So Mitsuya

About So Mitsuya

So Mitsuya(b.1990) is a self-taught photographer based in Tokyo. His images has been published in Terra Firma Magazine, Phases Photography Magazine, DER GREIF Magazine and many more, and has been exhibited and showcased in New City Art Fair(US), A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition(Poland) and so on. Aside from his personal works, he also shoot fashion, editorials and portraits. EVENTS 2016 Krakow Photomonth Festival, A Process 2.0 ,Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit/ Tytano, Poland SOLO/GROUP EXHIBITION 2016 DER GREIF Online Exhibition, Curated by Joerg Colberg / Augsburg, Germany 2016 DER GREIF A Process 2.0 -Group Exhibition Curated by Lars Willumeit / Tytano, Krakow, Poland 2016 New City Art Fair 2016 -Group Exhibition, hpgrp Gallery / NewYork, USA 2016 New Japan Photo -Group Exhibition, MIDORISO.2 Gallery / Tokyo, Japan 2016 "solos" APARTMENT vol .2 -Group Exhibition, A.P.S/ Tokyo, Japan 2015 “Untitled Photograhs”-Solo Exhibition,OFF/ Tokyo, Japan FEATURES DER GREIF Magazine Issue. 9(GER) American A *Paripé Books(ESP) Terra Firma Magazine B&W Issue 04(UK) Terra Firma Magazine Issue 04(UK) DER GREIF A Process 2.0(GER) Intelligence Magazine *bunt ss17(CA) DER GREIF-Guest Room- Joerg Colberg(GER) PLAN Magazine Issue. 425(JP) PLAN Magazine Issue. 426 *Cover(JP) Wooly Magazine Issue.24(JP) Einstein Archive(JP) NewJapanPhoto Issue.1(JP) Life is a Banana(FRA) If You Leave showcase3×1(UK) Mutant Space "Photography"(IRL) The Latent Image(US) Booooooom(CA) Phases Photography Magazine(FRA) etc... INTERVIEW niuhans-Journal- with Ayako Shuto, July 17, 2016 ONLINE GALLERY TRYNOME -Online gallery to showcase the portfolios of contemporary photographers- (JP) AGENCY The Freaks(ITA)