Sarah Maslankiewicz

About Sarah Maslankiewicz

Sarah Maslankiewicz (°1974, Manchester, United Kingdom) is an artist who works with photography. Sarah chooses to photograph because she cannot draw. She believes photography is the medium for frustrated painters. The periods of Sarah’s life where she has been most creative are when she’s allowed to daydream. Sarah has found it increasingly difficult to do this with a demanding family environment – a husband and 2 young children. It’s easier for her knowing that they are content, and then she can allow her mind to wander. With a conceptual approach, Sarah will challenge that we all can harness the power of the imagination. The conscious mind blocks this power but if we let it, it can reveal the hidden aspect of ourselves. Sarah feels there is something more to our existence. Dreams are a form of subconscious thought. A lot can be said about the things we dream. They are a reflection of our waking life. We can learn about ourselves and it can help answer the questions our thoughts ask. Her works directly respond to the surrounding environment and she uses her everyday experiences as a starting point. She finds joy in fantasy and the imagination. It is a reflection of Sarah and her upbringing and also a way for her to escape reality. Sarah has always been a daydreamer and a tomboy who spent hours, day after day, creating games with friends. She also spent a lot of time alone; being an only child, her bedroom was full of stuffed animals that came alive. As Sarah progressed into adulthood, she found herself keeping a dream journal and would often spend time analysing her own dreams and those of friends. Animal symbolism, auras, colour therapy and dream interpretation are all part of Sarah’s inspiration. In this age of haste and technical advancement, Sarah likes to create the vulnerable and intensive dimensions of human feelings and emotions. Often her work will combine the past with the present, while she talks to you in a language without words where these whimsical worlds exist only in dreams. Supernatural, erotic and even violent have been keywords for her works. They have been described as old stories - escaped from a world of eternal dreams, eternal emotions and eternal feelings that have existed for hundreds of years - sometimes restless ones but they can also be like whispers of thoughtless experiences, floating through time. Sarah Maslankiewicz currently lives in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia.