, educated in Britain with a major in Anthropology.
    Instagram -

  • Rick Rindertsma

    Rick Rindertsma

    15 years ago I started photographing my journey in Costa Rica and after that I was hooked. I taught myself the principles of photography.
    Three years ago I decided to take my photography to a higher level and begin studying photography at the ‘Fotoacademie’ in Amsterdam.
    My focus is on documentary / reportage photography and love to photograph people. Especially people with a passion! I’m interested in people and their (special)stories.
    I like to use humor in my photographs and always try to shoot non ordinary situations.
    You can find my portfolio via: www.rindertsmafotografie.nl

  • Gea Hogeveen

    Gea Hogeveen

    As a photographer and personally, I feel the responsibility to make subjects visible that our society has often forgotten, neglected or denied.

    In my single portraits and series my heart goes out to the human being who follows the heart in their daily life without placing themselves outside or against society.

    I admire the balance that is found between the day to day hectic and the peace they find in their love for their profession. It demands authenticity and a certain strength that becomes rare in a world that is already homogenizing too quickly. And ultimately their story is about us all.

    My series / images on societal topics hopefully contribute to the awakening of appreciation
    and awareness for the natural world. It tells the succes story of humanity which becomes the
    demise of the planet we are depending on.

    In my autonomous work I look very much for silence.
    We live in a world full of noise and crowds.
    We hardly take the time to stand still, to be quiet and to feel the silence within ourselves.

    I try to break the crazy pace of the day by being open for the subtile beauty that
    we see on a daily basis but that is too often overlooked.

  • Michelle Kraft

    Michelle Kraft

    Michelle Kraft was born in Santa Clara, California on May 12, 1983. She grew up in the California bay area and graduated from high school in 2001. At the age of 19, she purchased her first Digital camera and her 2nd year of college spent a Semester abroad in Florence Italy. In Italy, she became well versed in their culture and language and it was there where she found her passion for photography. She shot many candid photos of every day life, and even won third place in a contest for a photo she took while she was there.
    After completing her Associates, she got married to Cary Kraft whom was in the military and they eventually retired in League City, Texas where she completed her BFA in Art and design with a minor in Art History at University of Houston Clear Lake in Fall 2018.