Kumi Oguro

About Kumi Oguro

Kumi Oguro is born in Japan in 1972. Her study of photography started in London in 1996, followed by further development at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp until 2003. Next to photography, she also experimented with video and installation in a postgraduate program, Transmedia in Brussels. Her research theme in the program was the relation between still and moving image. This subject is also treated later on in her thesis for the master course, Film studies and Image Culture at the University Antwerp in 2006. Oguro has participated in exhibitions in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. In 2016 and 2017, she takes part in the travelling exhibition FotoFilmic '16 – Los Angeles / Vancouver / Melbourne. She won the 4th place in this juried exhibition. Her first book NOISE was published from Le caillou bleu (Brussels) in 2008. She lives and works in Antwerp since 1999.