Amir Kabir Jabbari

About Amir Kabir Jabbari

Born on December 3, 1984 in Tehran,Iran. Amir Kabir Jabbari is an Iranian self-educated photographer. He dropped university to follow his passion and started photography in 2012. He has been working on various genres in photography and videography. Amir’s work has received the runner-up prize in the Oxford COMPAS photo competition 2016: New Horizons held by Oxford University. He has received the Special Motion Award - ChepCut film festival(London) in 2016 and was awarded at the Art Week in Istanbul Technical University in 2015. The artist’s Short film, “Kobani 15”, has won the “Lorenzo ilMagnifico” in Florence Biennale. Amir’s short film was officially selected and represented by the Golden Sun Short Film Festival 2015. Amir’s art project has been exhibited by CEC 2016 10th Annual Carnival in Shillong, India. The Washington College Art Association (Caa) 104th Annual Conference 2016 also presented his work. Amir participated in the “A Show for Peace & Humanity 2016” exhibition project. In Tehran, Amir’s works have been exhibited in two galleries. Amir is deeply engaged with the life of children, especially those effected by social and political processes, and he volunteers as an art therapist with the association of Children with CP & Autism-Tehran .