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Project Description

“Love” – Announcing the winners.

We’re delighted to present the results of the Life Framer edition II inaugural theme. We turned our attention to one of the most valuable virtues: “Love”, an international language and possibly the strongest of all feelings… It was an invitation to explore the path of love as an emotion, an attraction, an attachment… in all its forms! A lovers’ embrace, a passion, an X drawn in vapor trails, a goodbye, a friendship… The photography competition was judged by Peter Dench.

Peter is a photojournalist at GettyImages, who has worked on assignment in over fifty countries. Peter is best known for his decade of work documenting England. Here are Peter’s comments on the judging process: “

[It] can be quite a subjective process and I didn’t want the winning images to simply reflect my personal taste. In compiling the top three, I applied the following criteria: interpretation of the theme; composition; technical ability and creative skill. The shortlisted images were generally more silently observed, quiet moments captured by stealth, rather than documents of the passion and rage that love can often deliver. It’s been an enjoyable and engaging process; thank you for taking the time to submit and share your visions of love.”

You can discover the winning and shortlisted images below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulation to all these photographers and thank you all for your support. Love is real.


Winner: Luca Massaccesi

“In an interview with photographer Martin Parr, 25 years after publication of his seminal book, The Last Resort, I asked what notable changes in photography he had witnessed? He commented that you can’t photograph children in the same way as you could back then; and that’s a shame. There is arguably no greater love than the love that children can inspire; they are beautiful and have the ability, in an instant, to induce belly-aching laughter or reduce you to tears with a simple gesture. Children create memories for a lifetime, moments that should be photographed and those photographs deserve to be celebrated. This image works on many levels; the point of view creates a strong composition and the bleached colours ignite a strong sense of nostalgia of hot, lazy, summer days. I expect many viewers of this image have one or two in the photo-album that summon similar feelings or have had an experience like this one, when all one can do, is idly reach out to touch a loved one, just to let them know, and rest for a moment in an often wicked world, in perfect harmony.” – Peter Dench.

Runner up: Ben Millar Cole
” Social networking has spawned selfies and an explosion of self-love; this image acknowledges that and takes it further. The lovely lady seated in the back of the Limousine, looks dressed for a wedding, the ultimate act of unifying love. It’s a beautifully understated image; a long elegant arm reaches out from the gloom of the back seat of the car; a large engagement ring hangs from delicate fingers cradling a muted blue, modern day gadget that can’t possibly be left behind, even on a wedding day.” – Peter Dench.
Third position: Sally Ann Field
“The ultimate icon of love, the heart, captured in billowing floral beauty cascading over a concrete outpost, a silent reminder to the traffic speeding by to slow down and to love; an acutely observed image of impact and balance; elegance and light.” – Peter Dench.


Shortlisted photographers: Joris Van der Ploeg, Millee Tibbs, Buki Koshoni,  David Abrahams, Hanah Amber Young, Shai Mendelsohn, Elena Fortunati, Lukas Korschan, Lee Marie Sadek, Tereza Cervenova, Gabrielle Veyssiere, Isabelle Evertse, Sarah Bernhard, Caron Che, Pau Buscato, Geoffroy Chene, Krzysztof Szczurek.

Feedback and comments 

Constructive comments are provided so that photographers who submitted their work can learn to curate their best work and so we can all discover a bit more about photography. This month’s valuable feedback is provided by our guest critic Katherine Oktober Matthews: an American artist working in Amsterdam as a photo editor for GUP magazine; one of the most established magazines in the field of international photography.

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A prestigious jury, 4 international exhibitions and $12000 in prizes.

Photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their submitted work. Entries are judged anonymously so that execution, originality and overall impact shine through.